This is it, it’s time for the big one. Months and months of spiteful actions, beatdowns and gang antics have led to the ultimate battle for GCW’s soul. Rickey Shane Page, a usurper to the crown of GCW was going to finally battle his greatest rival, Nick Gage. That momentous match was backed up with the GCW return of Joey Janela against Jordan Oliver, Effy taking on Tony Deppen, Chris Dickinson taking on Jimmy Lloyd, the US return of Takashi Sasaki, Allie Kat vs Mance Warner and much much more. it was going to be a big, brutal, bloody show of epic proportions. Let’s get into it.

Scramblefuck: Blake Christian defeated KTB, Treehouse Lee, JJ Garrett, Jonathan Wolf & Cole Radrick via Handspring DDT

It wouldn’t be GCW without a Scramblefuck match. This opened the show after a moment of silence for Justice Pain. This time it would be 2 GCW regulars in Blake and KTB against a slew of lesser-known and hungry talents. The first pairing was Wolf and Lee as their styles clashed. Wolf would try to smash Lee whilst Lee would flip and flop about. From there, every other guy entered, bet someone down and was kicked out until only KTB and Blake remained. Radrick ruined Blake’s dive and went for his own brand of flippy shit. He hit a dive of his own then Treehouse Lee hit one for good measure. Garrett completed the trifecta then got into it with Blake and KTB. Blake escaped a Doomsday Device and pulled off a Moonsault whilst standing on KTB. He was caught out of a second by Wolf then everyone was destroyed by a huge Moonsault from KTB. The match kept going back and forth with flips and fighting with Wolf, Cole, and Garrett all showing special striking and flipping shit. Treehouse Lee had his time to shine and KTB mauled most of the guys here. Blake Christian ended the match by hitting a Hidden Blade on Garrett and finishing with a Handspring DDT. This was a shit ton of fun to watch with all guys giving it their all. Now, we eagerly await Blake Christian getting Will Ospreay at Spring Break.

Chris Dickinson defeated Jimmy Lloyd via Deathlock  

Next up was Jimmy Lloyd trying to prove he was more than a deathmatch wrestler against one of the best indie stars out there, Chris Dickinson. Lloyd would have his work cut out for him dealing with the Dirty Daddy and his wrestling acumen. The pair started fast and hard with chops and kicks. Lloyd bailed but Dickinson didn’t follow, instead signalling for him to get back in the ring. They fought over waist locks then Dickinson started going after the knee with a Dragon Screw. The Figure Four came next but Lloyd got to the ropes. Dickinson kept going for the knee and stomped down a mudhole in the corner. Dickinson continued the punishment with more chops and knee targeted attacks in the ropes. Lloyd got a second wind and started a forearm slugfest and fought to drop Dickinson with a Backdrop Suplex. Lloyd tried to go for a 619 but got Dragon Screwed in the ropes. He managed to hit a springboard move and followed up with a Half and Half on Dickinson. They fought on the top rope where Dickinson dropkicked Lloyd into the corner and took him over with a German Suplex. He followed up with a lethal lariat but it wasn’t enough. Lloyd reversed a Powerbomb into a Dudebuster but this too wasn’t enough. The pair traded some more with Dickinson dropping Lloyd with another Dragon Screw and a Shining Wizard. He followed up with a Deathlock and made Lloyd tap. This was a nice showcase for Lloyd’s wrestling skill but it was a pretty dominant performance from Dickinson. What a blast.

Effy vs Tony Deppen via Roll-Up

Following that was Daddy vs Deppen. This was going to be an interesting contest as Effy brings out the best in his opponents whilst Deppen is considered one of the best in the business. Deppen proclaimed to Effy that he wanted none of the gay shit, he just wanted to wrestle. This was a great indicator that Effy was going to wind up Deppen. He locked up Effy early on, outshining him with technical ability. The pair started to trade with Effy showing off his technical style too. The pair did some rope running with Effy stopping to tease Deppen multiple times. Effy baited in Deppen and unleashed a series of chops and forearms with an added arm drag and Big boot. Deppen came back with a low blow that sent Effy into the crowd and followed with a tope cannonball. Deppen kept on the beatdown which pissed off Effy. He launched a series of strikes but Deppen locked Effy in a gruelling hold. Deppen hit Effy with a hip attack which fired up Effy into masochism mode. He started willing on Deppen to hit him and signalling for a spank. Deppen complied completing the Hulk up and Effy unleashed a series of chops, a step-up splash and a top rope cannonball senton. Deppen survived another big boot and a head drop to come back with more strikes to Effy but was surprised by a pop-up leg drop from Effy. Deppen rebounded, fought on the top rope with a double stop and clotheslined Effy onto the ring apron. That was followed up by a springboard codebreaker for two. They both kicked each other down and started a slugfest with slaps. Effy went for a Powerbomb but Deppen reversed into a double stomp. He followed up with knees, a cheeky Nandos and a Hershey Destroyer. He snot rocketed Effy but got caught into a series of roll-ups. Deppen escaped with a double stomp and tried to hit a top rope destroyer but was hit with a top rope cutter and nearly tapped but was able to roll-up Effy for the win. What an intense match from two great grapplers.

Joey Janela defeated Jordan Oliver via Superkick

Next up was the battle to break the internet. Joey Janela has returned to GCW and his first opponent would be the cockiest of upstarts, Jordan Oliver. He broke Jim Cornette with his match with Blake Christian, who knew what he could get up to with Janela. Jordan instantly bailed, making Janela wait to fight. The pair locked up but Oliver kept escaping and running away. The crowd let him know what they thought but he seemed unphased by this. The pair ran the ropes, trading some strikes then fought into the crowd. The pair traded chops amongst the crowd and in-ring. Oliver and Janela kept knocking each other down with Janela taking Oliver off the top rope with a Superplex. Janela kept smashing in Oliver but was reversed on an Irish Whip and driven into the second turnbuckle. From here, Oliver stomped down Janela but got cocky and Janela choked him out. The fight went outside and Janela suplexed Oliver across the fan’s seats. He threw some chairs at Oliver but missed the lariat in the ring. Oliver capitalized and nearly KO’ed Oliver with a kick. Oliver locked in a crossface on Janela but Janela made the ropes. Janela hit a DVD into the corner and followed up with a German Suplex but Oliver retorted with a kick and a botched Poisonrana. Janela hit back with a Suplex and lariat but Oliver on his back. Oliver hit back again but only got a two count on Janela. The chops came back with both guy’s chests looking like minced meat at this point. Oliver disrespectfully hit some punches in the corner with his crotch in Janela’s face so Janela answered the disrespect with a Powerbomb. Janela went under the ring and set up a door but Oliver tried to put him through it as he was boasting with a dive. It didn’t quite work so both men spilled to the floor. Janela dragged Oliver in and started slapping him down but Oliver reversed into a Destroyer and Spanish fly. Janela came back with a Package Piledriver but it wasn’t enough. Janela missed with a Moonsault but was able to kick out of the Clout Cutter. Oliver set up more doors in the corner and tried to put Janela through them but Janela reversed with a Michinoku driver through the top door. Oliver kicked out, spat and swore at Janela then had the taste kicked out of his mouth. Janela won but Oliver gave him way more of a challenge than any of us were expecting. This wasn’t the cleanest match but was damn enjoyable to see Janela in a GCW ring again, especially with a rising star like Jordan Oliver.

Young Dumb and Broke came to tend to Oliver and Janela delivered a promo on himself and his latest journey and complimenting Oliver. He offered Oliver Ospreay at Spring Break if he could send YDNB packing, instead they all jumped Janela. Marko Stunt and Jungle Boy appeared to save Janela. The outlaws are back. The Jurassic Express is going to fight YDNB at Spring Break.

Takashi Sasaki defeated Alex Colon via Light Tube Cage Kick

How do you celebrate the US return of Takashi Sasaki? You give him one of your best deathmatch wrestlers in a ring full of light tubes and let him go to war. That’s what we got here following the FREEDOMS/GCW/BJW co-op tour in Japan. Sasaki was here to represent his company on US soil. It was time for the first fuckery match. The pair started with a tense dragging match towards the two Empire State Light tube towers before Sasaki brought Colon down and tried to kick a light tube into him. Colon dodged and ran through the tube before planting Sasaki. The fight went into the crowd with Colon digging glass into Sasaki’s head. Colon kept digging away and dived into a chair-bound Sasaki. He trapped a tube behind Sasaki’s arms and pushed him into a ring post. Back in-ring, more tubes were broken and more glass was dragged across Sasaki. The FREEDOMS founder fought to his feet and threw Sasaki through one of the light tube towers. Sasaki kept going by kicking tubes into Colon and digging glass into Colon’s head. Colon raked the eyes and tried to attack with a light tube bundle but Sasaki faked him out and kicked him into a corner, breaking the tubes into Colon’s chest. Sasaki kept smashing tubes into Colon and tried to hit a butterfly facebuster onto a bundle but Colon escaped, threw the bundle to Sasaki and hit double knees through the bundle. Sasaki bailed to the outside but Colon followed, diving with a tube. Colon went top rope but Sasaki brought him down with a Superplex. A slugfest followed and Sasaki hit Angels Wings onto a light tube bundle. More tubes were broken and pinfall attempts made but neither guy would stay down. Colon was put in the tree of woe so Sasaki kicked the other light tube tower into him and followed up with a Powerslam but only got two. To end it, Sasaki put Colon in a handmade cage of light tubes and hula hoops and kicked the glass into Colon. Sasaki won in his US return, setting up another potential dynamic for the FREEDOMS show in April. What a spectacle of blood and broken glass. It was exceptionally fun.

Matthew Justice defeated Matt Tremont via Super Splash

Following intermission, we got a battle of the big guys. Matthew Justice was going to go one on one with one of the legends of deathmatches, Matt Tremont. It started with a slugfest and spilled outside with Tremont spiking Justice into the fan’s chairs. The pair kept slugging away with Tremont slamming Justice on the floor. Justice tried to fan signal so Tremont smashed him in the face. They had a bar fight on some crowd seats and Justice hit a cannonball to the floor. Tremont had his head dug into with a bit of swept up light tube and got thrown to the floor with a dive. The chairs came out. Justice hit Tremont with some chair shot and then dug a fork into Tremont’s injured arm. Tremont tried to fight back but he got hit with a fork handle from the top rope. Justice went to work with a chair and continued the assault on the injured arm. He stabbed the fork into Tremont’s head but the big guy pulled it back out and started stabbing Justice with it. He caved a chair over Justice’s skull but this just pushed Justice into the ropes, who then rebounded with a spear. Justice grabbed a door and wrote SG on it with Tremont’s blood. He took too long though and Tremont put him through the door with a DVD. Justice shook it off, brayed Tremont with the broken door then went coast to coast into the door and Tremont on the ring apron. He hit a splash but Tremont kicked out at one so Justice started stabbing at the head of Tremont again, planted him headfirst with a DDT and won with a second splash. Justice just got a massive win over a deathmatch legend. That has to be a huge boon. The pair traded respect and Justice left the ring to Tremont. What a brutal beating of CTE inducing proportions. You gotta love it.

SHLAK defeated Danny Havoc via Fire Thunder Piledriver

Originally set to be SHLAK vs Masashi Takeda, this match has become SHLAK vs Danny Havoc. This was the big US return of Danny Havoc following his string of matches in Japan. The ring was full of fuckery so the blood was going to spill. The pair threw some slugs then SHLAK whipped Havoc chest first into a light tube tower. SHLAK broke more tubes over Havoc with a headbutt but Havoc came back by breaking a water cooler bottle over SHLAK’s head. Havoc added a glass pain to a tower of fuckery and set SHLAK up for a ride but the action returned to the ring instead. Havoc tried to go for a light tube assisted Dragon Suplex but since SHLAK was fighting went for a faceplant instead. Havoc tried to set up for a Moonsault but SHLAK intercepted and pushed him onto more light tubes. SHLAK put Havoc in the tree of woe and smashed light tubes into him with a sliding D. The pair traded Suplexes and Havoc nearly killed SHLAK by suplexing him off the apron through the tower of fuckery, though broke himself in the process. SHLAK somehow got to his feet first and started throwing chairs. We got duelling light tubes before SHLAK upped the ante with a barbed wire bundle broken over the head of Havoc. The pair traded more going for roll-ups and submissions and Havoc flattening SHLAK with a leaping lariat. He smashed some more tubes into SHLAK and put a barbed-wire door onto SHLAK then broke it with a twisting senton. SHLAK returned fire with a Spear into the barbed wire. Havoc planted SHLAK with a DVD but it still wasn’t enough. He missed a Moonsault so SHLAK hit a Piledriver through tubes for a two. He ended it with another through another bundle and gusset plates. SHLAK has brutally beaten another deathmatch legend. This was ugly, vicious and undoubtedly awesome. As commentary said, that was a deathmatch dream match made better by Markus Crane making an appearance to hug both guys. He’s looking good after the scare he had.

Allie Kat defeated Mance Warner via Roll Up

GCW prides itself on being a proving ground. Mance Warner wanted Allie Kat to prove she could be an outlaw and hang with the GCW big boys. To do that, she would have to fight him in a match that would no doubt leave some scars. Mance started by taking a drink, spitting it in Allie’s face and breaking the bottle off her head. He tore the GCW shirt off of her and threw her out of the ring. Mance battered her around ringside but ended up chopping a ring post. She reversed a whip and threw Mance into the crowd. He threw a chair back and threw her into a crowd and accidentally knocked a fan’s drink out of her hand. They fought in the crowd with Allie pounding the hell out of Mance. The match returned to the ring where Mance took to the mic to insult Allie as he beat her down. He called for weapons and they were brought to him. Mance set Allie up for a bomb, ripped out her underwear (yep that happened) and fell to a Low Blow. Allie kept on the pressure by stapling said underwear to Mance’s tongue. She put Mance’s head in a bucket and smashed it with a chair. She hit a cannonball into the corner on a trapped Mance for two. Allie drove skewers into Mance’s head but got headbutted. He fell to the mat but then low-blowed Allie with skewers. Allie rebounded and dropped Mance with a Piledriver. Mance threw another chair but got another chair shot to the head from Allie. She set up a door and put Mance face-first through it. Mance came back by poking the eyes and hitting a neck breaker onto a chair. He started stapling Allie and hammering at her head. They traded headbutts and ended up having a door piece duel that Allie won. Mance didn’t stay down though and hit Allie with the larger bit of broken door. He speared Allie through the door part and went second gear but Allie rolled him up. This was a side of Mance I had never seen, a vulgar hateful man with a point to prove. Allie proved him wrong and as such is now in the GCW family. The pair shared a light beer to end another awesome match.

Rickey Shane Page (w/his bitches) defeated Nick Gage (w/Dewy) via ChokeBreaker

Last but not least, the main event. The ultimate battle for GCW. Rickey Shane Page and the 44. OH, taking on MDK Gang leader Nick Gage. The ring was full of glass for the ultimate deathmatch. It was going to be personal, bitter and violent beyond all measure. Rickey instantly bailed taunting Gage and the crowd. The third time, Gage had enough and gave chase being held off by 44.OH. The ref sent them packing to the cheers of the crowd. With the bitches gone, the fight began proper and Gage threw hands and RSP into the light tubes tied to the ropes. He continued punishing RSP on the floor, using fan chairs as a weapon. He smashed cans and drinks over RSP as they continued to fight through the sea of humanity. RSP finally got an attack in with an AA and locked in a chin lock. He continued to bully Gage with technical wrestling then smashed a tube over his head. He broke more tubes over Gage and dug glass into the head. He made Gage eat glass and slammed him around the ring. Gage escaped another slam and drove RSP into the ring post. The fighting continued on the floor with Gage breaking a bundle on RSP’s back. Gage followed up with a corkscrew Elbow drop through Page, a glass pane, a tower of tubes and a table (aka ultimate fuckery.) That only got two. The pizza cutter came out but 44. OH (aka the bitches) came out and attacked Gage. They set up a glass pane and Shield bombed Gage through it. The GCW faithful came out to get rid of 44. OH and sent them packing.  Gage broke a bundle of RSP’s head but was caught into a Rear Naked Choke. G-Raver made the save but received a light tube to the head for his trouble. Gage attacked RSP in the corner but took out the ref. He continued with a DDT and kicked a bundle into RSP’s head.

RSP Suplex-tossed Gage onto some chairs and set up another glass pane. He tried to go top rope but Gage stalled him with a light tube to the head. He superplexed RSP through the glass pane but there was no ref meaning it was a two count. Gage chokebreakered the ref and got chokebreakered by RSP. When that only got a two, RSP bitchslapped Dewy and the second ref. RSP dragged out a light tube contraption and broke more tubes onto the back of Gage. There was another fight on the top rope with Gage winning and hitting a top rope Pain Thriller through the tubes for a two count. Brett Lauderdale took over as ref but he couldn’t stop 44. OH returning. G-Raver and Eric Ryan made it to the ring but Ryan turned on Gage and started stabbing a downed Gage with a fork. Raver was shocked and tried to fight back but it was 5 on 1 so RSP totalled him. They set up a final pair of glass panes that RSP put Gage through with a super slam. Brett wouldn’t count the three so he was attacked too. RSP hit a final Chokebreaker on the tubes and won the match. The crowd threw whatever they could at the 44. OH. This was an amazing match with a sad result.

So, there you have it, Run Rickey Run reviewed for your reading pleasure. What a fucking show. It’s February and GCW may have just put on the show of the year. From start to finish it was a packed show of twists, turns, shocks, and variety. It delivered a pay-off to one of the most hotly contested feuds in wrestling, gave us one hell of betrayal and set RSP up as the ultimate villain. It was heart-breaking to see but that doesn’t stop the fact that the main event was amazing and there was a slew of amazing matches throughout. This is a show to be seen.  It was bloody, violent and packed. It was GC fucking W.

All images courtesy of GCW Twitter, Evan Germano Twitter, Jude Kilgour, S.Brown, ThatRoseTattoo, Orlando Death Squad, Kayden, HeyyImRob

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