Welcome back to MLW Fusion. Following last week’s debut review that saw Filthy Tom Lawlor and Davey Boy Smith tear each other apart in a technically masterful bout, this week’s episode promises to take it one step further in the crazy factor. We will see the chaotic battle that is Mance Warner vs Jimmy Havoc in a Falls Count Anywhere bout and the first match of the MLW Women’s Division as Zeda Zhang takes on Spider Lady. Plus, Alexander Hammerstone had to defend his National Openweight Title against Douglas James. Let’s get into this history-making episode of Fusion.

Before the opening credits could even roll, we got our first bit of action as Marshall Von Erich had been attacked by an unknown assailant. The unknown attacker had smashed a Police baton into Marshall’s knee, meaning the Von Erich couldn’t even walk. This is bad news as he was meant to have a title match against Jacob Fatu at MLW Thanksgiving. It then was revealed that Ross Von Erich will be taking the spot instead. The show also used this time to talk about the fact Filthy Tom Lawlor has signed a new contract with MLW citing his lost title as one of his main reasons.

Jimmy Havoc vs Mance Warner – Part I

When in doubt, they attacked before the match had even begun. That was clearly the motto for Mance Warner as he attacked Havoc before he could even descend the stairs to the ring. The pair battled in the crowd for a bit and traded chair shot. Mance wasted a beer on Havoc’s head and managed to punch a pole. As this was happening, the pair threw chairs at each other like a clown throws pies, it was carnage. The pair traded in the ring, but Havoc brought in thumbtacks. Warner got the upper hand and planned to use them so Havoc bailed. The cameras caught up to him outside as he carjacked someone and headed for the hills. Warner followed and commandeered a vehicle with a ref and cameraman in tow. More from this match soon, as you could see falls were literally going to count anywhere. Oh, and Havoc has committed a felony.

Catching up With the Dynasty

We got more from the Dynasty as Richard Holliday tried to guess what Alexander Hammerstone is going to gift the Dynasty on Thanksgiving. When he couldn’t guess it, using an egg, giant Air pods and some dubious Mexican Pharmacy acquisition as guesses, Alexander commented on Holliday’s tan and told him to be patient. Holliday freaked out and the segment ends.

Zeda Zhang defeated The Spider Lady via DQ

This was not a pretty match, though the Spider Lady had promised that way in advantage. This unknown competitor showed no respect towards Zeda and instantly went for the eyes once the bell sounded. From there, it was a mix of striking and rule-breaking to maintain the advantage. Zeda mounted a small comeback but was stopped the second Spider Lady went for the injured and heavily braced knee of Zhang. This continued with a mix of submission and knee-targeted strikes, many utilising the ropes. The match ended when Spider Lady pulled out a Mandible Claw whilst Zhang was in the ropes and refused to break it after 5 attempted 5 counts. The match was thrown out as a DQ and Spider Lady kept on attacking. Throughout this match, commentary kept mentioning how familiar Spider Lady looked and to anyone familiar with a particular name in women’s wrestling then her identity would be quite obvious. After her DQ, Spider Lady unveiled her identity, it was Priscilla Kelly. She is the next name of the women’s division and revelled in the negative reception she is getting. Attacking a referee for good measure. This wasn’t the strongest match to start a division but let’s remember it was more about telling a story than anything else and going for the big reveal that Kelly is a member of MLW’s Women’s division and a damn good villain.

She cut a promo later in the show talking about the division lacking a mind who can really get under the skin of every other competitor. She is here to mess with people and drive them all mad. She wants them to question their place and their sanity.

Jimmy Havoc vs Mance Warner – Part II

We were brought back to the Falls Count Anywhere match and Mance Warner had caught up with Jimmy Havoc outside of an apartment complex. He rushed off up the stairs as the ref and cameraman tried to keep up. The fight had come to Jimmy Havoc’s apartment and its owner instantly went on the attack with a cookie tray. Warner returned the favour and the fight spilled out into the hallways then into the bathroom. Here Warner gave Havoc a swirlie, I shit you not, he tried to drown Havoc in his own toilet. The fight spilled back out into the living room where Havoc made good on a match promise and smashed Warner with his frying pan. The pair hit each other with some more items from Havoc’s home then another car chase ensued as Havoc returned to his stolen car and Warner returned to his makeshift Uber. The madness was going to continue further afield.

Alexander Hammerstone (w/Richard Holliday) defeated Douglas James via Nightmare Pendulum

After getting a win over The Dynasty last week in tag action, Douglas James had earned himself a shot at Hammerstone’s National Openweight title. It was going to be a bout of speed vs size as James was a lot smaller and lighter than Hammerstone. He started with the right idea, going for quick roll-ups but his luck ran out with Hammerstone catching him and punished him with some vicious power moves. Hammerstone pushed his size advantage further and continued to beat down James to the glee of Richard Holliday on commentary. He kept abusing James until a failed second rope move saw James hit an Avalanche German Suplex and nearly score a pinfall with a Meteora. The pair then went through a phase of kicking out of near finishers and power moves until Hammerstone had finally had enough and crushed James with the Nightmare Pendulum and took the win. This was an excellent bout with a ton of suspense and a lot of laughs as commentary rinsed Holliday whilst he was with them making jabs about the Meat Castle nickname, losing the Tag Titles and having to pay his lawyer/father. It was a joy to watch.

Jimmy Havoc vs Mance Warner – Part III

We finally cut back to the last section of the Mance vs Havoc fight where the action had ended up in the parking lot of Full Sail University. Havoc had nowhere to run and Mance wanted his W. He even enlisted his makeshift Uber driver to attack Havoc with moonshine. They brawled with Havoc biting Warner multiple times before throwing Havoc into the car and choking him on the backseat. Warmer kept him in place as the makeshift Uber driver took them back to the MLW ring. Also, at this point, Warner made a dubious comment about being involved in kidnapping before. Oh, Mance. After a brief break, Havoc and Mance were back and Havoc had had money stapled to him. Though Havoc quickly returned the favour. In-ring, Havoc finally regained control with a Drop Toe Hold onto a chair, a Death Valley Driver through a ring board and a Falcon Arrow into thumbtacks. He then went for the Abdullah the Butcher classic by using a fork to stab at Warner. The pair fought back up the stairs where Warner reversed the Acid Rainmaker into a roll-up and won. Havoc once again proved he’s a sore loser by attacking Warner further with the fork, even aiming some shots at Warner’s pork and beans. It would seem, to quote the Joker, that these two “are doomed to do this forever.”

The show ended with a warning from CONTRA Unit Josef Samael to Ross Von Erich. I see another fireball on the horizon… and I don’t mean the sun.

So, there you have it, another episode of MLW Fusion reviewed for your reading pleasure. In today’s world of overly long wrestling shows, it’s nice to have an hour or so of fast-paced fun to watch. I loved the chaotic fun of Warner and Havoc; the classic feel of the National Openweight Bout and Priscilla Kelly is an excellent addition to the MLW Women’s division. If she really does plan to stick to her sadistic threat then I look forward to seeing her mess with any woman who dares show up in her division. With the Thanksgiving episode next week, it’ll be time to see if the Von Erichs can claim another title or if there’s another name going to be added to CONTRA’s ever-growing list of casualties.

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All images courtesy of MLW.com, MLW Twitter, Mance Warner Twitter Video courtesy of MLW YouTube

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