It’s time to put the Opera Cup tournament to bed. This week’s episode would herald the end as we had an all New Hart Foundation final with Davey Boy Smith Jr taking on Brian Pillman Jr. Alongside that, we saw Savio Vega beat some respect into Gino Medina in an NYC Street fight and Myron Reed defend his questionably earned World Middleweight title against the Strong Heart’s El Lindaman. It was a packed show with a lot to off so let’s get into it, shall we?

Myron Reed (w/ Injustice) defeated El Lindaman via No Cash Splash

The show started with a member of a faction people love going against a champion from a faction people hate. It was Injustice vs Strong Hearts and El Lindaman had been given one hell of an opportunity following Injustice’s attacks and statements on Pillman Jr and the company. Straight away Reed paid for his disrespect but his chest protector saved him from a Lindaman chop. Since the chop didn’t work Lindaman went for a forearm and Flatliner instead. Lindaman avoided going for any rebound offence because Reed’s Injustice cronies were hanging about on the outside. Instead, he just kept kicking the life out of Reed. When he went for a Boston Crab, Injustice finally interfered and Reed got some shots in. Reed hit some slingshot offence but spent more time jaw jacking than actually fighting, only hitting Lindaman when he started coming to. Lindaman took matters into his own hands and threw himself over the ropes to take out Kotto Brazil and Jordan Oliver on the outside. Reed tried to follow him but just further injured his teammates. As Reed was trying to recover, Lindaman rushed him with a Somersault Plancha. Reed ducked a lariat in-ring but ended up thrown into the corner and pummelled with forearms and a kick to the head. It only got a two count though. Lindaman tried to hit a German Suplex multiple times but Reed either held onto the ropes or flipped out of it. On the third attempt, it finally connected but only got a two count. Reed rebounded with a Stundog Millionaire and a Clout Cutter into a Slam but also only held Lindaman down for two. He was then kicked out of a missile dropkick and planted with a Kumagoroshi from Lindaman. He then tried to finish Reed with a deadlift German but Reed reversed hit a leaping Ace Crusher and ended Lindaman with the No Cash Splash. Despite finding Injustice annoying as hell, this was a fun match to watch. I love the Strong Hearts and Lindaman gave Reed one hell of a beating.

After a Pillman interview, the cameras cut to King Mo who called out both the Opera Cup winner and Jacob Fatu. He wants gold and titles and isn’t afraid to say so.

Gino Medina (w/The Dynasty) defeated Savio Vega via Gamengiri

Before the match, we got to see Gino’s welcome into the Dynasty as part of the newest episode of the Lifestyles of the Rich and Dynastic. He received his own Dynasty business card and took part in the Dynasty promise. There were also mentions of Grogan but he still seems to be too busy helping the businesses of Holliday to wrestle.

Now onto the match, you know what you should never piss off Savio Vega because things will get ugly. This wasn’t about winning the match for Vega, he just wanted to administer some street justice for joining the Dynasty and beating down Konnan. Vega came to the ring armed with a kendo stick and the ring was lined with plunder. We instantly got to see Vega’s unique style of kendo attack as he peppered Gino with shots. Medina tried to run but Vega chased him down and kept wailing on him. He then got a lick in by ramming Vega into the ring post and using his kendo stick against him. Vega returned the favour by introducing Medina’s head to the ring post and kept on the attack with a trash can lid. Gino kicked Vega on the way back into the ring and started attacking him with a chair. He continued the assault with a trash can then traded chops and strikes, ended up on the mat after a palm strike from Vega. Vega then gave Medina a bell clap with a tray and a stop sign then dropped the sign to choke him with the tray. Gino freed himself and beat Savio’s head in with the tray and threw down some corner mounted punches. He then hit Vega with Snake Eyes and a running knee to the head but couldn’t keep Vega down. Medina then made the mistake of slapping Vega, who unleashed a flurry of strikes and levelled him with the stop sign.

Gino returned the favour and tried to choke Vega with the stop sign. Vega struck away from the sign and once again tried to choke out Gino on the floor flooring an arm wringer mid kick. Vega found his kendo stick and went back to work with it then doubled the pain by adding a hockey stick into the mix. He got carried away though, giving Medina the chance to throw him into the barricade and bring the hockey stick down on his back. Gino then wrapped a chair around the head of Vega and tossed him headfirst into the ring post. The pair traded strikes and reversals until Vega hit the Spinning Heel Kick. This brought out the Dynasty who mocked Vega’s posing and distracted him long enough for Medina to hit a low blow. He followed that up with a Gamengiri for the win. The Dynasty celebrated by terribly dancing to Medina’s music and posing in the ring. This was an excellent little street fight with plenty of weapon spots and a nice bit of story to end the match. I definitely preferred this to Vega fighting in a swamp.

Davey Boy Smith Jr defeated Brian Pillman Jr via Crossface

Now was the time for the main event. To put the Opera Cup in the hands of a winner. It was announced this would become an annual event going forward. It would be Brian Pillman Jr vs Davey Boy Smith Jr. Hart vs Hart for ownership of the trophy. Pillman was fighting injured and was outclassed by Smith in almost every way. He would have to rely on his tenacity to make it through here. The pair went through a feeling out process, trading technical holds and transitions. Pillman started out strong but Smith caught him and started grinding him down. The catch wrestling king had Pillman trapped and was almost always able to reverse him until Pillman picked up the speed. Pillman took the advantage by hitting a splash onto Smith on the outside. Smith didn’t stay down for long and booted Pillman to the canvas. The punishment continued on the floor as Smith drove Pillman into the railings and hitting some Low Ki level strikes. The striking continued back in the ring and Smith kept grinding Pillman down with a Chin lock. Pillman tried to come back with some chops but was headbutted back down.

Smith was being a gentleman though by not targeting the injured shoulder of Pillman, instead opting to destroy his other limbs instead. Smith locked in another Rear Chin Lock forcing Pillman into the ropes and then standing on his hands. Smith was merciless in his approach, stomping, slamming and smashing Pillman’s body. He missed the top rope leg drop giving Pillman a chance to strike with a Suplex. He followed up with a roll-up but only got a two. He reversed an Uppercut into another and kept trying for the roll-up win to no avail. The pair started trading even more pin attempts with Pillman breaking the cycle with a superkick and Kamigoye. He followed up with a springboard clothesline for a 2.9 count. Pillman hit Dire Promise but Smith kicked out leaving Pillman in shock. Pillman tried to hit it again but Smith reversed and dodged a leaping crossbody. Smith hit the Running Powerslam but much like Dire Promise, it only got a two count. Pillman told Smith to hit him with his best shot so he did, a leaping tombstone piledriver. He followed that with a diving headbutt but once again Pillman managed to kick out. Smith tried a Powerbomb, Pillman kicked out. So, in the end, instead of going for a pin, Smith locked in the Crossface and made Pillman tap. The donator of the cup regained his family heirloom through rigorous combat. He bested some of MLW’s finest and had to put down his own teammate but it was worth it to earn the same cup as his grandfather. The pair showed each other respect as Pillman clearly blew everyone away with his performance in the cup. Not to mention they just put on one hell of a beautiful classic style match.

So, there you have it, MLW Fusion Episode 93 reviewed for your reading pleasure. My god, this was a good episode. The Opera Cup finals delivered, Medina and Vega had an excellent street fight and Myron Reed proved that there is some smoke to the “Fiyahman.” That wraps up the Opera Cup tapings now. Next, we move onto Zero Hour and the barbed wire match between Mance Warner and Jimmy Havoc. That is what I cannot wait for. Once more though, let’s give it up for the Opera Cup winner, Davey Boy Smith Jr.


Images courtesy of MLW Twitter, wrestlebot5000 Twitter. Video courtesy of MLW YouTube 

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