With the news breaking that John Morrison has officially re-signed with the WWE after several years away from the company, there is great discussion regarding what awaits him upon his huge return! Of course, both Morrison and the WWE have undergone serious changes over the years and so this returning star is making a comeback at a time that could finally showcase him to be the main event star he has proven to be away from the WWE but with no news on if he will be going to the main roster or NXT, it’s time to discuss just what dream matches await Morrison on the black and gold brand.

Velveteen Dream

Its been a while since fans last saw the Velveteen Dream inside an NXT ring but there is no forgetting the dream and there are still so many matches we all cannot wait to see him take part in and with huge talent John Morrison making a return to the company we could be about to see another name added to the list of dream opponents for the Dream. Now, Velveteen and Morrison evidently have their similarities. Both massively charismatic and athletic the storyline work alone here could be truly captivating. The Dream is an incredibly skilled superstar but a talent like Morrison really could bring out the best in him and show aside to the young star we haven’t seen yet. These two are two men who don’t fit the stereotypical image of a top WWE superstar, but their collision has the potential to be a match of the year and a career highlight for both.

Roderick Strong

Upon returning to the WWE its important that within that first year Morrison gets his hands-on gold and while he is a very fitting NXT champion a collision with the current North American champion Roderick Strong has serious potential! Twenty nineteen has been a huge year for Strong and we have seen him take part in so many epic matchups and with both he and Morrison sharing that intense style within the ring we really could see something special go down between these two men. The cardio of both superstars is fantastic and we really are able to see a lengthy match go down here that provides a big-time standout match up for NXT.

Dominik Dijakovic

Twenty nineteen has been a huge year for Dominik Dijakovic. He has come so far and has climbed the ladder more than anyone proving to be a big-time future contender and twenty-twenty promises to provide even more epic moments for this rising star. John Morrison’s possible run with black and gold brand means that we could be about to witness Dijakovic compete in his best match to date. Not only is this a bout that showcases how brilliant, athletic and diverse Morrison is but he also has all the necessitates to bring out the best in Dijakovic. Dominik is also a diverse talent with serious power but also amazing athletic skill and colliding with Morrison could be career-changing for Dijakovic and truly highlight how good he really is.

Matt Riddle

As far as intense performers go no one quite tops the list like Matt Riddle. A true diverse talent with so much to offer he has been a standout NXT superstar of twenty nineteen and the possibilities of a collision with John Morrison is very exciting indeed. The two men make for fun and exciting performers that know how to entertain a crowd but given the right amount of time in the ring, the pair could so easily provide something very entertaining and gripping. The storyline between these two may not be as gripping as some of the other names on this list but in terms of what we will see in the ring, it could very well be the best of the list and provide a very different kind of match to the rest.

Tommaso Ciampa

Despite being rather different in terms of their image and in ways their in-ring styles there is no denying that Tommaso Ciampa vs John Morrison is a big-time must-see! Ciampa is one of the best on the scene today and with his athletic skill history within cruiserweight competition and his newer more tough and rough style he makes for a very interesting and exciting future opponent for a returning Morrison. Ciampa is an exciting, fresh challenge for Morrison that brings something different to the rest of the names on this list and can truly showcase the very best of the retuning superstar and create an intense storyline with an epic build to their match up.

Adam Cole

While we are currently unaware of where John Morrison will go upon his return to the WWE whether it be RAW or Smackdown or even NXT its clear there are so many huge must-see rivals for the retuning superstar and the black and gold brand has a list of must-see opponents in itself. Adam Cole is one of the best wrestlers on the scene today, there is no doubt about it and throughout the past year alone he has competed in standout match after standout match and there is no denying that a collision with John Morrison could make for another to add to the list and an epic collision. Personally, I would love to see Morrison head to NXT for a while and challenging Cole for the NXT Championship has all the potential in the world to be something very special. The two are intense performers with experience and fantastic wrestling skill and when sharing the ring are sure to provide fans with a lengthy match up that showcases their best abilities. It’s also Morrison I believe could push Cole to new heights and bring out a side of his move set, we haven’t seen yet.

Of course, we don’t know where John Morrison will go upon his return to the WWE but as we have proven today the black and gold brand that is NXT has plenty of huge matches awaiting him and there could be some truly epic encounters and storylines for Morrison to take part in that finally allows him to stand out and work as a top talent in the WWE.

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