Making changes to a character can always be a hit or miss move in the world of pro wrestling. The art of sports entertainment means character work is extremely important and it can often take time for the right changes to be made resulting in an effective run for that superstar but just how much do physical changes impact a WWE talent and can a makeover truly transform a career?

The Rock

Growing up a wrestling fan, I completely idolized The Rock. Looking back at tapes and collecting all things Rock merchandise, he was a key figure in the world of pro wrestling growing up watching, but The Rock wasn’t always… The Rock. Debuting as Rocky Maivia, the multi-time champion sported a very different image to the look that truly made him the superstar he turned out to be in the industry. From the curly hair cut to the fresh babyface image, he sure had a unique look upon that debut but it wasn’t until his transformation into the trailblazing eye-raising badass that heads turned on a completely different level and he evolved to become one of the biggest names in the history of sports entertainment.

Becky Lynch

In the Summer of last year, fans witnessed Becky Lynch go through a major transformation. From the happy go lucky, ass-kicking Irish lass to the Man, it was a dramatic image and personality change that shifted her career entirely. Attacking Charlotte Flair and adopting a completely new look on top of a brand new attitude and Lynch went from fan favourite to the biggest star in the WWE which would eventually see her make history main eventing Wrestlemania earlier this year! The Man continues to dominate the women’s division in the WWE today and her change in image evidently turned things around massively for this former NXT star.

Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan has always been an incredibly talented professional Wrestler and he truly has been on one heck of an inspirational journey.  The early stages of his WWE career saw Bryan sport a rather basic and forgettable image and while fans were most certainly aware of his in-ring talents he was missing that something. It would later turn out that a beard and some long hair would very easily be that missing thing. Growing in popularity and forever acknowledged as the complete opposite to the typical image of a WWE superstar Bryan became the companies biggest name and a relatable talent and character fans took to in a major way and his new look sure gave him an edge and standout image he never possessed prior.

Triple H 

Love him or hate him, Triple H is an iconic figure in the world of pro wrestling and played a huge role in the childhoods of many wrestling fans. However, he too wasn’t always the badass with the entertaining edgy look we know him for so well now. Debuting in the mid-nineties under the ring now Hunter Hearst Helmsley the now multi-time champion and future Hall of Famer sported a black-tie styled suit to the ring and image that portrayed him to be a rich, stuck up, heel easy to despise little did we know, Hunter would late grow to become Triple H and adopt a completely different image, the total opposite to his debut appearance. The changes made to his Image would see a striking difference in his position in the company and see him grow to become one of the biggest stars in the history of the WWE today. From posh rich guy to rule-breaking badass.

Alexa Bliss

The transformation fans have seen Alexa Bliss go through has been pretty special to say the least! Debuting with a fairy-like gimmick the now former champion and current tag team champion sported a tutu and glitter full of big smiles and a huge babyface look. During those debut months, Bliss worked small matches against bigger names on the roster and while evidently talented and holding so much potential she wasn’t fitting the bill of a top star. Upon turning heel and joining Wesley and Murphy major career changes were made for Bliss. She went from being a likable babyface easy to forget and overshadowed to one of the best heels the women’s division has seen in some time and would go on to completely dominate the main roster women’s division.

Bray Wyatt

The most recent of dramatic and career-changing transformations comes from Bray Wyatt. After being out of action for several months’ fans wondered what would await Wyatt upon his return and exactly how the WWE would turn things around for an extremely talented superstar who had been struggling with booking for quite some time. Arriving back on our screens a children’s TV presenter the WWE Universe were welcomed to a very different version of the former WWE champion however, it wouldn’t be long till a darker side to Wyatt invaded, darker than we had ever seen before resulting in the introduction of the Fiend. The horror styled gimmick has created an intense and scary image fans haven’t seen in the WWE for quite some time. The haunting mask, the dramatic entrance and intense aura of Wyatt has shifted things massively and Wyatt has become one of the most exciting and thrilling stars in the WWE today and it is safe to say things have changed dramatically for this WWE Superstar.

There are so many WWE superstars who have undergone dramatic transformations that have changed careers massively and, moving forward, it is clear there may be several more names who would benefit from the same changes as many we have mentioned today.

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