We are currently 2 days away from GCW’s third foray into the world of shoot wrestling and MMA. On September 14th US or September 15th UK,  we will see GCW and Josh Barnett present Bloodsport II.

The original Bloodsport was partnered with Matt Riddle but since he shipped off to NXT, Josh Barnett has taken the reigns. His first named event saw the likes of Killer Kross, Davey Boy Smith Jr, Minoru Suzuki, Masashi Takeda, Jonathan Gresham and the namesake Barnett himself.

This second event sees the return of some original Bloodsport contenders, some female fighters and GCW main eventers as well as some new faces and surprise appearances. We will see former WWE stars, Women of Honor stars, EVOLVE wrestlers and others across a ten-match card.

All the matches are fought in no rope rings with an emphasis on shoot fighting and MMA. It’ll be less flippy and more strike and submit style wrestling. Victories can only be achieved with knock out or submission. No count outs, pinfalls or other gimmicks. Just break your opponent and hope they don’t kill you.

The match card is as follows:

  • Josh Barnett vs Chris Dickinson (formally Jon Moxley)
  • Nick Gage vs Killer Kross
  • Simon Grimm vs Anthony Carelli (FKA Santino Marella)
  • Ikuhisa Minowa vs Timothy Thatcher
  • Davey Boy Smith Jr vs Filthy Tom Lawlor
  • Allysin Kay vs Nicole Savoy
  • Matt Makowski vs Rory Gulak
  • Lindsay Snow vs Sumie Sakai
  • JR Kratos vs Erik Hammer
  • Zachary Wentz vs Anthony Henry

Bloodsport II will take place on Sunday, September 15th at 1 AM UK time. The show can be ordered on Fite.TV for about £16.

This is a must watch for anyone who loves MMA or the more traditional styles of professional wrestling. It gives you the chance to see stars you might recognise in a whole new light. Davey Boy Smith Jr has always been a master technician and grappler and loves showing it off, Anthony Carelli gets to prove he is more than WWE’s Santino Marella and this may be one of the few times where Nick Gage isn’t in a death match. Not to mention the event is a melting pot of worldwide talent from multiple companies coming together to kick ten shades of sh*t out of each other. Nothing gives a star more of a chance to shine than when they have to show off in combat. MMA rules with a wrestling influence, that has to sound fun right?

For those interested in the event, there will be a press conference held from the venue itself concerning Bloodsport II tomorrow night. It will be streamed live or will have free entry for those in the area at 9pm venue time.

All images and videos courtesy of GCW 

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