Two thousand and nineteen was another huge year for women’s wrestling in the WWE. From the first-ever women’s Wrestlemania main event to the historic first-ever women’s War Games match fans continue to see milestone moments for the female talent of world wrestling entertainment but just what can we expect in twenty twenty? What dramatic storylines, matches, rivalries and moments can the WWE universe look forward to in the year ahead? And can the WWE continue to make history with its women’s division as we usher in a brand-new decade?

Beth Phoenix Competes at a Takeover Event

One of my personal favourite decisions made last year regarding NXT was adding WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix to the announce team. Providing a brilliant new perspective and adding a new kind of voice to the team its great to see a female calling the action on the black and gold brand but in twenty twenty are we about to see Beth once again step into the ring only this time to compete in NXT competition. The Hall of Famer proved only last year that she still has it when she competed at Wrestlemania for the women’s tag team championships and with her popularity amongst fans and role she plays within the black and gold brand it’s clear that working a one-off singles bout could make for a special well-received moment. The likes of Bianca Belair, Dakota Kai, Baszler, a heel Ripley are amongst those that would make for great opponents but with the roster growing there is no denying Phoenix could play a huge role in the career of an up and comer. Not to mention the WWE are not shy of adding announcers to storyline angles resulting in in-ring competition.

Mandy Rose turns on Sonya Deville

Fire and desire are one of the most legit tag teams within the women’s division and I do honestly want to see them go on to become champions in the future, however, there have been signs for a while now that we could very well see the pair split at some point down the line. With Rose making for such a natural heel and it appears as though its only a matter of time until we see her turn on Deville creating what could be a breakout angle for both these superstars. The pair have great potential as a team but a talent like Rose is one we all know has every chance of receiving a big-time single’s push and with her natural heat, it’s an inevitable move that could result in huge stars being born.

Liv Morgan Will Win Miss Money in the Bank

The Money in the Bank PPV is such a big-time fan favourite and one of my personal top PPV’s of the year and when predicting the two thousand and twenty addition there are a few names that spring to mind in terms of who will walk out Mr and Miss Money in the Bank, however, its Liv Morgan who currently sits as a top contender. Fans have been anticipating her return for quite some time now after taking several months away from the ring. A young superstar with bags of potential we are yet to see the very best of her but I believe twenty twenty could just be Morgan’s breakout year. An exciting talent with the WWE Universe behind her I really do hope the WWE go all out with a push for Liv and winning the Money in the Bank could be a huge opportunity or her that pays off massively. Giving her a similar push to what we saw from Carmella a few years back is exactly what the WWE should have in mind for there is no denying we desperately need to see a new female talent take the top spot over the next year.

Becky Lynch and Shayna Baszler go One on One

It really is only a matter of time now until we see Shayna Baszler join the main roster and after what we saw go down at Survivor Series it’s clear there is unfinished business between Basler and Becky Lynch. A favourite to go on and dethrone the man we are looking at a potential Wrestlemania collision and with the story there this makes for a genuinely entertaining prospect and a bout that could be a big-time standout of the year. There is plenty of background here and their rivalry is sure to add more potential to that four horsewomen vs four horsewomen match we have all been waiting so long to bare witness to.

Ember Moon Returns to NXT

In two thousand nineteen, we saw the likes of Kevin Owens and Finn Balor make a return to NXT and with the black and gold brand playing an even bigger part within the company now we can surely expect more current main roster stars possibly make a return to where it all began for them. With the WWE failing to use Ember Moon to her full capabilities she remains a big-time favourite to head back to NXT and there is no denying that with such an exciting women’s division right now she would fit back in perfectly not to mention the dream collisions that await her there. Ember is an incredible talent that just isn’t being used correctly and hasn’t been for a while, putting her back on the NXT roster gives her the chance to start again and show the world just how brilliant she really is.

Evolution Makes a Return

Personally, I was gutted to see the Evolution PPV taken away. After its brilliant success in twenty eighteen, I along with so many other fans were hoping to see the PPV make a return in two thousand and nineteen however it didn’t and appears as though Evolution is now a retired PPV. However, the women’s division is stacked, and the female talent has been making such an impact over the past twelve months. With tag team titles now on the cards, there is even more depth and reason to bring back this PPV and every chance it will be even bigger and better than the first.

Things Intensify for the Kabuki Warriors

The Kabuki Warriors are without a doubt responsible for turning things around within the women’s tag team division. Asuka and Sane have made a huge impact and have competed in some truly amazing matches over the past few months and it’s clear that twenty-twenty is about to be another big year for these two superstars. Now, there are several creative options the WWE have when it comes to the Kabuki Warriors; many have commented on the fact they would love to see Io Shirai join the pair and with the women’s division sure to benefit from a faction, this makes for an exciting idea that promises to provide something completely new and different to what we have ever seen from the female talent.

There is also the chance the WWE will eventually this year split the Kabuki Warriors and with the pair sure to compete in a must-see singles match its likely Kiari and Asuka will work one of if not the match of the year in twenty-twenty. This a dream collision that promises to be a big-time standout not only for the women’s division but the WWE and wrestling as a whole. Not to mention the storyline and build is sure to be pretty damn epic!

There really is so much to look forward to within the women’s division over the coming twelve months. Fans can expect bigger moments, epic storylines, new arrivals and huge collisions. Questions such as; will see any more big returns? Who will appear in the women’s Royal Rumble? And what awaits the man and the queen in the coming months are all key but one thing is clear, the women’s division is in for a big year!

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