The world of wrestling entertainment is arguably more stacked and competitive than ever before and one of the most underrated wrestling companies on the scene right now is, of course, IMPACT wrestling. With a diverse roster and historic booking decisions IMPACT has proven to be consistent, unique and ahead of the rest but in a time where AEW and WWE are competing for the top spot who are the big names, IMPACT must keep hold of in the following months? And what can the company expect to happen if any of these names move onto a different promotion? Sami Callihan One of the biggest names IMPACT wrestling has had apart of their roster in quite some time is of course, the controversial Sami Callihan. Former IMPACT wrestler of the year and two-time IMPACT match of the year winner along with a reign as World Champion Callihan is a true top dog in the wrestling scene today despite the controversy surrounding him. A man who is no stranger from the spotlight and a massively popular name in the industry right now Callihan is a very important talent over in IMPACT. Leader of oVe he provides a level of stardom and entertainment no other name on the roster does. Sami along with his oVe allies play a major role in the company taking part in some of the biggest storylines and matches in recent years. Callihan is a very popular talent and is sure to do amazingly well in other promotions especially AEW but losing Callihan would be incredibly detrimental to IMPACT. He’s the biggest, most relevant modern-day talent the company has.
Willie Mack Diverse talents don’t get much better than Willie Mack. Former Lucha Underground star, Mack is a man with a strong loyal fanbase and plenty to bring to the table. Despite his size, Mack is able to move around the ring like a cruiserweight and with the power behind him too he is a very special talent on the scene today. He may not currently be receiving the biggest push in the world over in the IMPACT zone, but the best truly is yet to come from Willie Mack. With that in mind, we are looking at a man who could very well go on to become a world champion it’s just about the right timing. A favourite to go on to become a major IMPACT breakout star of twenty twenty this is a man with character, charisma and wrestling ability and style like no other star on the roster today, he could so easily take part in incredible matches that put IMPACT on the map both for tag team competition and singles bouts.
RVD IMPACT wrestling really is pushing the boundaries within the industry today. Whether it be intergender competition to historic championship reigns to RVD and his… X Rated content the IMPACT zone is providing something very different from other wrestling promotions today. One of the biggest and controversial names right now is an all-time great in RVD. Whether it be borderline softcore porn or memorable one on one bouts RVD is a massively talked about talent fans cannot get enough of! What’s so great about Rob is the fact that so many of us grew up watching him years ago making him a true veteran in the industry today, however, despite his lengthy career and all we have seen from him over the years, in twenty-twenty we are seeing a completely new side of RVD, something totally fresh and again, controversial. He’s completely reinvented himself and IMPACT wrestling is the place where he is able to show that new side of himself and create something totally different. He’s a big-time veteran on the roster who is most certainly standing out from everyone else as a solid heel and it’s those factors that make him such an important talent on the roster right now.
Madison Rayne One of the longest-serving IMPACT star and the longest-serving Knockout on the roster today is, of course, Madison Rayne. The former champion is one of the most recognizable talents in the IMPACT Zone and while she isn’t always booked the best or used in the way she should be Rayne is no stranger to competing in important and standout matches working alongside the likes of Kiera Hogan, Tessa Blanchard, and Jordynne Grace more recently. Rayne has so much experience behind her and therefore plays a key role in putting over new talent/the talent of the future and that is exactly what we have seen from her over the past couple of years. There are still some amazing things to come from Madison and with the Knockouts division so strong today she has the chance to be apart of some great matches and storylines and there can be no denying how important her role as a popular veteran of the division is for IMPACT.
Joey Ryan Joey Ryan is a big-time name on the IMPACT roster today. He is still yet to have a moment in the spotlight to really showcase his wrestling abilities but in terms of character work, he is right up there! A very popular name amongst wrestling fans Joey Ryan is an entertaining talent that makes for a big-time addition to the IMPACT Zone. Sure to be in demand for other promotions due to his experience and popularity it makes for an interesting move to see him now apart of IMPACT wrestling. There is plenty the company can do with Joey in the coming months and his presence brings a sense of comedy and ludicrousness to the table no other star does today and IMPACT are very lucky indeed to have him under their wing. The North The IMPACT Wrestling tag team division arguably isn’t the strongest. There is a lack of depth to it that causes problems at times in creating unique angles for the division however, the North is the most legit team in the IMPACT Zone and losing them would be seriously damaging to the company. Excellent heels and incredible wrestlers the team of Ethan Page and Josh Alexander make for a strong team growing in popularity by the week. Over the past couple of years, the two have been apart of some amazing matchups and if the division grows over the next twelve months then we are sure to see why they are one of the best teams on the wrestling scene today and how seriously underrated they are. IMPACT cannot afford to lose The North for its clear their tag team division would suffer massively.
The IMPACT roster is full of amazing talent today but with the competition so high in the wrestling world today it’s so important that IMPACT are able to keep hold of the names above. All pictures IMPACT owned

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