Seth Rollins has been named captain of RAW’s Survivor Series team after last week’s shenanigans. This week, we find out who his team is. Before that, though, Becky Lynch will be opening the show to talk about her upcoming Survivor Series Triple Threat Champions match. The WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, The Kabuki Warriors have a title defence tonight against unnamed opponents. And Lana has some kind of announcement to make.

I’m Amanda and this is the RAW review

Match Results

The Kabuki Warriors def. Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair

Drew McIntyre def. Sin Cara

R-Truth vs The Singh Brothers – No Contest

Seth Rollins def. WALTER (DQ)

Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens & Street Profits def. Imperium

Andrade with Zelina Vega def. Cedric Alexander

Erick Rowan def. Soner Dursun

The Viking Raiders def. Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster

Randy Orton, Ricochet & Humberto Carrillo def. The OC

Imperium brawl Street Profits, Rollins, and Kevin Owens

The Show

As promised, Becky Lynch opened the show. During her entrance, we were told it would be Lynch and Charlotte Flair taking on The Kabuki Warriors for the tag titles. It should have been Flair and Natalya, but this show was pre-recorded from Manchester and Natalya didn’t travel due to family commitments.

Lynch talked about being back in the UK where she was training when she was 15, and about this being the most dangerous part of her career. She’s the RAW Women’s Champion and the list of people waiting to take her out is getting longer and the fights are getting harder, and she says bring them on. It’s not lost of her that while she’s been crisscrossing the world doing what it takes to be The Man, they’ve been resting or training. She’s never going to stop running her mouth, or slapping heads, or making people better, because the only thing she fears is not being the greatest. So it’s time for her to regain the title of Becky Two Belts.

Becky Lynch

Charlotte Flair came out to join her, followed by The Kabuki Warriors, and the bell went for the match as we went into a break.

The Kabuki Warriors (C) vs Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair – WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship match – was a great opening match. We always get bigger matches on tour shows, and this one left us in no doubt we were watching 4 of the top performers in WWE. The advantage flipped back and forth, with neither team getting a decisive lead. Then NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler arrived at ringside as we went to another break. She didn’t do anything more than applaud Kairi Sane putting the boot in on Flair while the ref wasn’t looking.

Flair was in serious trouble by then and The Kabuki Warriors did a great job of keeping her away from Lynch. Charlotte Flair battled back to attempting to pin Asuka, but Sane broke it up and Flair still didn’t get to tag out. Eventually, she created enough space to tag Lynch, and Becky Lynch was more than ready. She took down both Kabuki Warriors, but Baszler got up on the apron before she could go for a pin. Lynch focused on her, then Bayley appeared and pulled Baszler off the apron. They had a scuffle and Shayna Baszler put Bayley down with a clothesline. While Lynch was distracted, Asuka rolled up Becky Lynch and pined her.

Baszler started to leave, Lynch got out of the ring to yell at Baszler and got hit from behind by Bayley and flung into the barricades.

Kairi Sane watches Asuka kick Charlotte Flair

Ricochet told The OC off for picking on Humberto Carrillo. AJ Styles went off at him and ended up telling them to find a third to team up with them. Ricochet had been talking to Randy Orton before confronting The OC, and Orton offered his services. The look on AJ Styles’ face said he wasn’t happy with that at all.

Drew McIntyre vs Sin Cara was fairly short and not particularly sweet for Sin Cara (who announced on Monday he has requested his release from WWE). It wasn’t completely one-sided, Sin Cara had some runs of offence. But Drew McIntyre powerbombed him on the outside, put him back in the ring and Claymore kicked him when he started to struggle to his feet.

Drew McIntyre powerbombs Sin Cara at ringside

Erick Rowan was shown baby-talking something, or someone. We didn’t get to see what, which just made it creepier.

R-Truth vs The Singh Brothers – Handicap match for the 24/7 Championship – should have been a fun tour show match. R-Truth is endlessly entertaining, but he struggled against fighting both Singh Brothers at the same time at the start. He took one brother out with a ringpost to the shoulder and set about beating up the other one. Before he could get the win, the Singh Brothers tried to leave. R-Truth chased them around the ring before they ran off backstage, and because it was the 24/7 title, the poor ref had no choice but to follow. The Singh Brothers got kicked out of the women’s locker room, then found themselves locked in a room with Erick Rowan. He hit them with a couch. R-Truth arrived, and The Singh Brothers begged him to help. One look at Rowan and he thought better of it, so he turned the lights out on them and left.

R-Truth fights off The Singh Brothers

Seth Rollins talked about Triple H trying to tempt him over to NXT. He said Triple H succeeded in lighting a fire under him. NXT was where Rollins started, but RAW is his home. So, NXT started the fight but at Survivor Series, RAW is going to finish it. But that’s still a few weeks away and he wanted to issue an open challenge to the United Kingdom’s best.

Imperium answered the challenge, none of whom are technically from the UK, but they are from NXT UK so we’ll take it. WALTER said Rollins wanted the best, so there they were, and introduced himself and Imperium’s philosophy. Rollins accepted WALTER’s challenge.

Seth Rollins vs WALTER was an interesting spectacle while it lasted. Rollins is used to taking a lot of larger opponents, which is good because WALTER is huge and he hits hard. Of course, Rollins came back and of course, Imperium couldn’t allow their leader to be pinned. They swarmed Rollins as he was setting up for the Stomp. Street Profits ran down to make it four on three, then Kevin Owens joined them to even things up for RAW and clear Imperium from the ring. A tag match was organised during the break.

WALTER about to chop Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, & Street Profits vs Imperium was not a particularly good-natured match, but it was good. Rollins superplexed WALTER at one point and the ring quaked. Montez Ford took WALTER and himself out with a somersault over the top rope that saw him land half on his opponent and half on the announce desk. There were regular descents into chaos and everyone got to show off their favourite moves, but it was Alexander Wolfe who took the Stomp from Seth Rollins and got pinned.

Kevin Owens will be part of Rollins’ RAW Survivor Series team, alongside Drew McIntyre, Ricochet, and Randy Orton.

Street Profits double team WALTER

Cedric Alexander vs Andrade, with Zelina Vega, was short and once again Zelina Vega was the decisive factor. The momentum was all in Alexander’s favour until Vega grabbed his leg. That was all it took for Andrade to catch him with an elbow and deliver the hammerlock DDT.

Cedric Alexander and Andrade

 Aleister Black still wants someone to pick a fight with him.

There was a lot of Veterans’ Day stuff interspersed throughout the show, including some words from John Cena and tweets from other superstars, and a big thank you package.

Bobby Lashley and Lana were shown arguing backstage before Lana made her way to the ring to make her announcement. She explained that Lashley didn’t want her to talk about it, but she felt she had to come and tell the truth. She cheated on Rusev, but Rusev cheated on her first. She’s been sleeping with Lashley for seven weeks. She said a LOT more stuff, mostly about Lashley and her getting knocked down. Then she announced she’s nine weeks pregnant, which makes it Rusev’s. She’s not happy… judging by the screaming.

Rusev came out and got a ‘Daddy’s Home’ chat. They argued. He was understandably dubious and she screamed and slapped him. Lashley came down to beat up Rusev and Lana jumped on Rusev’s back to make sure he wasn’t prepared for Lashley’s attack. Lashley left Rusev laid out in the ring. As they left, Lana revealed she was lying and she and Lashley kissed.

Please, please, please, can we be done with this awful storyline already.

Bobby Lashley knocks down Rusev while Lana watches

Erick Rowan was carrying something when he came to the ring for his match. He left the item, which looked like a covered cat carrier on the announce desk. Erick Rowan vs Soner Dursun was brief and brutal. We still don’t know what was in the carrier, but we can probably assume it was whatever he was baby-talking earlier.

Erick Rowan destroys Soner Dursun

The Viking Raiders vs Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster was a nice addition to the show. There was a quick intro package for the NXT UK team before the match, just in case people haven’t seen them before. Interesting that they picked a couple of the smaller guys on the NXT UK roster for the visual, but Andrews and Webster are a good team. In fact, it was all Andrews and Webster in the early going, but The Viking Raiders can stop momentum dead, and they did. Ivar took them both down, Webster got Ivar dropped on him by Erik, and Mark Andrews got The Viking Experience.

The Viking Raiders give Mark Andrews The Viking Experience

Ricochet made it clear to Randy Orton before their match that he doesn’t trust him. Orton told him that the last thing Ricochet needs to do now is let him get in his head.

We got a long recap of Brock Lesnar and Rey Mysterio’s issues as a hype package for their match, leading to a run-through of the Survivor Series card.

Randy Orton, Ricochet, & Humberto Carrillo vs The OC main evented the show. It was good, but Ricochet and Orton struggled to work together from the off and they were arguing with Carrillo trying to get between them as we went to the break.

Disaster was prevented, or at least delayed, and it was back to business by the time we came back. Ricochet got caught in The OC’s half of the ring and Orton was shown shaking his head at him, shortly before Luke Gallows punched him off the apron. That left Carrillo for Ricochet to tag in, but he missed a moonsault on AJ Styles and Orton was back in time for him to tag. Anderson and Gallows tried to stop Orton hitting the RKO on Styles, but Ricochet and Carrillo took them out. Once they were gone, Orton seemingly couldn’t decide whether to RKO Ricochet or Styles. It looked like it was going to Ricochet, but he was faking. After the RKO, Orton tagged Carrillo back in to deliver a final moonsault and pin AJ Styles.

Post-match, Orton tried to surprise Ricochet, but he was ready. Instead, Orton said ‘I do what I want, when I want, wherever I want. Remember that.’ Then he left.

Randy Orton RKO's AJ Styles with Ricochet i the foreground

The addition of some NXT UK talents was entertaining, made sense and was great advertising for NXT UK, that is taping new episodes from Hull at the end of the week. Tour shows are always fun and crammed with appearances, and this one was no exception, apart from the fact they still only felt the need for one Women’s division match.

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