Internet and social have been buzzing for 2 days and, finally, a few hours ago, Martina and Ring of Honor confirmed what we were all waiting for, “Charismatic international star Session Moth Martina, who had been one of the most sought-after free agents in the sport, has signed a full-time deal with ROH. In addition to wrestling throughout Europe, the Irish-born Martina has also competed extensively in Japan for the Stardom promotion.”

To those unfamiliar with her, Session Moth Martina is an Irish professional wrestler with a very unique gimmick. She is the self-proclaimed Queen of the Sesh and will often make her entrance to the likes of Darude Sandstorm or Cascada. If she’s at the ring, there’s likely a bag of cans around too. However, she is not just a gimmick as her in-ring skill and range of moves match her over the top persona. She can fly, brawl and grapple and is often seen delivering a Bronco Buster to the opponents she has in the corner. However, she can also hit a range of DDTs and will often break out the Codebreaker. She is a fun mix of in-ring talent and fan-relatable character.

Her popularity has organically come through the likeability of her character and her active presence on social media. She is often seen doing things for the “bants” and has famously ground on some of the biggest names in wrestling, including the likes of Minoru Suzuki, Jushin Thunder Liger and Braun Strowman. Fans will know of Martina from her time nearly anywhere. She’s wrestled in Ireland, the USA, the UK and Japan. In Japan, she is a member of Oedo Tai stable in STARDOM, as well as taking part in a UK debut show for Sendai Girls. She’s also a staple of OTT in Ireland.

Since the announcement a few hours ago, messages from fellow wrestlers have been fueling Martina’s Twitter account. The wrestler is a Legend of her own, to the point her ROH deal could continue to allow Martina to work events there and other independent dates in Europe. WWE was interested in signing Martina, at one point offering her a contract for the NXT UK brand. In many ways, signing with ROH allows Martina to remain an indie wrestler and the free spirit she has always been. For sure, Ring of Honor will soon be a sesh party…


All pics and videos courtesy of ROH, Martina, Discovery Wrestling, and OTT

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