Welcome to CZW’s penultimate of 2019, Night of Infamy 2019. A night dedicated to violence and setting up the main event of 2019, Cage of Death XXI. Tonight would see a range of matches from rapid 6-man tag bouts to the bloodiest of deathmatches. It’s time to see how a man would make a statement against a deathmatch legend, just who claim to be CZW’s gatekeepers, if the reluctant champ would keep his title and who would survive the Squared Circle of Sacrifice. Let’s get into it.

 The Skulk (Adrian Alanis, Leon Ruff & Liam Gray) defeated Young, Dumb N’ Broke (Charlie Tiger, Ellis Taylor & Griffin McCoy) via Leaping Crucifix Bomb

Following a 10 bell salute to fallen star Matt Travis, the show opened with a pretty fast and furious 6-man tag bout between two young teams. The Skulk, founded by AR Fox took on the Jordan Oliver backed “gatekeepers” of CZW, Young, Dumb N Broke. Both teams had some excellent fire, busting out a litany of high flying and double team moves. Everyone had a chance to shine even if some moments didn’t go as planned. There was a lot to enjoy here and considering that all these stars are still young, some of them have got to have a bright future. Gray and Ruff were excellent high flyers, Tiger and Alanis were excellent powerhouses and McCoy seemed to be an excellent all-rounder. It was a very fun way to open the show.

Matt Macintosh defeated KC Navarro via Arm Trap Roll-up

You have got to love when your match opens with a posse of people bragging about how rich their managed talent is. Apparently, KC Navarro spent $2000 on Brussel sprouts… priorities. Oh, and that DK Meadows, who was supposed to be the challenger had been suspended for laying his hands on a referee last time he was in a ring. Matt Macintosh took his place in the match. Matt pulled a Naito, forcing Navarro to wait whilst he got undressed for the fight. From there we got a fight of size vs strength as Navarro was at a very distinct size disadvantage. He though his blessings would save him and he did pull off some impressively fast offence and flippy avoidances. Macintosh also had to deal with the many men outside the ring who could potentially interfere. Macintosh dropped Navarro multiple times with some brutal power moves and ended up winning with a clever arm trap cover. Another solid match where I have to admit that KC Navarro may be an arrogant little shit but damn, he’s talented.

Anthony Greene & Ava Everett vs Alex Reynolds & (Smart) Mark Sterling

This match was the result of Reynold’s obsession with Ava Everett. Now she was in the ring ready to kick his ass for his affections. There was a funny moment before the match even begun as a female fan flipped both Reynolds and Sterling off as they made their entrance. They still couldn’t catch a break as Greene and Everett attacked from behind as the pair were distracted. A prolonged brawl saw Greene and Everett keep control and dominate their opponents. Greene even built a chair collection because of how angry he was. As they were about to be used the match was ended as Sterling hit Greene with a low blow. They get DQ’ed so Everett gets the last laugh with a Destroyer on Reynolds. He only just escaped a date with barbed wire too. There wasn’t much of a match to watch but the brawling was fun. Everett is a beast. Oh, and she wants to fight the pair in ultraviolent rules match at Cage of Death, definitely a beast.

Bear Country (Bear Beefcake & Bear Bronson) killed Gabriel Skye

What was meant to be a tag team match between Above the Rest but due to injury, Gabriel Skye is on his own to deal with Bear Country. Two big, bad guys who love to destroy. This was their CZW debut but they have left a trail of destruction elsewhere. Skye put up a good fight against the gigantic duo but the result was inevitable. Bear Country took an initial flurry but Bronson and Beefcake got back into it fast, tossing and smashing Skye like a ragdoll. It was not pretty to watch. With their message sent, Bear Country call out The Rep for Cage of Death XXI. No match here, just a mugging.

CZW Wired Championship: Jordan Oliver (c) defeated Azrael via Matthew (Slingshot Dropkick)

Our first title bout saw the most hated champion, Jordan Oliver take on CZW favourite Jimmy Rave. Oliver is a man I cannot escape at the moment as he is also part of Injustice, MLW’s most annoying group. Seems he knows his wheelhouse huh? Anyway, Jimmy Rave came to the ring on crutches and tried to attack Oliver’s Young Dumb N Broke crew but had his leg injury aggravated and attacked. Azrael made the save and took Rave’s place in the match. As this was announced YDNB were dived onto by Azrael then thrown out of the match. Azrael continued to decimate Oliver all around the ring. YDNB made another appearance allowing Oliver to finally get some action in the match, nearly winning it with some double team manoeuvres. Oliver, much like KC Navarro is another person I have to begrudgingly admit is very talented. Once he got into it, he was in it hard. His shots hurt, his moves were crisp and his attitude was as bad as you could expect. This evolved into an excellent match where an unlikely hero just to say failed to overcome the odds and the manpower of YDNB.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ms4yflAoC1o]

Jimmy “Chondo” Lyon defeated Conor Claxton via John Silver

Next up was the first deathmatch of the night. It was a rematch of a one-sided beatdown in this year’s Tournament of Death. The audience was treated to a built of the build as the weapons of mass destruction were brought to the ring. There were barbed wire boards, chairs and more set up for the two fighters to bloody each other with. Chondo was looking to avenge the embarrassment and broken ribs given to him by Claxton. Chondo ended up getting an early advantage as John Silver ambushed Claxton and attacked him with light tubes. It got worse as was then thrown into the barbed wire chairs and boards by Silver. Chondo was handed the win as a Claxton was sandwiched between two barbed wire boards and hit with a double stomp. It was a brutal sight but again not much of a match. This was just a violent attack that happened to benefit Chondo. Claxton got completely decimated and suffered the Abyss treatment in the barbed wire.  He exited the arena a cut and bloody mess.

CZW World Heavyweight Championship: Joe Gacy (c) defeated AR Fox via Cyclone Lariat

Next up was the big title match as the most reluctant champion in CZW history faced one of its most risk-taking. AR Fox doesn’t care about his body. Joe Gacy hates owning the championship but he also isn’t too keen on giving it up. So now he had to defend it against one of CZW’s most faithful in Fox. Gacy was not happy about the ringside conditions and made it known. Gacy used his power but he was no match for the speed and sheer riskiness of Fox. He got some time to show off before Gacy came back and started brutalising Fox with brute force. The back and forth continued as Fox pulled out even more unique and maddening moves whilst Gacy responded with more and more powerful moves including Powerbombs and Brainbusters. The reluctant champ managed to retain by choking the life out of Fox and surviving Fox’s best shot to finish him with a Cyclone Lariat.

DK Meadows made another surprise appearance, breaking back into the arena to attack the ref that got him suspended again. I feel he’ll be getting more than a suspension this time.

Ultra-Violent Rules: Matt Tremont defeated Anthony Gangone via Flaming Table Death Valley Driver

This next match was Anthony Gangone’s semi-unwilling journey into the twisted world of Matt Tremont. After being abandoned by Tremont in tag team action, Gangone wanted revenge. Even if that meant getting into his first deathmatch. He had to fight a CZW legend though, in his element and it was going to get very very bloody. As expected, Gangone stalled to try and mess with Tremont. Instead, Tremont followed him out and murdered him. He tried to flee into the crowd so Tremont stalked him and used the ringside seating to his advantage as either thrown weapons or a Suplex landing. Gangone found the great equaliser in a Wiffle bat coated in thumbtacks. From here, it was Gangone’s turn to dish out the punishment. He made the crowd watch on in horror as they tried to will Tremont back to life. It worked as Tremont launched Gangone into thumbtacks. Then came the light tubes and Tremont not letting Gangone off easy. All I could think of during this match with Tremont’s thumbtack filled head and murderous disposition was Pinhead from Hellraiser, “I have such sights to show you.” Introducing Gangone to more and more deathmatch staples. As it ramped up and ramped up, Gangone was the maker of his own demise, taking too long to set a table on fire. Tremont capitalised and it was game over. I enjoyed the hell out of this. There was great action and a great story as Gangone tried to prove he too could stand in this world. CZW owner DJ Hyde came out to try and fire Gangone but Maven, the CZW president saved his ass. So Gangone hit Hyde with a chair and made out with his wife. Nope, got nothing for that.

Squared Circle of Sacrifice: Kasey Catal defeated Jimmy Lloyd via Exploding Barbed Wire

Now for your main event. No ropes, no canvas and plenty of other fuckery. This is the Squared Circle of Sacrifice. A devious construction designed for the most severe of grudges. That’s what Jimmy Lloyd had against Kasey Catal and her husband Brandon Kirk. A two-year-long feud taken to another level as the pair had cost Lloyd the title. Now he was going to take them down one by one. First came Kasey who would face him in a match of barbed wire ropes and exposed boards. Nowhere was safe. She may have gotten bloodied up and wrapped in wire but she fought. Lloyd punished her for every transgression forcing Brandon Kirk’s hand. He gave Kasey the chance to take a pound of flesh from Lloyd, putting him through a barbed-wire door and hitting a Destroyer on the boards. However, she took too much time setting up a glass pane, giving Lloyd the chance to hit an Air Raid Crash through said pane. Somehow, she hung on. Both times Kirk tried to interfere he got launched off the ring into pain. Kasey also took a vicious fall as she was put through a barbed wire board topped with glass… and still kicked out. As if it couldn’t get any worse, she then got thrown into exploding barbed wire… that no one knew was there. Kirk saved her from getting pinned and threw Lloyd into the exploding barbed wire on the other side of the ring, giving his wife the win and her survival. This was sloppy at times but holy shit did Kasey take a beating. She took every nasty bump that could be thrown her way. Lloyd wasn’t taking this loss and revealed that Kirk will be taking on Jimmy Lloyd at an exploding cage of death at the event of the same name. I love the fact that a supposed mudhole show was main-evented by an intergender deathmatch where a woman took most of the nastiest bumps and won. That is progress my friends, ain’t it sweet?

So, there you have it, CZW’s Night of Infamy 2019 reviewed for your reading pleasure. It was a decent night of entertaining wrestling and deathmatch fuckery that took offered a nice variety of matches. There were high flyers, hard hitters, squashes and deathmatches to be enjoyed across about 2 and a bit hours. The Fite stream may say it’s three hours but a large part of that was dedicated to setting up the Squared Circle of Sacrifice so it’s skippable. This event offered strong matches alongside the set up to Cage of Death XXI. That’s where we’ll see the action next and I’ll be ready to watch along too.

Images courtesy of MrsScaper_GM Twitter, CZW Twitter, Ami Moregore, Videos: CZW Twitter, CZW YouTube 

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