Last week fans sat back and witnessed the wedding of Lana and Bobby Lashley and in true WWE fashion, things did not go to plan. With Liv Morgan making her return to reveal the shocking truth behind her secret affair with Lana and Rusev also showing up to cause havoc the decade ended full of romantic drama and a new angle to look forward to! All the wedding-based content, however, has got many reminiscing on previous WWE weddings but over the years just what have been the best, the worse, and the most shocking?

AJ Lee and Daniel Bryan

The 1000th episode of Monday Night RAW was sure to be a memorable one full of drama and what creates more drama than a wedding right? With that in mind, fans looked to witness AJ Lee and Daniel Bryan finally tie the knot after the onscreen relationship had been a focal point in storylines for quite some time. During their relationship, Lee didn’t have the best of times to say the least from being blamed for Bryan losing the World Heavyweight Championship in eighteen seconds at Wrestlemania to being knocked down by the Big Show of all people! However, despite her rough journey with Bryan he did in fact propose to AJ and with the added drama of CM Punks’ involvement, this was a memorable angle of the past decade. Back to the wedding and in two thousand and twelve, the two looked to tie the knot but with AJ Lee revealing she had a better offer it was revealed that when she said “yes” during the ceremony she was in fact saying Yes to Vince McMahon’s offer of the position of the new RAW General Manager.

Stephanie McMahon and the Undertaker

Stephanie McMahon really has had her fair share of WWE weddings and relationships but when we look at her earlier days as the innocent young daughter of Vince McMahon it was the dark wedding ceremony between her and the Undertaker that makes for something both memorable and haunting. After being abducted by cult Leader the Undertaker back in nineteen ninety-nine Stephanie was strapped to Takers Symbol while he attempted to marry her but with Stone Cold Steve Austin coming to her rescue the wedding did not go ahead but nothing can take away how dark, twisted and generally entertaining and shocking this was!

Edge and Vickie Guerrero

Growing up watching wrestling in the 2000s as a kid the wedding of Edge and Vickie Guerrero really does stick in my mind. A relationship based on power instead of love this told the story of Edge, the World Champion at the time looking to do whatever he had to do to keep hold of his title and that included marrying the Smackdown General manager, Vickie Guerrero. An odd pairing none the less it made for a basic storyline that did keep fans entertained and the wedding which would take place in the Summer of two thousand and eight saw the king of crashing weddings, Triple H, make an appearance to cause another wedding to end in misery. Airing a clip of Edge and Alicia Fox (the wedding planner at the time) getting more than friendly backstage added the drama to this storyline and of course the wedding didn’t go ahead after a classic Vickie Guerrero meltdown.

Billy and Chuck

There are not many WWE weddings and segments quite as memorable as Billy and Chuck. While the liberal side of me now as an adult sees so much wrong with this there is no taking away how classic and entertaining this wedding segment was. The homosexual relationship between Billy and Chuck as heels made for controversial content, to say the least from two different angles but for generally entertaining viewing and quite forward and open-minded booking for the time that it took place. There were extras added to this to add mainstream attention including GLAAD being enlisted but when it was revealed that the whole relationship was fake and set up by Billy and Chuck to gain exposer and recognition the drama at the wedding had kick-started! When you include that reveal of the officiant being RAW general manager Eric Bischoff and all the entertaining drama that took place following this reveal which would go down as one of the best in WWE history this is most certainly one of the most memorable WWE Weddings to date.

Stephanie McMahon and Test

Keeping on the theme of memorable moments one of the most iconic segments fans have ever witnessed is the wedding of Stephanie McMahon and Test. Now, we could literally count down Stephanie’s best WWE Weddings alone but when she looked to tie the knot with Test this went down as the most memorable, shocking and entertaining. After, dating Test not long after the Undertaker wedding we touched on earlier, Test looked to prove himself to Stephanie’s brother Shane McMahon and eventually we saw the wedding between Steph and Test take place, however, with Triple H hanging around things were sure not to go as simple as that. Crashing the wedding and revealing the shocking truth that he had in fact married Stephanie himself. The video footage showed a drugged Stephanie being driven in a car by Triple H through a drive-through wedding chapel where Hunter delivered the vows for Stephanie. Despite so much being wrong with this, it made for one of the most memorable moments in WWE and a true iconic WWE Wedding segment.

Randy Savage and Elizabeth

There is no more iconic WWE Wedding than that of Randy Savage and Elizabeth. A truly iconic duo in the history of pro wrestling they were true stars of the 1980’s WWF era. On-screen manager and real-life wife Elizabeth were the right arm to Randy Savage and both massively popular amongst fans their wedding was a huge moment in wrestling history. While Randy Savage ditched Elizabeth as his manager until he lost a retirement match to Ultimate Warrior where Elizabeth would come to Savage’s rescue and a proposal would soon take place resulting in a Summer Ceremony.  A real-life married couple main evented a major PPV in a wedding segment that went to plan and went down in history as one of the most iconic moments in wrestling moments. Leaving a tear in the eyes of the toughest of fans this was a special moment many still talk about to this day.

There have of course been so many memorable and shocking WWE Weddings over the years and we are likely to witness more in the future. While these segments can be cringe worthy and damn right bad we have had so many iconic moments during wedding segments that have made storylines and go down as highlights in the history of the WWE and the wrestling world.

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