It’s time for the first GCW show of the year! They kicked 2020 off with a bang as they brought in all their top talents to put on one hell of a show. It was main-evented by a rematch from BloodSport II when Killer Kross made Nick Gage passed out. We also got non-title action from the most loathed champion in wrestling right now, Rickey Shane Page and matches featuring GCW regulars Alex Colon, KTB, SHLAK, Tony Deppen and more. Plus, I finally saw my first Effy match. Let’s get into the action.

Six-Man Scramble: Blake Christian defeated AJ Gray, Cole Radrick, Ophidian, Oswald Project and Treehouse Lee via Elia on Treehouse Lee


GCW started the show with what was going to be one of its most manic. The aptly named six-man fuckfest featured a who’s who of GCW regulars and the debut of the Oswald Project. We saw the former GCW Champion, AJ Gray, Ophidian, Treehouse Lee made his return and the internet-breaking Blake Christian was there to raise Jim Cornette’s blood pressure. With the talent in the ring, things were going to get wild. Guess what, I wasn’t wrong. It started with AJ Gray striking everyone, then getting into a sequence with Blake Christian. This transitioned to Blake fighting Radrick then Ophidian fighting Oswald. I had no idea who Oswald was but I’d say he’s somewhere between Hugo from Street Fighter IV and a flippy friendly guy. He had some nice moves when they actually hit. Ophidian then tried to kill him with the nastiest Gory Special/Bomb combo I have ever seen. The match continued with Radrick getting more time to shine and Treehouse Lee reminding everyone why he was so loved at Jimmy Lloyd’s Christmas show. AJ Gray came back into the fold by decimating everyone in the ring again. Everyone started diving and a brawl broke out on the outside as Blake was knocked out in the ring. As they all fought on the stage, Blake Christian hit a Springboard Tope Con Hilo onto all five men. It went on with everyone mixing it up and interrupting each other’s hot streaks. AJ Gray and Radrick continued to impress me with their diverse range of offence whilst Oswald seemed to be the world’s biggest punching bag. We even saw Radrick put himself through a door.  Everyone kept breaking out some high calibre moves before Christian got the win with Elia on Treehouse Lee. He even made a cheeky tribute to a potential future opponent by hitting a variation of the Hidden Blade on Lee before finishing him off. What a start. My main takeaway here, AJ Gray is a monster.

SHLAK defeated Gregory Iron via SHLAK Bomb

Next up we got SHLAK beating up a handicapped wrestler. The crowd wasn’t sympathetic though as Iron had aligned himself with Rickey Shane Page. Now the master of drinking two goddamn beers at the same goddamn time was going to deal out some street justice. Iron really didn’t do himself any favours by having “fuck SHLAK” written on his torso. This earned him a spear and an Angle Slam from public animal number one. At the crowd’s desire, SHLAK brought out the doors. He took too long though so Iron kicked SHLAK through one of his doors. SHLAK shook it off and threw Iron into his hired help, rammed him through a door and finished him with a high angle SHLAK bomb. Iron aligned himself with the wrong side and got the shit kicked out of him for it. He may be an inspiration to most people but to the GCW crowd that meant nothing.

Chris Dickinson defeated Alex Zayne via Roll Up

Next up was the first Daddy of the show taking on one of GCW’s biggest breakouts, Alex Zayne. People may remember Zayne from the backyard show where he broke the internet and was making his first appearance since touring Japan. He wouldn’t have an easy match though as he was taking on the dirty daddy Chris Dickinson. It went from 0 to 100 as Zayne started fast and flippy with a dive and a standing Shooting Star Press. The pair traded with Dickinson slowing down Zayne with a Dragon Screw and locking in a reverse Indian Deathlock. He continued to work the knee of Zayne with more strikes and a Stretch Muffler. Zayne was forced to suffer the abuse and break every hold Dickinson locked him in. He managed to knock Dickinson down into a one-legged moon sault. The pair traded chops with Zayne dropping Dickinson with a Facebuster. He continued to attack but Dickinson came back with more shots and a Death Valley Driver. Both men traded Powerbombs for two counts with the crowd willing both men back to life. The pair ran the ropes until Zayne was floored with an Axe Bomber and a Falcon Arrow. He still didn’t stay down so tried to go for a super version but Zayne kicked him down, pissing off Dickinson. He unloaded a series of chops that Zayne reversed into a driver. Zayne went for his Shooting Star Knee Drop but Dickinson reversed and hit a German Suplex into the turnbuckle. Then because it wouldn’t be GCW without it, we got another door. He tried to put Zayne through it with a Pazuzu bomb but when that didn’t work, he just threw it at his face. Instead, Zayne used the door by putting Dickinson through it with the Shooting Star Knee Drop. However, Dickinson played Possum and won with a roll-up. Excellent match from this duo. I love seeing Zayne have to work with an injured leg and Chris Dickinson is Chris Dickinson, what’s not to like?

Alex Colon defeated Matthew Justice via Spanish Fly into Barbed Wire

We all know how I feel about Alex Colon. I think he’s one of the best and now he had to deal with someone who was bigger, stronger and probably crazier, Matthew Justice. This one was going to get bloody. As Justice made his entrance, the plunder was getting added to the ring. Colon attacked before the bell and launched Justice out of the ring. Justice returned the favour and Powerbombed Colon through a door then introduced the broken pieces of the door to his skull. The pair fought over who would go into the gusset plate door so Justice just rammed Colon’s head into one instead. Since Colon’s head was busted open, he used his blood for war paint. Colon’s luck went from bad to worse as Justice rammed the door into him, trapped him in the corner and started raining in blows with a chair. Colon reversed and got back into the match with a Sunset Bomb. Colon busted Justice open and they brought the door into the crowd. Several fans nearly got caught with gusset plates as Justice rearranged their seats. He even requisitioned someone’s handbag to hit Colon with. Colon came back by hitting a Shiranui off a brick wall. He got too ahead of himself and Justice drove him through the gusset plate door with a DVD off the stage. Justice continued the attack by perching Colon on the top rope. He tried to use a door but Colon kicked it down and hit a Frog Splash onto it. He brought out a barbed-wire door but left himself open to a spear. The pair traded door part headshots and then for good measure, some unprotected chair shots to the head. Justice took the barbed-wire door to the head and then got put through it with a Spanish Fly off the top rope for a three count. This was a nice little match of carnage with some very brutal shots to the head and a fun finish. I always love seeing Colon in action and it should not be understated just how crazy Matthew Justice is.

Shane Mercer defeated KTB via Roll Up

Did someone say big boy battle? It was beast vs powerhouse in a match for big guy supremacy. The last time I saw Shane Mercer in action he was throwing people around like darts. The pair started with some tests of strength that Mercer looked to be winning. However, KTB came back with some Lucha arm drags. He went for one too many so Mercer joined in. He even busted out an Asai moon sault. The pair brawled into the crowd with Mercer throwing KTB into the steel staircase. Mercer continued the assault in the ring with a whiplash German Suplex and an Arabian Press. Mercer kept showing off his strength by tossing KTB around like nothing and catching a cross body attempt into a Powerslam. The pair traded waist locks that KTB flipped out of before both men were knocked down. KTB came back with a rolling Senton into the corner and a huge rolling headbutt. KTB got Mercer into a Powerbomb but only got a two count. The pair traded again with KTB ending the sequence with a Lionsault. KTB retrieved a door but a fight on the top rope saw KTB hit with a huge moon sault press slam. KTB came back with a rope walking DVD that put Mercer through a door. Somehow that didn’t end the match…  Another door was brought into the ring which Mercer nearly put KTB through if not for a series of roll-ups. Mercer got lucky in the exchange and got the elusive pinfall victory. This was another fun bout occasionally interrupted by some odd commentary. The action was crisp and it’s always interesting to see extremely athletic big men.

Effy defeated Jimmy Lloyd via Neutralizer Style Facebuster (Go to Crotch?)

Now was finally the time for me to experience an Effy match in full. I have seen the twitter gifs, the promo videos and now was time to see the second daddy of the show in action. He wouldn’t have an easy time though as he was fucking with a different boy in Jimmy Lloyd. He even kissed Lloyd during his entrance. He also made Lloyd consent to anything that could happen during the match. Lloyd consented to whooping that ass. The pair started technically but Lloyd tried to psyche Effy out as they were running the ropes by dropping to his knees. Effy answered that with a series of hip thrusts to the face. However, instead of damaging Jimmy it fired him up. He returned fire with a knee strike and a neckbreaker. Effy came back with some strikes in the corner followed by a trio of deep Bronco busters. Lloyd powered on and hit a running Powerbomb. The pair traded strikes with Effy trash-talking the whole time. After questioning Lloyd’s hardcore pedigree, Effy went and got a barbed wire board. After Lloyd tried and failed to go for a sunset flip, Effy exposed his ass and introduced it to Lloyd’s face and followed that with a hip attack. He then paid tribute to Rikishi with a bare ass Stinkface. However, Lloyd seemed to enjoy it. Lloyd had enough of the ass-anine antics by hitting Effy with a Bubba bomb onto the barbed wire. He followed up with a Package Piledriver but it only got a two. A failed Cheeky Nandos attempt earned Jimmy another face full of ass and a DVD through the barbed wire board. Lloyd came back with an Air Raid Crash and a driver onto through a chair. Effy returned fire with a chair shot to the face. He went for some strong style strikes and trapped Lloyd headfirst into his trunks for a Piledriver. He ended the match with a Neutraliser style facebuster. It was a fun match with a lot of tongue in cheek humour. The fun thing was though, it was still a wrestling match. I see why Effy is the weapon of sass destruction. I can’t wait to see more from him, the guy is a star. Plus, as always, Lloyd is the unfortunate yet strong loser.

Tony Deppen defeated Jake Atlas via KO Blow

Next was the GCW farewell match for Jake Atlas. He was going to go out facing one of GCW’s best in Tony Deppen. The pair have been heated rivals and this was to be their final battle. Atlas started strong, continuously bringing Deppen down. The pair continued to try and out technique each other with Deppen showing his usual style of disrespect. The pair went from sequence to sequence avoiding each other’s offence and leading to standoff after standoff. Atlas kept the advantage by running rings around Deppen with a series of high flying moves and gymnastic style attacks. This was stopped with a stiff forearm to the face and Deppen diving out of the ring onto him. He started working over Atlas with his unique and brash style of attacks and trying to lock in the bow and arrow. Deppen continued the assault with a series of slaps. He tried to go for a senton but Atlas got his knees up and levelling him with a vicious clothesline. Atlas continued the barrage with more stiff strikes and a knee to the face. The pair continued to fight on and around the apron with even more fast-paced dodging and striking. The pair were unbelievably agile and continuously countered on another. Atlas’ back gave out giving Deppen another chance to strike so he hurled himself at a corner bound Atlas and went for a tornado Codebreaker. He missed a double stomp causing another slugfest which ended with both men on the canvas. The pair traded slaps and Atlas countered a running knee. We got more strikes from Atlas and Deppen hit a clothesline onto the apron and looked to end the match with a Running Knee Strike. This only got a two. Atlas hit the LGBDDT and a moon sault but only got a two. The match ended with Deppen hitting a Cheeky Knee-dos, a Destroyer and ending it with a knockout forearm. My god, these guys are fast. This was insane at times and I love that Deppen gave Atlas a fond farewell as Atlas moves on to pastures new.

Rickey Shane Page defeated Spyder Nate Webb via Super Chokebreaker


The plunder was back as Nate Webb stepped up to battle the bogeyman with the belt, Rickey Shane Page. He even interrupted Webb’s moment with Wheatus. It’s funny because I love RSP but he has made himself so hateable here. The pair fought before the bell and RSP was driven to the outside. It didn’t last as once in the ring, RSP dominated Webb. After using regular moves, RSP turned to use chairs. He initiated a slugfest with Webb that he lost as Webb nearly knocked his head off. He followed that with a double stomp that only got a two. Page regained control and set up a door witch he superplexed Webb through. Webb tried to come back but it was a futile effort as RSP won with a Super Chokebreaker and soaked up another wave of verbal abuse. He was going to beat down Webb further but Nick Gage appeared and the pair brawled as Gage beat the shit out of RSP and his posse. Until a suited Killer Kross interrupted…

Nick Gage defeated Killer Kross via Rear Naked Choke

This ran shorter than I’d have liked but it did not lack intensity. Killer Kross looked set to murder Gage as he bludgeoned and tossed Gage around like he was nothing. Gage came back with a kick to the dick but it wasn’t enough to keep Kross down long and he went back to trying to murder Gage. He cut him up, beat on the wound and broke a door over him. Gage fired back up and face washed Kross, hit a Spinning Elbow Drop onto a door piece and choked Kross out with a Rear Naked Choke, avenging the loss he suffered at Bloodsport. I would have wanted a bit more from this match but hey, it was fast and furious and sent the fans home happy, that’s all it needed to be. Kross looked like a psychotic hitman so from now on he must wrestle all matches in a suit. He looked like a monster and only lost because he attacked the MDK King in his element. The crowd powered Gage through and fate dealt Kross an ironic hand.

So, there you have it, GCW’s I Can’t Feel My Face reviewed for your reading pleasure. Another strong outing from GCW that lost a bit of momentum towards the end with a couple of short matches at the end of the card. It was nice to be introduced to new faces and I had a blast watching Effy mess with Jimmy Lloyd. Killer Kross was a beast and there is definitely a match for every type of fan here. It wasn’t quite as violent as usual but hey, not every show needs to have an abattoir match. It’s a strong opening show of the year and with some of the matches they have announced for upcoming shows, it’s only going to get better.

Jon Moxley will be coming to GCW to take on Josh Barnett at Bloodsport 3. The event will be taking place from the Cuban Club in Ybor City Florida on the 4th of April during WrestleMania weekend. This match was meant to main event Bloodsport II but Moxley was unable to make the event due to contracting a staph infection. Chris Dickinson stepped in and filled in for Moxley in a losing effort to Barnett. Tickets for the event are available here.

The show is also part of GCW’s Collective 2020 collection of wrestling shows taking place throughout WrestleMania weekend. Bloodsport is an event where there are no ropes and no pinfalls. you can only win your matches with KOs or submissions. The previous Bloodsport events have seen talents like Minoru Suzuki, Masashi Takeda, Killer Kross, Timothy Thatcher and Matt Riddle take part.

 All images courtesy of GCW Twitter, Kayden Twitter, RyanGriffin91 Twitter, Kane Wharton, HeyyImRob Twitter.

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