The British wrestling scene is a spotlight on the world stage right now, for every attempt to capitalize on the trend there’s an independent company looking to get their shine. Checking out your local scene can highlight what amazing talent that’s just around the corner. To kick off this insight into the world of indie wrestling, I spoke to the main man running the promotion, New Force Wrestling (NFW), Richard Doyle.

What made you want to start your own promotion?

I wanted to start my promotion to create a brand in West London, In London, you have plenty of companies in North, East and South London, but nothing in the West, I want to create a staple here in the west and expanding.

What’s makes NFW stand out as it’s own promotion?

NFW is all about being the Future of professional wrestling, and we give guys chances that potentially can’t get matches elsewhere, or are overlooked, looking for more experience and more. This doesn’t mean the guys are bad in any way, every guy we take/have used on our shows, we saw some potential in, its all about giving chances and watching the development in up and coming wrestlers. NFW is where you can see some of the Future stars in British Wrestling. Connor Mills, David Francisco, Bagheera, and the Current NFW Champion – Alexander Roth, just to name a few. All have graced the stage at NFW.

NFW Champion Alexander Roth

What’s been the highest moment for the company?

In a show sense, Every time we have an Anniversary it’s a huge moment, we just Celebrated our 3rd Anniversary show in April, Each year we get bigger, our Talent gets better, and the Audience gets louder. Its a growing process, and we are all about expanding. We have just opened our NFW Academy as well, where we are able to sculpt and shape the students that come through our academy, This has always been a goal of mine to have my own school, and with my team of coaches, I have all the faith in the world in the new starters in the NFW Academy.

Are you scared the Brit Wres bubble may burst?

I try not to think about it, If you have an audience, and you know what they like, and you can keep them hooked, that is all that matters to me. NFW audiences are growing, people come back for more, that is all we are focused on.

Where do you see NFW in 5 years’ time?

The goal is always to expand and move up, I want to see NFW as one of the top names in London, becoming a Staple, that doesn’t mean competing or trying to move into other companies territory, but when you think of London, I want NFW to be one of the top names that come to mind, along with the companies like Progress, Lucha Brittania, etc.

Is there any talent on your roster you could see being the next big thing?

All of our talents we believe can push onto bigger and better things if we had to name a few; Current Dynamic Champion – Morgan Black, he is starting to pick up steam wherever he wrestles. Theodore Powers is another name that comes to mind, an absolute workhorse in Wrestling, Bruno Brown is exciting and connecting with Crowds whenever he wrestles, and Simon Miller, but that one is for obvious reasons. There are too many to name though.

What makes you passionate about pro wrestling?

I loved it since I was a child, but that is a story you have probably heard 1000 times, Watching it I was mesmerised, growing up I always wanted to do it, didn’t know I could until I found training schools in London when I was 18, being able to replicate what my Idols did in front of a crowd, I love it.

Love, Passion, and a drive to make their promotion stand out are what truly cements BritWres as one of the best platforms for professional wrestling in the world. Talking to Richard led me to believe that the British Wrestling Industry is not something to take lightly, there are hard-working individuals throughout the country. BritWres will find them, and BritWres will make them a success.

When is the next NFW show?

The next NFW show is Sunday, November 3rd, at the Iver Village Hall, Iver, SL0 9NX. 4pm Doors – 4:30pm Start. All the details and matches are announced on our Facebook.


All images courtesy of NFW

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