This was the last episode of Powerrr before the Hard Times PPV this Friday. It was a longer episode than usual and while it was nice to have more Powerrr to watch, I did think there were a few negatives that were more than noticeable during this episode. 

The show started with David Marquez interviewing Robert Gibson. He didn’t say much of any importance but he tried his best to help hype up the main event.

Thunder Rosa defeated Tasha Steelz

While this was a relatively short match, from I saw from Steelz impressed me enough to want to see more. Yet again Rosa was flawless, for me, she is quickly becoming one of the best female wrestlers in the business. 

Nick Aldis let everyone know how he felt about Marty Scurll and the rest of Villain Enterprises coming to NWA. There is nothing but positives that can come from the relationship that has been forged between NWA and ROH. I’m really looking forward to seeing what goes down at the PPV when Flip Gordon faces Nick Aldis and then when The Villain Marty Scurll returns to the TV Studio. 

Joe Galli has the pleasure of interviewing Royce Isaacs who was with Mae Valentine. The main focus of the interview was the losing streak of Isaacs and Mae being the reason for that streak and also them not having sex yet. I have been overly impressed by Isaacs in the ring and now over the last couple of weeks, his promo skills have been on par. He is definitely the one to watch in 2020. 

NWA TV Tournament Qualifier: Trevor Murdoch defeated Thomas Latimer

A roll-up, a handful of trunks, and after Murdoch didn’t land a single blow, he was able to steal the win. 

Allysin Kay and Melina came face to face, it got so heated there was an  F-bomb dropped by Melina. Then it all got very confusing as Kay was told by Melina that she would be defending the title against Thunder Rosa at Hard Times, but first, she has to beat Marti Belle in no DQ match to get that match at Hard Times. So the champion has to win a match in order to defend the title and no one sees the problem with that? While it is something different, it didn’t make any sense to me. 

Allysin Kay defeated Marti Belle 

The Eddie Kingston & The Pope interview left me wondering when will The Pope the on Eddie and who will be in this faction The Pope was talking about? 

I can feel much safer walking the mean streets of Norfolk after watching and learning a lot from the Mongrovian Karate presentation. The only downside was that Ricky Starks had the nerve to wear a mask and pretend to be one of Question Mark’s students. He then viscously attacked both Shooter and Mark from behind. 

The last spot in the TV Title Tournament was up for grabs in what was basically a Rumble match with Pin Falls and Submissions added to ways of elimination along with being thrown over the rope and both feet touching the floor. 

NWA TV Title Tournament Last Chance Gauntlet Match Qualifier: Ken Anderson defeated Colt Cabana, Caleb Konley, CW Anderson, Jocephus, Dave Dawson & Sal Rinarou

After Ken Anderson rolled up Colt and with a handful of tights, got the pinfall to win the last spot in the TV Title tournament, he turned on Colt and viscously attacked him. While we all may have seen the turn coming I am surely not the only one that is thinking that this has the potential to be one of the best rivalries so far on Powerrr.  

There was another interview that was basically there to hype up the main event just a little bit more. This time the job fell to Eli Drake and James Storm with both doing a perfect job. 

NWA World Heavyweight Championship Nick Aldis defeated Ricky Morton

While it was obvious that Aldis would not be dropping the title on this show, there was always that little glimmer of doubt in the back of my mind that was saying “You Never Know, It Could Happen”. It was a decent match considering how old Morton is but then that just proves how good Aldis is. He could have a good match with anyone. My only problem with this was the finish. Apart from one match on this show, every other match finished with a roll-up. Now while I don’t mind seeing that finish every now and then it was ridiculous how many times it was used in a row on this card.
I loved how this episode ended. Marty sent a message to the World Heavyweight Champion.

I did enjoy this episode and I don’t think they could have done much more to get me excited and want to pay for the PPV Hard Times on Friday. The card is a draw on its own for me, then when you throw in the storylines they have built for this PPV then there is no way I will be missing this one.

All pics and videos courtesy of NWA

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