As explored in a previous article, Kagetsu has announced her final retirement date on the 24th of February at the Edion Arena, in her final match with her mentor Meiko Satomura. Having had her final STARDOM match earlier this year, she has been working her way through the indie scene paying back to the promoters who got her started. As she related in a recent interview with Baseball Magazine, she couldn’t envision ending her career with anyone else but her mentor and Sendai Girls President and trainer Meiko Satomura. 

Since she left STARDOM her departure has been a point of controversy, with the Wrestling Observer suggesting that she had an unpleasant reputation in the STARDOM locker room. During her Baseball interview, she did expand on that commentary, mentioning that she would like to get away from some of the more “toxic” experiences she has had. She followed that up with matches for the YMZ Group and booking her final self promoted card. 

Prior to her final match, she will face Chihiro Hashimoto.

This will be her first time wrestling a Sendai Girl since her surprise return in 2018, teaming with her own protege Hazuki against DASH Chisako and Chihiro Hashimoto at Korukean Hall. 

Kagetsu will be sadly missed from a Joshi scene she has been a key architect in building over the last decade, whether as a Sendai Girl, a freelancer or a STARDOM Champion. 

Pics courtesy of Stardom

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