Welcome back to MLW. This week we will see Myron Reed have to defend the title he unfairly gained against one of AAA’s best, Davey Boy Smith Jr take on Simon Gotch in a No Holds Barred match with no ropes and no pinfalls as the CONTRA/ New Hart Foundation war goes to new heights and to top it all off, MJF taking on Marshall von Erich in a match to avenge a long-held loss. I’m John Dinsdale and I’m going to take you through this night of action.

Davey Boy Smith Jr defeated Simon Gotch (w/Josef Samael) via Belly to Back KO

The first match was the no holds barred bout between Smith Jr and Gotch. It was going to get ugly as there were no rules to hold the pair back. It was knockout or tap out to win the match and nothing else. You could do what you wanted to your opponent. As expected, Gotch didn’t come alone. The pair started off by grappling and trading technical holds. Smith was going for his patented catch style of wrestling whilst Gotch tried to do everything to stop it. Smith got Gotch on the mat and hit some mounted forearms into the face. The pair started a slugfest, trading blows back and forth with Gotch kicking out the knee of Smith and aiming another at his head. He rained down some stomps and went for an armbar and ankle lock. Smith escaped and tried to go for a Cross Armbreaker but Samael interfered. Gotch went on the attack again going after the leg of Smith with some vicious kicks but Smith did the same right back. The pair traded blows again with Gotch locking in a kneebar. Smith powered out and hit a series of Belly to Back Suplexes earning him the KO victory. This was a very slow and methodical match but the technical viciousness on display was exceptionally fun to watch. I got serious Bloodsport vibes watching this.

Keeping up with the Dynasty

Following the CONTRA Unit crushing, we got the newest episode of The Lives of the Rich and Dynastic or as I’ve taken to calling it, Keeping up with the Dynasty. This time it was Hammerstone, Holliday and Medina sat in the back discussing Hammerstone’s time in Japan. He was talking about the sponsorship deals he’d acquired over there and had brought the guys Ramune sodas. He was talking about his 10,000-yen deal and teaching the guys how to drink them. The segment ended with Holliday agreeing they’d sell them to consumers and he’d have his lawyer/father draw up a contract. Gino is still learning the ways of the Dynasty but definitely looks the part.

That was followed by a recap of the finish to the barbed-wire match last week and a backstage interview with Mance after it. He is going to get the gold off of Alexander Hammerstone when he wipes the blood out of his face and enjoys some light beers. Plus, we got the first of a series of videos from Lawlor and Garrini travelling Dallas trying to be real cowboys instead of the Von Erichs.

Myron Reed (w/ Kotto Brazil & Jordan Oliver) defeated Drago via No Cap Splash

Next up Myron Reed would have to defend his Middleweight Title against one of Konnan’s best after Injustice got in the face of the legendary wrestler and promoter. He booked a match for Reed against Drago and as expected Reed didn’t come alone. Injustice pissed the crowd off by insulting Dallas and the rest of Texas before the match and got nothing but boos when they tried to start a chant. The crowd chanted for Drago and the match began. Drago made light work of Reed in the early going, kicking and splashing the “Fiyahman” of Injustice. Reed was saved by his chest protector and went to work on Drago, hitting an excellent ring out/ring in Lungblower. He kept going with a Dragon Sleeper and Springboard leg drop, bragging the whole time. Drago low bridged Reed, who was caught by the other Injustice members and launched himself into the group. The pair traded slugs with Drago nearly pinning Reed with two powerbombs. Oliver and Brazil had seen enough and tried to interfere but were taken out by Drago in brutal ways. He looked to set Reed on the top rope but was Low Blowed by Brazil as Oliver distracted the ref and hit with the No Cap Splash for the win. Injustice once again cheats to win and Reed continues to hold a belt he doesn’t deserve. Great little match though, for how much I may bash his faction, Reed is a great wrestler. We even saw some of the conspiracy Injustice preach as the ref originally stopped his count on Drago then relented and counted three.

We then learned about CONTRA’s Sentai Death Squad sending Air Wolf to the emergency room.

Marshall von Erich defeated MJF via Iron Claw

MJF started things right by running down Texas and the Von Erich Family. He made reference to the Von Erich family curse and let the crowd boo him. Filthy Tom Lawlor watched on from commentary. MJF was in this match because he was trying to avenge the loss of the MLW Tag Titles. The pair locked up in the world’s longest Collar and Elbow tie up before MJF feigned sportsmanship and kicked Marshall in the gut. Marshall came back and teased the Iron Claw, forcing MJF to bail. Marshall followed to the outside and battered MJF some more but chopped the ring post, damaging his hand. MJF trapped the fingers of Marshall in the turnbuckle lock and continued to work over the hand. Marshall took more abuse but was able to finally power out of MJF’s traps and dropped MJF with an overhead belly to belly. Marshall followed up with a cannonball and power slam for a two. MJF tricked Marshall into punching the turnbuckle and locked in a Fujiwara Armbar. Marshall kicked down a taunting MJF and got a two count with a Moonsault. Gino and Hammerstone tried to attack but Marshall kept them back and nearly got rolled up by MJF but the ref saw his feet were on the ropes. MJF argued whilst Marshall hulked up and flattened MJF with the Iron Claw, forcing MJF to tap out. Marshall fought off another Dynasty attack as the show ended. Another strong main event bolster by the commentary shenanigans of Tow Lawlor and MJF being his heelish best.

So, there you have it, MLW Fusion #95 reviewed for your reading pleasure. It was another solid episode with all three matches delivering from start to finish. The CONTRA war is only getting more violent as they’ve unleashed a new death squad in the wake of Gotch’s loss to Davey Boy Smith Jr and Brian Pillman Jr’s title shot next week. Injustice continues to infuriate everyone with their presence and Ol Mancer has teased a match with Hammerstone. AAA is going to continue invading and Fusion is only going to get better and better.


All images courtesy of MLW Twitter, Basil Mahmud, Video courtesy of MLW YouTube

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