While there were only two matches on this episode and a lot of highlights from Hard Times, however, there was still plenty on this show to get any wrestling fan excited. 

How can you not mark out a little when Sean Mooney appeared for the first time in NWA and interviewed Nick Aldis. 

Royce Issacs w/ Mae Valentine defeated Andre Guhn 

It didn’t take much for Issacs to come away with the victory but he did make it difficult for himself when he felt the need to argue with Sal Rinauro who was minding his own business on commentary. 

Kyle Davis interviewed the new NWA women’s champion Thunder Rosa who was accompanied by Marti Belle and Melina. However, it seemed it was Melina that again wanted the spotlight as she happily told everyone if it was not for her Rosa would not be champion. It is pretty obvious that Rosa and Melina will feud at some point. Rosa has really gotten over with the fans and she is more than ready for a face turn. 

David Marquez interviewed Ricky Starks who called out Zicky Dice and the two agreed to have a match. 

NWA WORLD TV CHAMPIONSHIP: Ricky Starks defeated Zicky Dice 

A very important first defence from Starks. I like all the added stipulations that come along with the TV Title. You only have six minutes and five seconds to win the title. If you can successfully defend the title seven times in a row, you automatically get a shot at the World Title. 

Joe Galli interviewed the new tag team champions Eli Drake and James Storm, they were interrupted by Aron Stevens and Question Mark. There was hilarious back and forth between all men which ended with a tag title match happening at some point in the future. Then out came Trevor Murdoch who informed Stevens that next week they would fight for the National Championship. 

Throughout the entire show, they very cleverly built the Private face to face sit down with Aldis and Scurll… I like how Aldis kept Scurll waiting that’s a true champ there, make them wait for the champ. The back and forth between the two helped inform anyone that didn’t already know the backstory of these two friends. In the end, Aldis agreed to let Marty have one more shot at the gold but not without an added stipulation. If Marty does not win he will have to refund every fan’s ticket, It’s a Money-Back Guarantee !! The whereabouts of this clash were also determined. It will take place at the 2020 Crockett Cup. The only problem is the venue for that event is yet to be determined. I know it won’t happen but it would be nice to see two of the best wrestlers to ever come from the U.K. fight for the NWA Championship in the U.K.  

All pictures and videos courtesy of NWA

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