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Welcome back to NXT UK. This week was full of returns and tag team action as well as a tease for a new guy called Ridge Holland and his cosh. It was a shorter episode but that did not mean it had to be short on action. We had the in-ring returns of Killer Kelly and Joe Coffey, as well as a showdown between two former NXT UK Tag Champion teams in the main event and a few little things in between. Let’s get into it, shall we?

Joe Coffey defeated Tyson T-Bone via All the Best for the Bells

Today’s show started with a square-off between Joe Coffey and Tyson T-Bone. This was Coffey’s return to in-ring action following his Last Man Standing match with Dave Mastiff at TakeOver Cardiff. The pair started off slugging it out with T-Bone getting the better of Coffey until he’s tossed around like a rag doll by the Gallus leader. Oddly enough, T-Bone rebounds and continues getting the better of Coffey. However, he gets too ambitious and Coffey finishes him off with All the Best for the Bells. A short but sweet affair welcoming Joe Coffey back to an NXT UK ring. No one doubted Coffey would win this, it was just a case of how much of a squash match it would be.

Isla Dawn defeated Killer Kelly via Call of the Corners (Nigel Translation) Bridging Half and Half Suplex

This was unexpected. Killer Kelly lost her return match to Isla Dawn. Both women aren’t doing that well in win/loss stats but NXT UK really seems to have something against Killer Kelly. I have yet to see her win any matches since debuting with the brand. The match itself was okay. It was scrappy, violent and full of strikes and submissions but it just didn’t feel like a big return. Considering that the NXT UK Women’s division is always growing, it’s annoying that these two seem to be treated like afterthoughts most of the time. I want Isla Dawn to be able to get a boost from this win and I want Killer Kelly to be treated like the badass she should be. Not to mention, she still has the best entrance music in NXT UK.

Grizzled Young Veterans vs Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster ends in No Contest

Once again, the tag team scene managed to steal the show on NXT UK. The Grizzled Young Veterans are tag team specialists and seem unable to put on a bad match. There was no pre-match promo this time sadly, so no Gibson fire, but he was running his mouth throughout the match, well when he wasn’t getting knocked about. The match itself had way too much action to cover but let’s just say it was exceptional to watch once it got going. Both teams are fun to watch for different reasons and Gibson selling the world’s most slow and awkward Hurricanrana ever. That aside though we got smooth spot fest sections, tag team heel tactics and plenty of Flash Morgan Webster bullying. It was an excellent display that was watched on by the current NXT Tag Champs, Gallus. They seemed to be scouting out their competition. They interfered and got the match thrown out trying to prove a point when Imperium made their presence felt. The show ended with the full roster of both factions standing off in the ring when Ilja Dragunov appeared. He started off standing with Imperium but joined the Gallus side and started throwing hands. They brawled until the copyright watermark appeared and the show went off-air.

So there you have it, another episode of NXT UK reviewed for your reading pleasure. This was an odd one to write about. On the one hand, we had that excellent main event and the newly escalated tensions between Gallus and Imperium but on the other, we got the waste of Killer Kelly and lack of any other really meaty matches. The Coffey/T-Bone match was fine but was just a short opener for the show. I’m glad we’re finally seeing some new story beats for NXT UK. The show has been meandering lately with a lack of real big storylines. The Title scene is fairly empty bar the Women’s and Tag titles. WALTER was finally present again so hopefully he caves someone’s chest in again in the near future. Oh, and Tyler Bate takes on Kassius Ohno next week, that should be epic.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bhWws9kpqPU]

All pics and videos courtesy of WWE

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