Baron Corbin is the 2019 King of The Ring. He will be crowned tonight in what should be a “me, myself and I’m the best” ceremony. After Clash of Champions, Kofi said he is done with Randy Orton. But is Orton done with him and the WWE Championship? The New Day vs Orton and the new SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Revival is set to happen tonight.
This is the fallout show from Clash of Champions, with Hell in a Cell just around the corner. Who will go taste the bloody flavour of the Cell? We’ll hear tonight from Shane McMahon as he fired Kevin Owens last week, from Erik Rowan who grabbed the win at Clash of Champions with a little help from an old friend, and also from Bayley who left a bad taste in The Queen’s mouth on Sunday.
With so much to talk about, let’s not waste any more time and see what went down as we check out SmackDown Live. Tonight is Tuesday Night Nygma…

Big SMACKDOWN LIVE things happening this week:

  • The New Day (Kofi, Big E & Xavier Woods) defeated The Revival (Dash Wilder & Scott Dawson) and Randy Orton. After the match, The New Day started celebrating until Brock Lesnar‘s music hit. Lesnar and Paul Heyman came to the stage. Heyman said Lesnar stands in the way of the longevity of Kofi’s title reign and Lesnar has authorized him to inform Kofi that this is a bad day for The New Day, yes it is. Heyman went on to challenge Kofi on behalf of Lesnar, with the title on the line, during the SmackDown Live on Fox premiere on Friday, October 4. Kofi said he promised to be a fighting champion, so he accepted. Lesnar dropped Kofi with an F5. Lesnar looked down at him, laughed and dropped the WWE Title next to him.
  • Sasha Banks called RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch a jealous wannabe and wasn’t worried about facing her at Hell In a Cell because Lynch has never been in a Cell match before. Banks will face Charlotte Flair tonight and Bayley said Sasha will answer any questions in the ring.

  • Erick Rowan’s interview time. Michael Cole asked him why Luke Harper returned at Clash of Champions. Rowan said Cole needs to go ask Harper if he wants to know something about him. Cole then asked Rowan about the attacks on Roman Reigns. Rowan said they were just done to scare Reigns. Cole stated Rowan tried to kill Reigns. Rowan said he’s been overlooked and under-appreciated for far too long, but most importantly he’s been disrespected. People like Cole, Reigns, Daniel Bryan and the rest of WWE may think he’s just some good in the background, but he’s not a puppet. He’s not a follower, he’s a leader. Rowan went on about how he’s better than Bryan and Reigns and said everyone will learn to never disrespect him again.
  • Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Ali never happened because Sami Zayn talked and Shinsuke made some art. Kinshaaaaasaaaaa!

  • We saw Kevin Owens walking through the crowd and taking a seat. Shane McMahon was watching backstage when a man handed him legal papers. “You’ve been served,” the man said. Shane read the papers and didn’t look thrilled.
  • Shane McMahon made his way out, holding the legal papers. Shane called for security to come out. He pointed out Kevin Owens in the crowd and security marched over to him. Shane said it’s no coincidence that he was served these papers tonight. Shane called Owens to come to the ring so they can discuss these papers. Shane said he’s holding the largest wrongful termination lawsuit in history. Owens will be awarded $25 million if he wins it. Shane went on and Owens interrupted him, calling him a dumbass. Long war of words on how legit the case is… Until Owens explained when he wins, he could look Shane in the face in front of everyone, and say, “Shane McMahon, you’re fired!”

  • Same AOP vignette than on RAW, I think…
  • Charlotte Flair defeated Sasha Banks via DQ as Bayley interfered. Daddy Ric Flair was backstage, as we saw before. Carmella rushed to the ring and superkicked Bayley and Banks in the jaw. Charlotte did the same.
  • The coronation of King Corbin. Maybe Corey Graves was in heaven, but the fans and the crowd, hell no. The King’s speech was boring because we don’t need him and he’s unfair. He wanted to recognize his opponent of last night, Chad Gable, but he mocked him about his size. Gable shut him up, destroyed the sceptre, the robe, the throne. And stomped the crown. All hail King Gable…

  • Heavy Machinery (Tucker & Otis) flattened the B-Team (Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel).
  • Daniel Bryan said he was and is not a liar. He saw how special Erick Rowan was, as his equal and his friends. They even became Tag Team Champions. Rowan came to the ring and said Bryan never treated him as an equal but as a puppet. He felt disrespected. Daniel Bryan got nervous and Luke Harper calmed him from behind. Roman Reigns came for the save, hit a Superman Punch on Rowan, Harper attacked Reigns with a powerbomb into the post. They sent the security to the concrete, held free the barricade and used it as a weapon. They devastated all the ringside, and everyone around, before crucifying Daniel Bryan into the announcer’s table.



For those who were thinking Kofi’s reign was too long, in 3 weeks, it will be shrunk dead by The Beast Incarnated. Brock Lesnar will destroy what Kofi has built, in just a nanosecond, and begin a new path of destruction, a Blue one this time.
Charlotte vs Sasha remembered of things past, despite still existing. Of course, their legacy is like no other but it starts to become a broken record of matches and storylines. Charlotte and Carmella are a team none of us would have thought of. Let’s say, it was unlikely…

The way Chad Gable destroyed the coronation of King Corbin was perfect. Some little men are giants. The Rowan-Harper segment was extremely brutal but things had to have a sense. As I read, it should happen, and in a Cell.
Overall, all of this sound good, and even very good. SmackDown Live is soon heading to FOX and the draft has been announced. No obvious Hell in a Cell spot yet. A little more action would have been appreciated but for what I saw, that made it.

Nygma Note: To WWE, I found more solid crowns in toys shops for my grandnieces… And happy Nygma birthday to the D of DBN…

All pics and videos courtesy of WWE

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