While controversial Nia Jax is a dominant WWE superstar with sure potential. Throughout her WWE career so far Jax had competed in and took part in memorable bouts against the likes of Sasha Banks and Ronda Rousey but has come under criticism and scrutiny by fans for quite some time. Now, it has been a while since we last saw Nia in action due to an injury, however, with her return sure to take place within the coming weeks or months it’s time to start looking at what could await the former women’s champion upon a return to the company.

Facing Becky Lynch

Survivor Series season gives Becky Lynch a little break from challengers to her RAW women’s championship focusing on the battle of the brands throughout November instead. However, Lynch will be in need of a new rival come December and a returning Nia Jax could just be the name we see come forward as the next superstar looking to dethrone the man. Now, despite this possibly not being the match many fans want to see there is a legitimate backstory here that creates the foundation to their potential rivalry. We all know of the incident that took place a year ago when Nia punched Lynch in the face changing the twenty eighteen Survivor Series bout between the RAW and Smackdown LIVE women’s champions. This basic angle gives the two their first reason to collide and while she may not be everyone’s favourite WWE superstar Nia Jax will need to come back looking more dominant than ever and focusing in on the man is exactly how Jax achieves that.

Returning to NXT

The NXT Women’s division is stacked, there is no doubt about that but with the WWE looking to add main roster talents to the NXT brand including the likes of Finn Balor and there has been discussion regarding who could be next. Nia Jax is most certainly a name to consider within the women’s division to make a return to the Black and Gold Brand. Experienced and dominant she still would benefit from time as part of the NXT roster once again. Colliding with new names gives Jax the chance to reinvent herself and create an even stronger buzz around her name. This gives Jax the chance to start fresh, prove herself in the ring and work with names that could truly bring out the best in her not to mention adding a new element to the NXT Women’s division.

Reforming Tag Team with Tamina

Despite not being two of the most popular superstars within the women’s division Tamina and Nia Jax worked as a solid and promising tag team alliance. The pair performed incredibly well in tag team action including at the Elimination Chamber PPV and at this year’s Wrestlemania event. Upon returning to action it appears as though heading in the direction of putting these back together and having them work as a tag team once again is the best and most stable option. The women’s tag team division needs more depth added to it and these two can bring back that dominance and power that’s needed. This all puts Tamina back on our screens.

Managed by Paige

In a recent twitter interaction, it was revealed that Paige was interested in managing real-life friend Nia Jax and while the tweet appeared to be a casual light-hearted interaction it’s clear that from this something has been taken away and the WWE could be onto something interesting here. Now, Paige may not have the best history in the role of a manager but the genuine connection and chemistry between her and Jax already have fans believing their alliance has way more promise than what we saw between Paige and The Kabuki Warriors. This not only gives Paige who is a fan favourite in her own right something to do but gives Jax a whole new direction and creates a new and interesting dynamic within the women’s different, something completely different from what we are seeing at the moment.

Feud with Carmella

Viewers of Total Divas will know that this new season there has been a focus on the issues between Nia Jax and Carmella. Their reality TV rivalry has been a strong focus on the new season and as we have seen many times before the WWE could very well use the Total Divas angle for a storyline on screen for their product. This is a basic storyline between two women who would benefit from the angle. The pair are very different, and their collision will make for an interesting one to say the least. The dramatized storyline will most certainly be a hit or a miss with fans but with enough detail and time put into the angle, this could very well be a great success and create some entertaining content at least.

Nia Jax is most certainly a controversial name within the wrestling world and while her return will sure shake things up there is plenty of creative options awaiting her and opportunities for the dominant superstar to turn things around.

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