During this week’s episode of WWE NXT, the final piece the first-ever women’s War Game match was added when it was revealed that NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray would be the final member of team Baszler. After taking out Dakota Kai and Mia Yim Kay Lee assisted Io Shirai in the win, and it was clear that team Baszler was now complete but just what makes Kay Lee Ray the perfect woman for the job?

The Perfect Fit

War Games is an extreme style Match up. It’s lengthy, it’s intense, it’s brutal and it’s dangerous. Anything goes and bodies are sure to be flying everywhere with objects also around the ring. Kay Lee Ray is a woman no stranger to matches of this style. Before coming to the WWE Kay was a woman who dominated ICW and went down as one of Insane Championship wrestling’s most iconic figures of all time. Relishing in matches where she can use objects and throw her body off anything in sight is where Kay lee Ray shines the best. It’s a match like this that is best suited to her ability and I believe there is no female talent or arguably no other talent on the NXT roster today who is more suited to the War Games style match. She is sure to bring out the best in several women in this match up but Kay Lee Ray is also going into this bout sure to be the woman who brings out the best in this match overall.

A Needed Move for NXT UK

NXT UK has been struggling in recent months. Despite its unique appeal and extremely talented roster, the brand hasn’t been making the impact it originally had and so showcasing the talent on the roster is exactly what the WWE Need to do. Kay Lee Ray is a prime example of an NXT UK talent with so much experience and skill that just isn’t getting the big-time respect and appreciation she deserves, having her compete at War Games is massively needed for NXT UK, Kay Lee Ray, and the NXT UK Women’s division. Giving the audience the chance to see what talent sits within NXT UK is sure to bring in new viewers and have fans wanting more of Kay Lee Ray and NXT UK.


The NXT Women’s division is stacked, there are so many women who are making an impact and could have very easily taken on the role of the last name on team Baszler but Kay Lee Ray was most certainly an unexpected name to pull out of the hat. While she is, of course, the perfect fit for a match like this it was a huge surprise to see the Scottish star make an appearance this week on NXT and take on this huge role. The new face is fresh and exciting and the unexpected move, while it could be seen as a risk for many, is one to sure leave fans interested and intrigued drawing in new fans, NXT UK fans and create something many were most likely not expecting to see. A fresh, new and unpredictable move on behalf of the WWE here.


Dream Collisions

The first-ever Women’s war games match is stacked. We have some incredible talent here from around the world all of which have different styles and different things to bring to the table but we are also sure to see is some dream collisions and with kay Lee Ray in the picture now things have gotten very interesting! From colliding with Mia Yim (especially after this week’s episode of NXT) to meeting with Candice LeRae in a match of this particular stipulation is sure to make for something very special and standout. These are dream collisions and the fact they are taking place inside of War Games makes things even more exciting and these much-anticipated meetings are sure to blow the minds of everyone watching.

The Best of Kay Lee Ray

There is no denying that the best is still yet to come from kay Lee Ray. As we have already touched on, this is a woman used to competing against all kinds of opponents of different sizes, women, men and in various stipulation encounters. This is also a woman who shines brightest when the stakes are high and when things can get a little extreme. Fans have had an insight to what Ray is capable of but its inside War Games I believe she is about to show the world just who Kay Lee Ray really is and remind us ICW fans of how incredible she really is. Ray may never get an opportunity work a more fitting match to her style of wrestling and this is her huge chance to show WWE fans at a large stage why she is a huge superstar and a massive future prospect. This is a woman who brings something completely different to the women’s divisions and we are about to see exactly that at War Games where the best of Kay Lee Ray will be on display.

Kay Lee Ray is a woman who made a name for herself in ICW and around the world for her hardcore/extreme wrestling performances. A stipulation match like War Games is home for Kay Lee Ray and coming this special NXT event fans are about to see a new top talent emerge.