There is no denying multi-time champion Randy Orton is a future WWE Hall of Famer. A true veteran in the business this is a man who has done and seen it all and remains one of the most important and consistent WWE superstars today. When looking at the future of the company the stars of NXT are proving there is a lot of promising work ahead and the WWE is more than in safe hands. There are, of course, multiple dream matches involving NXT Talent and main rosters stars but when we take an all-time great in the form of Orton what names on the black and gold brand must the viper collide with within the years to come?

Dominik Dijakovic

On paper these two superstars share similarities. Their image is identical in terms of height and weight but Dijakovic is the true definition of a dark horse! While the two are sure to match in dominance the surprising agility and athleticism of Dominik makes him an interesting and serious big-time challenge for the viper. Orton, of course, has the experience factor but the element of surprise Dijakovic possesses is something very special. While this isn’t a big-time potential match many have spoken about this ticks all the boxes to be a dream contest and one that could massively elevate the career of Dominik while presenting Orton with new and fresh talent, unlike anything he has faced before.

Velveteen Dream

The Velveteen Dream is a big-time fan favourite and with the right direction could go on to be a major factor on the main roster someday. An array of dream opponents for the dream means he is not short of potential future opponents however, it’s Orton that makes for one the most interesting up and coming challengers for the Dream. Completely different in terms of character there is clear potential for the mic work, segments, promos and storyline to provide some epic content that highlight the charisma of the Dream. The former North American champion also makes for a very different kind of opponent for Orton. Both intense performers in their own way Velveteen knows exactly how to get under the skin of men like Orton and tap into tactics and mind games the likes of Goldust have used in their careers. It’s Randy I believe could bring out the best of Dream upon a main roster call up in the near future and showcase him to be a true top talent with plenty to bring to the table!

Matt Riddle

There are several main roster superstars many fans want to see Matt Riddle collide with. From the likes of Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles to Shinsuke Nakamura and Kevin Owens but its WWE veteran Randy Orton who could make for one of the most exciting and unique opponents for Riddle. Strikingly different both stand for opposite lifestyles and their image differs massively! Throughout his career, Orton has been apart of several brilliant matches that people can often forget about and its Riddle I personally believe could remind fans just how damn good Randy is in the ring. The collision of styles here has the potential to bring out a new side of Orton and push the RAW superstar to explore a new side to his move set and new tactics to gain the upper hand.

Pete Dunne

Pete Dunne is one of the most exciting prospects. A massively popular superstar he has already been apart of his own fair share of standout matchups and when looking at the main roster there are also many superstars the Bruiserweight could collide with to create something special. The intensity of both Dunne and Orton is what grabs the attention here. They’re both two talents who know their styles and their advantages and know exactly how to inflict pain on their opponents. Despite the technical style of Dunne, he is an all-round hybrid of a superstar and both he and Orton share a nasty mean streak where they use creativity and sheer violence to punish the man they share the ring with inflicting pain on direct areas of the body. Their collision makes for a unique, intense one sure to provide a very entertaining match up.

Tommaso Ciampa

Ciampa vs Orton makes for a dream match in any fan’s eyes. The two evidently share similarities. From their intense characters and in-ring work to sheer fearlessness and nasty nature. We have seen a future match between the two briefly teased on twitter and it appears a collision between them is simply inevitable. Again, Ciampa is a hard-hitting superstar who fairs against any superstar put in front of him but he also has a fantastic technical style on his side making him a very exciting opponent for Orton. The storyline work, character collisions, and promos and segments fans could expect from these two could so easily put Orton back into major conversations while this rivalry has all the potential in the world to highlight Ciampa as a new top talent on the main roster someday.

With names including Adam Cole, Roderick Strong, and Johnny Gargano on the black and gold brand there is no denying that there are multiple NXT superstars Orton could collide with in the future to create something special. While he at times can be dubbed as stale and lost on the roster Orton is without a shadow of a doubt a future Hall of Famer and big-time player on the main roster who has the credentials to shape careers of future talents.

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