Ever since he debuted as Husky Harris as a member of Nexus back in 2010, Windham Lawrence Rotunda has had a rocky road to the top. Perhaps his most important role before becoming ‘The Fiend’ was as leader of The Wyatt Family. As Bray Wyatt, he took it upon himself to haunt and unsettle various WWE Superstars such as John Cena and Randy Orton, but he never had the push he truly deserved. He did win the WWE Championship, but unfortunately only held it for a measly 49 days. Bray Wyatt went on to team with Matt Hardy, and even though they made a good team, he was still being held back, with his true potential only being made known last year.

The Firefly Fun House appeared through various vignettes that started last April, and the WWE Universe was set alight by the creativity of them, along with the vibrancy and enthusiasm Wyatt was showing. It was a slow burn, but worth the wait once the Fiend appeared in the Fun House, claiming he was here to “protect us.” For those that paid close attention to these vignettes, there were plenty of references to Wyatt’s past, including Huskus the Pig Boy (a nod to the Husky Harris persona), and Abby the Witch (his Sister Abigail finisher). It highlighted the creativity he was capable of, and kept the entire world hanging off his every word.

It wasn’t until July 2019 that he made his first full appearance as the Fiend by attacking Finn Bálor, going on to defeat him at Summerslam. He began appearing sporadically on RAW attacking legends like Jerry “The King” Lawler, Mick Foley, and Kane, and has since faced Seth Rollins, The Miz, and Daniel Bryan, defeating every single one of them. We all know how capable the Fiend is at fleshing out his character and giving us chilling vignettes, but how can he keep his momentum alive in 2020?

Reveal His Weakness

As fantastic as the Fiend is, being unbeatable is going to become boring in the end. With his match against Daniel Bryan at the Royal Rumble, it’s highly likely that he will retain the title, but what if he has a weakness – a kryptonite? Something could be found from his past that includes a mysterious family member or character from the Firefly Fun House who he haven’t seen yet. It could also be a wrestler who knows something about his ‘childhood,’ or has a secret that could destroy the character Bray Wyatt has helped build. WWE could go full-on supernatural like they’ve done with the Undertaker before, but whatever it is, it has to be something they’re willing to stick with, as breaking an unbeaten run for an indestructible villain is going to be a huge decision to make.

Give Him Liv Morgan

The return of Liv Morgan has been done horribly. There was so much potential for a great return for the former Riott Squad member, but instead WWE decided to dump her into the horrendous storyline including Bobby Lashley, Lana, and Rusev. Allowing the Fiend to ‘cleanse’ her and bring back her crazy side would give us the Liv we all deserve, and introducing her into the Firefly Fun House after a few weeks away would be a great call. She doesn’t need to team with him, but she could be a follower of his ways and even falling in love with The Fiend would be cool. The likelihood of this happening is slim as she’s already showing her feelings for Lana, but WWE has been known to completely disregard storylines, so bring Liv Morgan to The Fiend, and he shall take care of her.

Appear On NXT

We’ve seen some main roster WWE Superstars appear on NXT recently, and it’s helped them find themselves again. The Fiend doesn’t need to wrestle on the show, and in all honesty he’s making Smackdown well worth watching, but featuring on NXT would be a way to build his domination, as well as making the entire WWE Universe terrified of him. Imagine an in-ring promo with Undisputed Era, when the lights start to go off and that eerie music comes on. Then, the Fiend assaults every member and leaves them on the floor, writhing around in agony. It doesn’t need to kick-start a feud, but having him attack random members of the NXT roster both asserts his dominance and gives the NXT fans a surprise they certainly won’t be expecting.

Save Braun Strowman

Every wrestler the Fiend has fought so far has reverted back to a previous gimmick or persona. Finn Bálor returned to NXT, Daniel Bryan shaved his hair and beard off and scrapped the eco-warrior image, and the Miz turned heel and joined forces with John Morrison again. Braun Strowman has become lost in the WWE Universe, not being utilised correctly, and being put in pointless matches including his Crown Jewel match with Tyson Fury. The Fiend could save him and give him credibility once again. Strowman was once a member of the Wyatt Family, and they’ve worked together before. Turning Braun Strowman back into the destructive force he once was is the right way for the character to go, and giving him less time on the mic would be well worth it. Instead of delivering his “get these hands” line every show he’s on, just let his hands do the talking. It would also be a great match, with Braun Strowman posing a legitimate threat to the Fiend’s WWE Championship run.

Publicly Destroy Vince McMahon

The debate as to whether it’s time for HHH to take the reigns of WWE has been raging for years. Hunter’s work as head of NXT has proved time and time again how good he is at his job. RAW and Smackdown continue to struggle, and it feels as though Vince McMahon’s time is coming to an end. Whilst it may not happen this year, it’s going to happen eventually, but doing it in 2020 with the Fiend responsible for finally putting an end to Vince’s legacy would make for great television. Vignettes could be shown of Vince’s family being tortured by the Fiend, and showing up at his home and burning it down would be symbolic. He could publicly destroy Vince, with the owner being broken down in front of our eyes, leading us into a new era of WWE whilst at the same time providing some excellent viewing.

What ever happens, it would be a crime to waste the talents of the Fiend. It’s an exciting new era for WWE, with so many possibilities for the company heading into 2020. Bray Wyatt is one of the best characters in the company, and we can’t wait to see what exciting things that await the current WWE Champion this year.

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