Impact to AXS is great news, we can’t only be happy of it, but until Bound For Glory and the big start, we still have 5 weeks to come. And a big PPV to take care of. Like I told you last week, since Slammiversary, I’ve been trying to find this road that could let us think Bound For Glory will end 2019 the magic way. The first 3 PPVs of the year were just mind-blowing, so let’s finish it the way we started it… I am still in quest of magic, maybe this week will be my week…
On the menu of Impact this week, from Lucha Libre land in Mexico City, Mexico, Eddie Edwards will face Ace Austin. Big Mami and Nino Hamburgesa will compete against The Desi Hit Squad. Michael Elgin will in action. We’ll see the best of AAA with Dr Wagner Jr and Texano Jr. Jake Crist and Sami Callihan will square off with Tommy Dreamer and Tessa Blanchard in a Stree Fight. So no more words, let’s get ready for some action, but your French Enygma Steph way, of course…


The Nygma’s Chart of the Week

  • Tenille Dashwood defeated Kiera Hogan.
  • The oVe Creepy cam showed Jake Crist arguing that he is the leader while Sami Callihan is not there, but he showed up is in a foul mood because he has to wait till Bound for Glory to face Brian Cage. Until that, The Draw and The Golden Draw are going to put Tessa and Tommy out of their misery forever.
  • World Tag Team Champs The North told Jimmy Jacobs they thought winning the titles would be the best day of their careers, but seeing LAX’s faces last week when they lost is one better. One thing is sure, the gold will never leave their grasp.

  • Michael Elgin defeated mini-wrestler Dinastia. After the match, Big Mike said that wasn’t just another win, it was a message sent around the globe. During his time in Japan, one man escaped his grasp. It just so happens that man is coming to Bound For Glory. On October 20th in Chicago, as far as he’s concerned, he’ll see Marufuji there.
  • Taya Valkyrie was celebrating her win last week. She’s the longest-reigning champion and it’s amazing. Taya asked Rosemary if she agrees, but she wanted to know how she keeps finding a way into her lair. John E. Bravo brought Rosemary a cellphone so Taya could keep in contact with her. Taya wanted to go out for mimosa’s next week, but Rosemary did not want to play.
  • Fallah Bahh was eating in catering but TJP sat down and switched his plate. He seemingly wanted to motivate Bahh and encouraged him to use his voice.

  • Father James Mitchell warned Havok, his Kaiju Queen, to stop her rivalry with Su Yung. Yung’s power is growing. As much as he wants to, there is no way he could save her if she kept going down this path.
  • Moose congratulated Ken Shamrock as he got a dream match with himself. But don’t be wrong, it’s only a dream match because he’s in it. Moose called him a smart man, he got the attention he wanted. He still didn’t believe he’s the most dangerous man in the world though. Ken better enjoyed himself, because in Las Vegas it will be his last match. Intensely, he told Shamrock he’s going up against THE Legend, Moose.
  • Dr. Wagner Jr. defeated Texano Jr.
  • Ace Austin was with Alisha Edwards. He was a little afraid to go out there to face Eddie in a match. Eddie wanted to injure him, so he asked Alisha that no matter what happens, she needed to stay in the back. Alisha agreed, and Ace went to get ready.

  • LAX was packing everything up. Ortiz was even drinking coffee but Willie Mack and Rich Swann entered and asked them what’s going on. Willie said LAX walked into Impact and showed them his respect. Rich added they need to go out with a bang, they can’t let The North’s stipulation stop them having one last hurrah for the boys and fans. LAX agreed to a match with Swann and Mack in two weeks time, which will definitely be their final match in Impact Wrestling.
  • Ace Austin defeated Eddie Edwards by DQ after Eddie hit him with a chair. Post-match, Eddie kept beating down on Austin. Security came out to stop him, he seemed content on the suffering Ace was going through. He hit one of the security guards on the way out.
  • Jimmy Jacobs was with Brian Cage and Melissa Santos. Melissa said they are getting married in two weeks and the whole Impact roster is invited. Jacobs shifted the attention to the title match and told Cage that Callihan thinks he should be stripped. The Champ said he is confident he will go to Bound for Glory and emerged as the winner.
  • Johnny Swinger doesn’t sing it, he swings it. And eats tons of eggs.

  • Alisha Edwards told Eddie to go away as she comforted Ace Austin in the ambulance. Eddie said he’s her husband, but she screamed he’s not, he’s just a cheating bastard.
  • Big Mami & Nino Hamburguesa defeated The Desi Hit Squad w/ The Deaners. After the match, Mahabali Shera appeared and destroyed The Deaners. Gama Singh appeared, clapping his hands with a big smile. Shera got on his knee and Gama blessed him, Rohit and Raj.
  • Sami Callihan & Jake Crist defeated Tessa Blanchard & Tommy Dreamer with the Cactus Special piledriver after the rest of oVe interfered. Post-match, Tessa tried to save Tommy with a kendo stick. She took everyone out, even Madman Fulton with a splendid nutcracker. Callihan recovered and smashed Tessa in the face with a chair. He set her up for the Cactus Special, but Rob Van Dam and Rhino made the save with a Gore and a 5-star Frog Splash. oVe bailed and the Hardcore celebrated.

The Nygma’s Nutcracker(s) of the Week

– Texano Jr vs Dr Wagner Jr
Texano attacked Wagner as he was trying to talk to the fans. Texano ripped the mask right off of Wagner and put him in a leg lock. Texano went for his bullwhip and the referee grabbed it from him. Wagner hit a dragon screw leg whip and a massive drop. On the outside apron, Wagner went straight for a dive on Texano.

Both men were brawling outside of the ring. Chairs were thrown into the ring. Texano landed a kick and a hanging style DDT. Texano connected with a big leg drop. Wagner planted a superplex on to Texano. He took his arm and spun him around. He then was able to land the Michinoku Driver for the win.

– Ace Austin vs Eddie Edwards
Edwards attacked before the bell and slammed Austin into the stairs on the outside. He followed it up with a chest chop. Edwards then lift Austin up and hit a nasty NutSlammer. Back in the ring, Austin went for a knee to the face of Edwards. He then followed it up with an arm submission. He took out his playing card and sliced Edward’s hand with it. In the corner now, Ace hit some chest chops on Edwards and, out of the corner, went for a kick and a big right hand. Austin grabbed Edwards by the shirt and threw a few slaps. Edwards came back with a clothesline and a chest chop. Back in the corner, Edwards landed numerous chest chops and a Blue Thunder Bomb.

Sitting on the apron, Austin hit Edwards with his cane while the referee’s back was turned. Back from the break, Austin kicked Edwards in the stomach, then the back of the leg, and then planted a bulldog. Edwards countered with a Tiger Driver. Edwards dove out of the ring and right into Austin after Austin attempted to escape. Austin found a chair from underneath and tried to hit Edwards with it. Edwards threw the chair back, but this time it hit Austin’s arm. The referee rang the DQ.

– Tessa Blanchard & Tommy Dreamer vs Sami Callihan & Jake Crist
Coming down the ramp, both Blanchard and Dreamer ran right towards Crist and Callihan. Callihan and Crist swang Dreamer and Blanchard into one another. They countered it with a do-see-do type of move and they both swang at Callihan and Crist instead. On the apron now, Blanchard landed a Running hurricanrana. Callihan ran right down from the ramp and went right towards Blanchard. She countered it with another running Rana onto Callihan.

Back from the break, Blanchard went for two dives onto Crist. Callihan crept up from behind and threw an overhand slap. He left her alone for now, grabbed a staple gun, and tried to go for Dreamer’s eyes. Dreamer was able to get the staple gun, sunset flips from Callihan and Tommy stapled him right on the chest. All four opponents were now in the ring. Both Blanchard and Dreamer planted elbows on Crist. With both Callihan and Crist upside down in two corners, Blanchard and Dreamer put chairs up on both of their faces and went for running dropkicks.

Another chair was put in between the ropes and Callihan sent Dreamer into the chair thanks to an Irish Whip. Blanchard started hitting both Crist and Callihan. Crist went for a cutter with the help of Callihan. Blanchard landed a super crossbody onto Crist. Callihan went for the Callihan Slugger (baseball bat slam) on Blanchard. Dreamer from behind hit Callihan with a kendo stick. He also hit Crist with it too. Madman Fulton came down the ramp and attacked Dreamer. Callihan landed a Cactus Special onto Dreamer for the win. 

The not-Nygma’s Moment(s) of the Week 

I can shoot on Michael Elgin and the Desi Hit Squad. Yes, I can and I will. I don’t even know where I am, 50 or 60.000 % not-Nygma?
I can’t even imagine Rosemary with the cellphone in hand drinking a mimosa. We will not be happy. And, what does it bring to her character, obviously?
I have a tiny problem with LAX farewell match… When you’re done with a company and you made your debut with another, so you’re really done?

The Nygma’s Award of the Week

A long time ago, a young Nygma was reviewing some Impact shows in Mumbai where a certain Mahabali Shera was from. It was like 2 years and a half ago. Shera left Impact but he came back home. He may be the element that has missed to the Desi Hit Squad since their debut, the spicy sauce I’m used to saying.

Bound For Glory is FINALLY taking shape. My problem is, what to do with Tessa Blanchard now? After such a hardcore and equal gender wrestling path since Slammiversary, making her come back to the Knockouts Division would be a bad move. She knocked down Jake Crist a thousand times yet, could she compete and become the first female X-Division Champion? And why not, could she make the World Title match become a Triple Threat one?

To be eNYGMAtic…

Josh Mathews said it many times, 37 days. Five tiny little weeks to make the magic happen and, in order to, like I said last week, I want the action and the craziness that brought us to Slammiversary… 
The show was not that bad this week, way too many promos again but the action was back. I won’t say we are back on track but something is finally starting to emerge out of the previous weeks’ mess. It took such a long time… Some things still need to be worked but we can start to smell what Impact is cooking for Bound For Glory.
Yes, it’s not the same overall than the previous weeks. I’m sorry if, week after week, I felt normal to sing the same old song but I have made a point in being unapologetic and true to myself. I refuse to be anything else than a viper’s tongue when necessary, and as sweet as candy when necessary. Whether you like it or not… 
On this “Nygma is Nygma” note, until next week, never EVER forget to stay #eNYGMAtic…

Bound For Glory Card:

  • Impact World Championship Match: Brian Cage vs Sami Callihan
  • Ken Shamrock vs Moose
  • Team Impact (The Rascalz) vs Team AAA (Dr Wagner Jr and 2 partners)
  • Michael Elgin vs Naomichi Marufuji

All pics, videos, and screenshots courtesy of Impact Wrestling. Photomontage custom made by @frenchnygma exclusively for @steelchairmag @vulturehoundmag.

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