Welcome back to the post-Thanksgiving edition of MLW Fusion. Whilst viewers around the world may still shocked at the actions of Tom Lawlor last week, the show must go on. This week sees The Hart Foundation going to war with CONTRA Unit, the first-ever Swamp Fight between Leo Brien and Savio Vega and a massive Battle Royal between some of MLW’s best for a mysterious prize. This was the last episode before the Opera Cup so everyone needed to make a good impression ahead of the historic tournament. Let’s get into it, shall we?

Grogan Won the Battle Royal by Outlasting

So, the Mystery Box Battle Royal was exactly what it says on the tin. A giant Battle Royal for a mystery box. There was a who’s who of talent in the ring with MLW regulars, Dynasty Members, Injustice and America Top Team members all thrown into the mix. There was also a super heavyweight by the name of Barrington Hughes but he lasted all of two seconds in the actual match. The numbers thinned out relatively fast with Grogan or as commentary kept pronouncing it, Gorgon was destroying people left and right. He made it to the last four alongside Timothy Thatcher, Douglas James and El Gringo Loco. He dispatched all of them one by one with Thatcher giving him the most trouble. Even then, he made most of Thatcher’s offence look like child’s play. I’ll admit whilst it was a fun display, this match was clearly just a showcase for Grogan/Gorgon (seriously, MLW make up your mind) and not a lot more. It did, however, make me think we need a Garrini/Thatcher match now though. That would really be something.

Following the match, the camera went to a satellite feed with Tom Lawlor. He was bitter about how the Von Erichs had stolen his spotlight when he was the one who brought them in. It was his war that he had brought them in to help fight. They made it about themselves when it should have been about him. He destroyed his relationship with the Von Erichs, claimed he still hated CONTRA and revealed he was going into business for himself whilst revealing no plans.

Savio Vega defeated Leo Brien via Spinning Heel Kick

What a weird concept for a match. It was a pre-taped brawl style match around a swamp in Florida. The pair fought against a backdrop of trees and a chain-link fence. Most of both men’s attacks were centred around striking and Brien’s cowbell. It wasn’t pretty but I don’t think it was ever meant to be. Vega was the man in control for the most part and seemed to relish each time he broke a branch over Brien or attacked him with the cowbell. He even lynched Brien with it at one point since it was attached to the end of a bull rope. In the end, it would be a well-timed strike that got the better of Brien after he whiffed with the cowbell. This was a fun little distraction but unfortunately nothing too special.

Following that there was an announcement for ACH returning to MLW soon. Though based on recent events, I am pretty sure this will still happen.

The Hart Foundation (Davey Boy Smith Jr & Brian Pillman Jr) defeated CONTRA Unit (Simon Gotch & Ikuro Kwon) via Electric Avenue

Last but not least was the continuation of a bitter rivalry between CONTRA Unit and The New Hart Foundation. After CONTRA took out the now released Teddy Hart with a fireball weeks ago, his stablemates were out for revenge. Plus, someone needed to take CONTRA down a peg and who better than the team of Brian Pillman Jr and Davey Boy Smith Jr to do so? This was one of the most even tag bouts I have seen in a while. Both teams were equally matched at certain times of the match then Davey Boy would get tagged in and be totally unstoppable. He was the monster of the match and the one opponent CONTRA could not cut down. Kwon and Gotch both took great joy in working over Pillman Jr but didn’t seem to have much in the way of answers for Davey Boy. It was fun to watch but honestly, there isn’t too much to comment on. Just a lot of crisp tag action, Kwon and Gotch being badass when working over Pillman and Davey Boy being a complete monster. Not every match needs an essay to talk about it and this is the perfect example. Just a very fun main event. PS: still not sick of seeing Simon Gotch wrestle.

So, there you have it, another episode of MLW Fusion reviewed for your reading pleasure. This was another solid if somewhat lacking episode. There was a cancelled Taipei Deathmatch between Mance Warner and Jimmy Havoc that saddened the violence addict in me and the Swamp Match which although interesting on paper just wasn’t that fun in practice. It was an okay watch but nothing I will go out of my way to watch. There also seemed to be a lot of filler and promo fluff to pad the episode. Next week will be the start of the Opera Cup, so I believe things will pick up once again.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlWCHIqvqIc]

All images and videos courtesy of MLW 

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