The fallout of Full Gear loomed over this episode of AEW Dynamite as fans waited with bated breath to see how the heinous MJF would explain his actions and how Cody would respond. Did the aftermath live up to the lofty heights of Full Gear? Let’s find out.

Jon Moxley vs Michael Nakazawa

Moxley made short work of Nakazawa here. Nakazawa forwent the baby oil as he took a more serious approach in an attempt to avenge his friend Kenny Omega, who was not cleared for action. Unfortunately, it was for nought as Moxley planted him with the Paradigm Shift in less than a minute.

Moxley gave a post-match promo challenging anyone in the AEW locker room to take him on. Obviously, this made Moxley look really strong and his promo had a lot of passion if a little rambly.

The Dark Order vs Jurassic Express

Marko Stunt was once again standing in for Luchasaurus in an entertaining TV match. Stunt would throw in some offence early on but was quickly stopped in his tracks by the Dark Order. A hot tag to Jungle Boy lit up the crowd as he planted Grayson with a Tope Suicida and a unique backflip double knee drop onto the Dark Order pair.

The Jurassic Express continued their speedy offence with a slightly botched, but still impressive, assisted 450 Dragonana. It wouldn’t be enough to put away the Dark Order however as they secured the win by blocking another Tope attempt from Jungle Boy and taking him out of the equation before finishing off Stunt with the Fatality.

After the match, Evil Uno praised Stunt and offered him a Creeper mask to join the Dark Order. Jungle Boy would not allow it however before Uno told Grayson and the Creepers to put the pair down.

As a big surprise, Luchasaurus came down for the save back early from injury and made short work of the Dark Order. A tailwhip took out 3 Creepers all at once and Grayson got planted with a devastating chokeslam followed by a perfect standing moonsault.

What a fun finish to this match and it’s so great to see Luchasaurus back so early. Hopefully, this will allow the Jurassic Express to rise up the rankings of the tag division.


Shawn Spears w/ Tully Blanchard vs Darby Allin vs Peter Avalon

It was obvious from the get-go that Avalon was taking the loss here as he stuck out like a sore thumb, but there were still some interesting developments coming out of this match. Avalon was taken out quickly after a failed top rove dive leaving Allin and Spears to face off, which is a programme that should certainly be utilised in the future.

Allin would come off strong early with his brand of deft defying offence before being dumped off the top turnbuckle by Spears with a nasty bump. Spears took control and looked like victory was in his grasp before Joey Janela interfered in the match and brawled with Spears out into the arena. Allin took advantage finishing off Avalon with a stunner followed by the Coffin Drop for the win.

After the match, Allin would get a microphone to accept Moxley’s challenge with the two set to face off next week. AEW continue to crush it with tantalising matchups and Moxley vs Allin should steal the show.

Nyla Rose vs Dani Jordan

Rose didn’t beat around the bush here as she victimised Jordan before putting her away with the Beast Bomb. They’ve built Nyla Rose well as an unstoppable monster but there has to be more of a storyline for the women on the roster to back this all up.

Allie got attacked by Awesome Kong and Brandi Rhodes

The brooding pair of Kong and Rhodes demolished Allie after they interrupted her interview with Tony Schiavone before taking a lock of her hair with them. Let’s hope this leads somewhere interesting because right now it’s just confusing.

Chris Jericho and MJF faced off

Chris Jericho came out to celebrate his Full Gear victory over Cody and demanded a Thank You from AEW once again. Cody’s music hit but it wasn’t the fallen hero that came out, it was instead MJF who was met with thunderous boos.

MJF explained why he did what he did saying Cody wanted nothing more than to make him his puppet and that Cody doesn’t give a damn about anyone but himself and only wanted to keep MJF under his thumb.


Jericho and MJF verbally sparred with each other about MJF joining the Inner Circle and Jericho popped the crowd by suggesting MJF’s conception was prompted by his parents getting hot under the collar watching him vs Juventud Guerrera on WCW. When it looked like they were ready to call each other an asshole they both agreed that Cody was actually the biggest asshole in AEW.

Cody came down to the ring taking out both MJF and Jericho before a surprise debut from Wardlow in cahoots with MJF beat him down and chocked Cody out with his tie. There are lots of storylines that can come out of this and it’s good to see Wardlow finally debuting into an interesting programme and not just in a boring squash match that you’d expect from WWE.

Hangman Adam Page vs PAC

The rubber match was here as PAC came exploding out of the gate at Page even taking a page out of the Hangman’s playbook with an Orihara moonsault of his own. After a striking battle between the two PAC countered a Buckshot attempt with a superkick before nailing Page with a snap German suplex. Another German would be countered as Page turned PAC inside out with a discus lariat.

After a brainbuster to the outside from Page, he landed the Buckshot but PAC would still kick out. A couple of punt kicks from PAC would be Page’s undoing as PAC followed up by stomping Hangman’s head into the canvas over and over before landing the Black Arrow and locking in the Brutalizer for the submission victory.

50/50 booking here with PAC coming out as the victor. Both of these guys have had a great feud but it’s time to see where else these pair can go with different opponents.

The Young Bucks brawl with Santana and Ortiz backstage

Chaos ensued backstage as these two teams brawled in the backstage area. Matt Jackson would powerslam Ortiz through a table before Santana would dive off a forklift onto the Bucks to retaliate.

Santana would try and drive Nick Jackson into an adjacent bathroom where Orange Cassidy was chilling much to the crowd’s glee.

Their brawl spilled to the entrance ramp with Matt being thrown through the stage before Private Party would come out to chase away Santana and Ortiz.

Santana and Ortiz continue to look absolutely dominant and the Private Party intervention makes this more interesting than just having them face the Young Bucks again.

AEW World Tag Team Championship Match: SCU vs Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara w/ Jake Hager

The Inner Circle attempted to accumulate more gold as they vied for the Tag Team Championships in the main event that was thoroughly entertaining throughout. Kazarian would start off strong forcing Jericho to tag out to Guevara as Sky and he utilised their superior team chemistry keep the Inner Circle on the back-foot.

Guevara would take back control after the break as he managed to land a standing shooting star press and gave Jericho the chance to attempt a cocky pin. Sky stopped Guevara in his tracks with a big boot followed by a Cutter to get a close two count. The Tag Team Champs would attempt to put away Guevara with the SCU-later but the referee’s terrible peripheral vision missed an interruption by Hager who ripped Kazarian out of the ring.

An exhausted Guevara would tag out to Jericho as he looked to take the victory but Sky retaliated with a flurry of offence and getting a close two count after a TKO. After a devastating codebreaker counter by Jericho off of a double axe handle attempt, Sky would clinch a roll-up victory leaving Le Champion to throw a tantrum as he takes his first loss in AEW.

Scorpios Sky’s finisher is slowly becoming a roll-up as this is the second time he’s used it to secure a victory in a major title match. While the finish is interesting and opens the window for Sky to get a title shot down the road, SCU and Sky in particular need to have more definitive victories, especially this early in their title run.


Another entertaining episode of AEW that sowed plenty of seeds for future feuds. The only downside is that this post-Full Gear dip left some of the segments and matches feeling like they were hanging in limbo waiting for more development. However, the wrestling remains excellent and there’s a lot to work with from a story department going forward.

All pictures and videos provided by AEW and Lee South/AEW

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