While I am a fan of NWA Powerrr, I am not like other fans who put everything over even if they know it’s abysmal. The new opening theme music is generic and sucks. What was wrong with “Into The Fire”?

After the disappointment of the opening theme tune, this episode began with the worst segment I have seen in pro-wrestling. It started with a simple Tim Storm interview that was interrupted by Thomas Latimer for no real reason. Then it got ridiculous as a guy dressed as an old lady was introduced as Momma Storm. You could tell Tim Storm was not thrilled about this whole thing and did his best to end this horrific scene. Whoever came up with this idea needs to be taken out back and put out of their misery.

Matt Cross defeated Caleb Konley 

This was a very fast past enjoyable opening match and it was nice to see Matt Cross again on NWA. I was hoping after his appearance at the last PPV that we would see more from him. I enjoyed his work in Lucha Underground and what I have seen from him on the indies. I always felt he should be signed to a major promotion so I’m glad he is getting an opportunity with NWA.

So Nick Aldis let everyone know that he is still waiting for a response from Marty Scurll evolving the challenge Nick issued to Marty last week. The two will come face to face at Ring Of Honor’s Free Enterprise PPV in a tag match that sees Scurll and PCO take on Nick Aldis and Rush. This relationship that is blossoming between ROH and NWA will definitely be profitable for everyone involved. Both companies have performers on both rosters that I would like to see in either company. For instance who would not want to see The Briscoes turn up on Powerrr? Or Thunder Rosa challenge for the WOH title?

I think The Pope is a much better fit with The Dawsons than he ever was with Kingston and Homicide. When Pope let us know why he had chosen to join forces with The Dawsons he had a bit of a cheap pop at Homicide. This angered Kingston who interrupted the interview and cut one hell of a promo. Probably the best I have seen so far this year and it will take something extraordinary to beat it. While Homicide was not there, Kingston did have some backup in the shape of The Bouncers. The one thing I am really interested in is seeing The Pope back in the ring. While he is gold as a mouthpiece I still would love to see if he has still got it.

While the majority of the new Mae Valentine Vlog segment sucked, for me it was made half-decent by the comedic brilliance of Royce Issacs. I also think the jealous boyfriend story is a good angle for them both and they can do a lot of very creative things with it.

NWA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP: Trevor Murdoch vs Aron Stevens (c) ended in a time limit draw

This was a good match that told a story and made you want to see Stevens lose the belt even more than before. I think we will see these two do battle again in the very near future, however, no hope Stevens retains he is far more of an entertaining champion than some like Murdoch ever could be.

Eli Drake & James Storm defeated Jocephus & Mims

The tag champs were in action in a filler squash match. No point to it and nothing really to talk about except the match probably went a bit longer than it needed to.

NWA WOMEN’S WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP: Thunder Rosa (c) defeated Allysin Kay

The rematch was nowhere near as good as the previous encounter between these two ladies. It probably had something to do with the pointless interference. I get they are going to start a feud between involving Melina, Marti Belle and Thunder Rosa.


But when Marti attempted to interfere it absolutely killed any momentum this match had built and it had zero effect on the outcome. It was a real shame considering how amazing the first match was and it could have been better had they not tried to get some many others pointlessly involved.

All pics and videos courtesy of NWA

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