As we all are very aware, devastating fires continue to rip through the Australian bush and although some rain has fallen in the last 48 hours in some areas, the fires continue to worsen in others. The homes of humans and animals alike have been completely destroyed.

Heart wrenchingly, an estimated 1 billion animals have been tragically killed and with this in mind, British wrestling has risen up. Spearheaded by Leeds wrestler Tel Banham, Koala Slam took place this Friday night in Leeds to raise money for the incredible Macquarie Koala Hospital in New South Wales, who are playing a pivotal role in saving the lives of koalas affected by these horrendous events.

“About 12 days ago, a group of us decided to go ahead and set up a wrestling show within this short space of time. The wrestling community came together, be it talent, announcers, ring crew the lot and we’ve got cars coming from London, Scotland, Liverpool, Manchester – everywhere” Tel continued, “It is incredible what the British wrestling community can do when it comes together, magic really does happen. That includes fans, backstage personnel and talent alike, we hope to see as many people as possible at the event to support this amazing cause and we’re so grateful for all the support we have received.”

Alongside ticket sales for the show, the group set up a JustGiving page to provide a way for fans who cannot attend to lend their support. Further fundraising took place at the show including a raffle where fans can win tickets to In & Out Wrestling, Lincoln Fight Factory, BWR, Tidal, True Grit and Wrestle Island amongst others. Wrestlecrate, ‘the original wrestling-themed monthly subscription service’ was also in attendance offering giveaways.

The groundbreaking show featured some incredible matches, with David Starr taking on Phillip Michael. Other matches included Joe Nelson vs Tom Weaver, Dean Allmark vs Tyson Taylor, Dave Graves & Kevin Lloyd vs The Lion Kings, Big Gunns Joe vs James Finn vs Commander Nash in a Triple Threat Match, a 20-person Rumble, and Rhio vs Ivy.

All funds will be given directly to Macquarie Koala Hospital to help towards transportation of water vans, 100 water stations to be placed around the area and the general rehabilitation of the koalas in their care. You can still support Wrestling For Koalas by donating here.

All pics courtesy of Wrestling For Koalas and Koala Hospital

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