The deathmatch double bill concludes with the latest GCW show. This time, Rickey Shane Page had to take on the Southern Psychopath, Mance Warner, Allie Kat was taking on Nick Gage in her home state and SHLAK continued his streak of beating up deathmatch legends. Since it was GCW’s debut in Texas, they went all out on a stacked card of regulars and interesting imports. Let’s get into the violence.

Blake Christian defeated Gino Medina via Elia

The first contest was going to be a battle of the flippiest as it was the internet-breaking Blake Christian taking on MLW’s most sought after man, Gino Medina. Before the match, Gino Medina ran down the company and insinuated, he was better than all this, nothing like getting the crowd on your side huh? The pair started off with a lot of technical exchanges and fast-paced reversals. Christian came back after being driven into the crowd’s seats by smashing Medina into the ring apron and hitting a Springboard Frogs plash. He kept up the damage with a series of chops and kicks. He kept on the pressure with more reversals and more topes. The pair went back to trading with Christian coming out on top again. Medina psyched Blake out and went to town on him with a series of strikes and kicks, ending it with a Rocker Dropper over the ropes. Once again, we got more reversals and Christian rolled through into a Frog Splash. He missed Elia so Medina hit Snake Eyes and hit the world’s most lackadaisical Elbow Drop. He went for a Torture Rack Facebuster but only got a two count. Christian came back, hit the Oscutter to send another message to Will Ospreay and finished Medina with Elia. Medina looked like a beast but the GCW favourite Blake Christian got the win and hopefully is one step closer to getting his match with Will Ospreay at the Collective. What a fast and furious opening bout.

Chris Dickinson defeated Andy Dalton via Inverted Figure Four

Next up was the battle of the dirtiest in the game as the Dirty Daddy, Chris Dickinson took on Texas native Dirty Andy Dalton. It was going to be a tough fight for both men. Dalton started fast by throwing Dickinson to the outside and hit a cannonball to the outside, destroying several chairs. Chris came back by chopping the shit out of Dalton and hitting a Dragon Screw. Dickinson picked his target and kept working over the leg. He trapped Dalton in a Figure Four, forcing Dalton to go to the ropes then administered even more punishment. Dalton came back hitting his own flurry of strikes and launching the ring rope into Dickinson’s face. He raked the face and bit the head of Dickinson but got too cocky and ended up hitting a metal post and getting his daylights chopped out again. Dickinson was driven into the ring post allowing Dalton a chance to shine again. The pair kept trading strikes that would kill most men until Dickinson hit a Backdrop Suplex. Dickinson smashed him up some more and dropped Dalton on his head with a DVD. We got even more trading that would look good in AJPW with Dalton managing to reverse into a Brainbuster. He followed up with another left and a complete shot from the top rope. He tried to go top rope again but Dickinson intercepted it into a Superplex. He locked in an Inverted Figure 4 and won the match. Again, Dickinson impressed and Dalton proved to a new audience why he deserves recognition and earned respect from his opponent.

Alex Zayne defeated Chris Bey via Taco Driver

Time for another fast one as Alex Zayne and Chris Bey took to the ring. Much like the opening match, this had the potential to break the internet. The match started exactly as expected with the pair trying for kicks and going through a series of reversals. Bey took advantage and nearly dropkicked Zayne’s face off. He tried to keep the pressure on but Zayne dragged him outside and kneed him in the face. He hit a Springboard Senton and Standing Shooting Star Press on Bey before getting too carried away and eating a Tope Con Hilo from Bey. He hit Zayne with a can and continued the assault in the ring with kicks and a Neckbreaker. He was kicked outside and hit by a Springboard Moonsault from Zayne. The pair traded further with Bey hitting a Double Stomp on a top rope trapped Zayne. Bey kicked the soul out of Zayne and locked in an Abdominal Stretch. Zayne reversed and hit a flipping Facebuster followed by a flipping Leg Drop. Bey avoided the crunch wrap and hit a lethal Shotgun Dropkick, catching Zayne into a Code Red on the rebound. He avoided the Taco Driver and planted Zayne with a Springboard Implant DDT and landing a beautiful Frog Splash.  It was still not enough though and the pair traded kicks again. The Crunch Wrap flipping double knees and a Taco Driver later and Zayne had won the match. It was fast, brutal and one hell of a fun match to watch. Again, both men brought the best out of each other and respected each other when it was done.

Masada defeated SHLAK via Chair Assisted Punt Kick

Next up was the public animal number one, SHLAK as he took on one of deathmatch wrestling’s best Masada. Much like his fight with Necro Butcher at ICW NY, this was SHLAK trying to cement his title against a guy who has been in the business for over a decade. Within two seconds he’d launched a chair at SHLAK’s head. It looked to be time for fuckery. SHLAK dropped Masada with a lariat and suplexed him onto a chair. SHLAK focused in on an arm and tried to pull it out of the socket with an armbar. He then dropped an elbow across the neck and a chair and threw more toys into the ring, including a door. Masada put SHLAK through one of the doors with a Russian Leg Sweep, injuring himself in the process. The pair then went for some CTE by breaking the door pieces over one another’s head. Masada had held onto a spike from the broken door and used it to try and make SHLAK a unicorn. He trapped SHLAK in the corner and just kept stabbing. SHLAK came back with a fishhook but ended up eating a cross body when a Superplex failed. The pair traded German Suplexes and SHLAK drove Masada through a door with a spear. SHLAK broke off a bit of the wreckage and tried to fish hook Masada with it. He went for a DVD but it still wasn’t enough to keep him down. SHLAK tried to suffocate him with a plastic bag but Masada overpowered him and drove him out of the ring and into a pile of chairs. SHLAK was a bloody mess. Masada made that worse by opening a pack of skewers and stabbing them straight into the head of SHLAK. He retrieved a chair and punt kicked it into SHLAK’s face for the victory. He would not become the next name in SHLAK’s murder list. Instead, he made SHLAK a bloody, broken mess and I loved seeing it happen.

Matthew Justice defeated Jimmy Lloyd via Dudebuster

Much like the last match, this one had the chance to get crazy. Matthew Justice is a madman and Jimmy Lloyd loves to take all kinds of risks, especially around scissors. Putting the pair together seemed like a recipe for total fuckery. They instantly went for the plunder, lobbing all the chairs into the ring. The pair went full-on duel of the fates before Lloyd disarmed Justice and hit him with as many unprotected chair shots as humanly possible. Justice returned the favour, causing Lloyd to bail. Justice set up another door on the outside and kept raining down the chair shots. He missed with a top rope senton and ended up putting himself through the door. Lloyd rubbed salt in the wounds by throwing a couple more chairs at Justice. The pair brawled on the outside with Justice getting a fan involved by giving him a chair to hold as he threw Lloyd into it. The fought to the entranceway and Justice broke a bag of trash over Lloyd’s head. Lloyd returned the favour by breaking the bin on Justice. He trapped him in it and went to work with some more chair shots. Lloyd set up some chairs on the outside and had Justice laid out on them. He went to perform a dive with the bin but crashed and burned, breaking the bin and his body on the empty chairs. Justice went for the same thing without the chairs and succeeded, smashing the broken bin into Jimmy’s face. Justice got more doors for the plunder pile as Jimmy scrambled to find his bearings. Justice tried to go Coast to Coast with a chair but was reversed and driven through a door with a Piledriver. He tried to go for a Swanton Bomb but crashed and burned again giving Justice the chance to drive him through a door with a DVD. Justice finished off Lloyd with a Dudebuster onto the chairs. Well, this was chaos. Commentary claimed both wrestlers were getting fined for this match and I’d almost believe that. This got messy and mental fast. Justice is completely unhinged and I love it. This match must have been a bitch to clean up after.

Spyder Nate Webb defeated Ricky Starks via Soylent Green

Next up was the guy keeping Teenage Dirtbag alive, Spyder Nate Webb back in action after his unfortunate effort against Rickey Shane Page. This time he would have to deal with Ricky Starks, a rising star in the NWA. Both men made extravagant entrances and had a pose off before trading post-it notes with the crowd, one of which turned the whole crowd against him. After all that, the match began. The pair locked up with Starks having a clear advantage in strength and youth. The pair went for a Greco Roman lock standoff which ended in a stalemate. The pair traded kisses too between two exchanges. The mind games were on as the crowd willed the pair to kiss the ref too. Starks got sick of the theatrics and took Nate on a walk all the way around the ring with a new school. The pair traded strikes and Stark sent Webb flying with a Wrecking Ball dropkick. Webb was stuck in two chairs so Starks dragged him into the crowd and played Webb like a puppet. He continued the chair assault by vibrating a chair across the throat of Webb. Webb returned the favour by ramming Stark’s chair wrapped head into the ring post. Starks tried to flee, baiting Webb so he could be kicked down with a cart. Starks then went one further by driving Webb into a wall whilst riding the cart. Webb shook it off and drove Starks into a fire pole and hit a Suplex on the floor. The match returned to the ring with Webb failing a sunset flip, pulling down the trunks of Starks. He went for an ass to the face but only got ring canvas. We went for another ass attack but got a chair up the crack. Webb then tried to throw him into another chair but Starks jumped it and kicked it into Webb’s face. Starks set two more chairs up, grabbed some beers and initiated a bar fight. Starks threw a punch and Webb just socked him in the face with the can. When that wasn’t enough, he threw the chairs at Starks. His next attacked failed as Starks kicked him out of the chair sault. Both men were down but Starks found his feet first and hit a Tornado DDT and a huge Sit out Powerbomb. Webb kicked out and the pair fought over who was going to drop their opponent on the chair. Webb got the upper hand and hit the Soylent Green onto the chair, winning the match. This was an odd one for sure, not as smooth as other matches but had its own charm. Not the best match of the night by any stretch but enjoyable none the less.

Rickey Shane Page defeated Mance Warner via Chokebreaker

It was time for another GCW faithful to try to take on the usurper to the throne. This time Mance Warner was the guy to try and destroy Rickey Shane Page, even if the title wasn’t on the line. RSP wouldn’t even let Mance enjoy his entrance. In return, Mance didn’t wait for the announcements to be over before going for RS Pussy. He went straight for the eyes and beat him up around the ring. Even more chairs were introduced into the show as Mancer went for more punches and choked him out. He followed it up with a Tornado DDT off a chair. Mancer went for second gear but punked out by RSP and ate the Pain Thriller. RSP continued the assault with chair shots and a chair assisted scoop slam. He sat Mancer down and started chopping the soul out of him. Mancer stopped his momentum with an eye poke and hit a neckbreaker onto the chair. The doors came back, not the band the weapon, but Mancer took too long setting up, giving RSP a window and a chance to get a door of his own. RSP went for a second rope axe handle but ended up eating a headbutt. Mancer tried to capitalise but went for a ride through a door courtesy of a suplex toss. The favour was returned with a Spinebuster courtesy of Ol’ Mance. Mancer went for Second Gear again but Gregory Iron interfered. RSP took advantage and used a chair on Mance. He hit the Swanton for a two count. RSP set up another door and sent Mance through it with a Superplex. RSP grabbed a mic telling Mance to give up. He decried this being all GCW having and hit him with Second Gear. Mance tried to fight back but was dropped with a rolling elbow and a big boot. Mancer got some punches back but he was flattened with a Chokebreaker. Then two more, one going through some chairs. RSP once again won a match at the expense of Nick Gage and GCW. I love RSP so I cannot hate him but my god he is one hell of a villain. RSP and his goons attacked Mance after the match RSP brought out a glass pane and set it up but once again, Nick Gage came out to try and stop the assault and beat down RSP. He turned tail and left, leaving Gregory Iron to deal with Gage. Iron mounted some attempted punches but ended up Powerbombed through the glass. Mance left the ring trailing Iron with him.

Nick Gage defeated Allie Kat via Rear Naked Choke

Now it was time for the main event, Allie Kat was in her home town to bring a new meaning to MDK. It was Texas Street fight rules and she wanted Gage to pet her belly. The streamers flew and Gage made his introduction. Allie instantly told Gage what she wanted and motioned for belly pets. Gage gave her a fuck that shit and told her to fight. When she didn’t Gage brought the fight to her. He pummelled her with strikes and chairs. Gage set up more plunder and crafted the violent Feng sei. Allie Kat came back and dumped Gage back first over some chairs. She pummelled Gage in the corner and threw him into another for a Hip Attack. She set up a door in front of Gage and hit a Cannonball into it. Gage got fired up and started carving at Allie with a screwdriver. He dragged her right in front of the cameras and started stabbing again, prying at it with his fingers and teeth. It was like something from a snuff film. Gage took the fight into the crowd and attacked with a pizza cutter where the cameras couldn’t see. The fight made it back to the ring, where Allie Kat was given a breather as Gage argued with her mum. Allie tried to fight back but she was dropped with a DDT. Another glass pane surfaced and was set up. Allie cat escaped a Superplex attempt and powerbombed Gage through the glass. She opened a bag of Whataburger numbers and slammed Gage onto them. Yet more glass was brought in but she took too long setting up causing her to be hit by a barrage of suplexes and an Eastern Block Angel from Gage. He then gave Allie Kat what she wanted, a belly rub, only it was with a handful of broken glass. That fired up Allie who pulled a SHLAK with the plastic bag. Gage reversed it and locked in a rear-naked choke, making Allie go to sleep. I’m pretty sure I just witnessed a murder. He didn’t stop there either, he hit a piledriver onto Allie after the match.

So there, you have it, GCW’s Take a Picture reviewed for your reading pleasure. It was brutal, it was violent and it featured some kickass matches in-between the violence.  It had something for everyone. Like always, GCW put on a spectacle of outlaw shenanigans and violent fuckery mixed in with some fast-paced flippy bouts just for fun. Plus, now we’ve truly seen the evil side of Nick Gage as his hatred for RSP got the better of him and he murdered an innocent cat. It was a literal MDK and the crowd did not thoroughly enjoy the result.

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