Last week’s main event on ROH Wrestling was an incredible battle between Villain Enterprises and Mexisquad, and tonight’s show kicks off with a look back at how Bandido pinned Marty Scurll after an intense match featuring some incredible spots by both teams. Ian Riccaboni and Quinn McKay start off by hyping the main event featuring three of the tag team division’s best duos, as The Briscoes, Dan Maff & Jeff Cobb, and Lifeblood all going at it in a three-way tag team match. They also mention ROH Free Enterprise that is taking place on February 9, with Marty Scurll and ROH World Champion PCO taking on Rush and NWA World Champion Nick Aldis as the main event.

Joe Hendry & Dalton Castle defeated Master & Machine

Hendry and Castle haven’t exactly been on the same page as of late, but they certainly showed improvement against Master & Machine. They spent much of the early parts of the match keeping Marcus Cross grounded, with Joe Hendry using an arm lock, fireman’s carry, and a snapmare to wear him down. Cross managed to fight back, delivering a hurricanrana which allowed a brief break in the action for Hendry to show a nod of respect to his opponent. The two tagged in their partners, leading Dalton Castle and Griff Garrison to lock horns.

Castle used his collegiate wrestling background to control Garrison, but he managed to tag Cross back in, who tried to get the edge on Castle. Hendry and Castle continued to work well together, tagging in after wearing Cross down, but after a while, Garrison gets tagged in and used his strength to beat down both men. After delivering a double splash and a double spear, it looked as though Master & Machine had gained control, even delivering a Skywalker to Hendry, but he managed to kick out. Hendry caught Cross with a codebreaker, with Dalton hitting a bulldog to grab the win. It was a good match that helped to build Hendry and Castle as a tag team, as well as show off the talents of Master & Machine.

Following the match, a video package aired of Brian Johnson’s recent storyline, where he has been reluctantly tutored by PJ Black. I’m not sure where the storyline is going to go, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the laid back Black ends up laying out Johnson after getting tired of his petulant and self-righteous attitude, leading to a future match between the two.

The next segment of the show saw Quinn McKay head into the Lifeblood locker room, where Mark Haskins and Tracey Williams are preparing for their match. Haskins says he’s over the Bully Ray feud now, and that he “wants to be the man around here.” He ends the interview by proclaiming he’ll be the ROH World Champion in 2020. What was interesting about the interview was Williams’ subtle nods of agreement, and how he doesn’t seem entirely happy with being in Mark Haskins’ shadow.

Before the second match of the episode, Team IQ hype Free Enterprise once again, specifically the ROH debuts of Slex and Session Moth Martina. They follow this up with their excitement for Bound by Honor and Gateway to Honor.

Rhett Titus defeated Danhausen

Danhausen is one of those guys you even like or you don’t. He’s a weird dude, but there’s something endearing about him, even if he carries a jar of teeth to the ring. Rhett Titus managed to control Danhausen for most of the match, with plenty of stoppages to showcase the bizarre personality of Danhausen. When the action did happen, both guys got in some good spots, including a well-executed German suplex by Danhausen, but the match ended with a dropkick by Titus. Yeah, a dropkick. It wasn’t the most exciting of matches, but it did enough to fill the time before the excellent main event.

A graphic popped up after the match to announce that La Faccion Ingobernable would face Marty Scurll, PCO, and Brody King next week. This should be a war for the ages, as six of Ring of Honor’s best competitors are set to face off.

The Briscoes defeated Jeff Cobb & Dan Maff, and Lifeblood (Mark Haskins & Tracy Williams)

Much of the beginning of the match saw Jeff Cobb isolated by both The Briscoes and Lifeblood, however, tension started to build between the teams which led to Haskins going at it with Mark Briscoe. Whilst the two were distracted, Jeff Cobb landed a double clothesline which led to a tag. Dan Maff is a dangerous and powerful individual, and he showed it tonight. He landed a catastrophic standing senton on Mark Haskins, and also dived to the outside taking out most of the competition.

The Briscoes looked as though they were going to get the win after dropping Williams with the Redneck Boogie, but he managed to kick out. Williams locked in a savage STF on Mark Briscoe, but Jay managed to powerbomb Haskins on top of them to break it up. With Maff and Cobb outside the ring, Jay delivered the Jay Driver on Tracy Williams followed by a three-count to pick up the win. After missing out on a number one contender shot for the ROH Tag Team Titles, it’s good to see The Briscoes are still the focal point of the tag team division.

With so many great tag teams in ROH at the moment, these kinds of matches are always going to provide a lot of entertainment, and tonight’s main event proved that. As for the rest of the show, it wasn’t as strong as last week’s, but the ever-growing chemistry between Joe Hendry and Dalton Castle continues to remain interesting, and anytime we get to see Jeff Cobb in action is a blessing.

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