Big Swole defeated Diamanté
This was not a good advertisement for Women’s Wrestling. It was sloppy and went far too long.

I would expect someone who is called Big Swole to be bigger than most female wrestlers. However, she appears to be smaller than your average-sized female wrestler. If they are trying to push her then she should be beating these unknown/jobbers a lot quicker and in a more dominant fashion. 

Jurassic Express defeated #StrongHearts 
Luchasaurus is the one guy that looks like a SUPERSTAR in the Jurassic Express team, but then it baffles me when he is treated like a bit-part player.

The main focus in every match that the Jurassic Express has is the bland/boring Jungle Boy (no story or reason as to why he is called Jungle Boy) and Mini Marko Stunt.

Why people sell for Marko is confusing. But it’s not as confusing as to why these two indie jobbers get the spotlight over Luchasaurus. They should get beat down, then Luchasaurus gets the hot tag and destroys everyone.

While this may not have been the best six-man tag match it did get me thinking. There is an abundance of talented six-person teams in AEW so why not have the next championship belts be six-man tag team belts?  

There is no real point in watching this week’s episode of Dark. If you missed it you missed absolutely nothing. No stories, zero character development and two very average matches that are not worth wasting your time over. The only positive about this show was it lasted 29 minutes and Taz on commentary.

All pics and videos courtesy of AEW

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