There really is no denying the impact AEW has made on the wrestling world only months into debuting on the scene. The stacked and diverse roster full of both up and coming talent and all-time greats has created a huge buzz within the industry and week after week All Elite is raising the bar in every aspect. As of today, there are a handful of talent standing out and making an impact but with only three titles currently up for grabs on the roster there are names missing out on vital opportunities and so there is great debate amongst the wrestling community as to whether or not AEW should introduce a mid-card championship and if they do who would benefit from such a decision?

Shawn Spears

Shawn Spears is a man I’m sure so many want to see great things happen to. Experienced and apart of the industry for so many years he is yet to truly get his moment in the spotlight and be treated/booked like the top veteran talent that he is. Signing with AEW was a huge opportunity for Spears and has since been a part of great matches, booked in solid storylines and formed a strong alliance with Tully Blanchard. Now, despite the strong start during the early weeks of AEW Shawn Spears has unfortunately managed to fade into the background. While he still works occasional standout matches for Dynamite and more so AEW Dark he is one of the main talents who would evidently benefit from a mid-card championship. This is a man who has been deserving of the spotlight for many years but with so many top talents such as Moxley, Jericho, Omega and PAC on the roster Spears has a long wait to get to that main event scene and a mid-card title would allow him to have bragging rights, a more frequent role on AEW Dynamite and the spotlight he deserves.

Sammy Guevara

One of the rising young stars of AEW is without a doubt Sammy Guevara. The up and coming talent has managed to align himself with the likes of Santana and Ortiz and Chris Jericho as part of The Inner Circle and has worked one on one matches against the likes of Cody and Dustin and so there really is no denying the bright future ahead of him. However, Guevara is a long way away from holding the AEW Championship despite being in need of some added momentum. This is a man full of potential and charisma and given the chance to hold a championship we could really see more layers to his character and give him the chance to show the world why he could very well be a future world champ.

Jungle Boy

Despite being incredibly young Jungle Boy has already begun to climb the ladder and win fans over. His role within Jurassic Express is evident and he is forever growing in popularity becoming an even bigger name as the weeks go by. Fans have seen Jungle Boy share the ring with top talents including taking part in a memorable singles bout against Chris Jericho. This is a man who is sure to have a very bright and successful career however, it’s also clear that as of right now he would massively benefit from a mid-card championship reign. Seeing more of him in the ring is key and this chance to hold a title would give him more of a purpose and bigger role within the roster setting him up for those bigger moments in the future. Jungle Boy is a talent ready for a bigger spotlight but not as big as the AEW World Championship spotlight.


I have no doubts whatsoever that MJF is a future world champion. Despite being only twenty-three years old this is a man who is surrounded by the right people, evidently skilled in the ring and full of charisma! He’s current rivalry with Cody Rhodes is an AEW standout of today and shows the world what kind of star MJF really is. A mid-card title is incredibly fitting for MJF for multiple reasons. He’s a man that isn’t near a strong storyline resulting in him capturing the AEW Championship any time soon, but he is a talent who is more than ready for a title to be wrapped around his waist. All the foundations are there, and he is ready to go and so a mid-card title is arguably more fitting for MJF than any other talent we will talk about today. Not to mention a showdown between MJF and Cody for a mid-card title would give that championship plenty of credit and attention.

Joey Janela

AEW has an incredible hardcore scene. The likes of Joey Janela, Moxley, Jimmy Havoc and Darby Allin are amongst those proving that hardcore wrestling still has a place in the world of pro wrestling today but as Janela has looked to prove many times before, he is more than a hardcore wrestler. Already taking paring in so many fantastic one on one matches against names such as Jon Moxley, Shawn Spears and Kenny Omega he is a true dark horse of the AEW roster and a man who would quite clearly benefit from a mid-card title being introduced. He is one of the hardest working and diverse stars on the roster right now but there is feeling that he is in fact a long way away from capturing gold. A mid-card championship would give Joey the opportunity to prove just how good he is and have the reward for his hard work and talent in the form of championship gold. Such an opportunity and title reign could also open bigger doors for him in the future.

With such a stacked and talented roster there really is an endless list of names who both deserve and would benefit from a mid-card championship being introduced. I do believe that this is a decision AEW is likely to introduce down the line but in the meantime could any of the names above get a AEW World Championship opportunity? And what awaits these incredible stars in the meantime.

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