It’s time for a very different type of MLW episode. This time the Dynasty is behind the producing wheel and they had made themselves the focus of the whole episode. It was a mix of Dynasty vs AAA warfare and the big Tag title rematch against the Von Erichs to fill out the show. There was sure to be shocks, surprises and plenty of rarefied air. Let’s get into the dynastic action.

Gino Medina defeated Septimo Dragon (w/Konnan) via Dirty Roll-Up

The first match was the continuation of AAA’s vengeance against Gino Medina. The newest member of the Dynasty scorned and beat down Konnan during negotiations and now the whole of AAA was after him. He had beaten Savio Vega, now he had to beat Septimo Dragon. It started fast with Septimo going straight for Medina with a Moonsault to the outside followed by a suicide dive. The pair ran the ropes with a fast and furious exchange of counters that left Medina seemingly impressed. He feigned a handshake but Septimo ignored it and sent Medina outside with a Hurricanrana. Back in-ring, he was able to take down Medina with a headstand head scissor but Medina reversed out of a follow-up, slamming Dragon into the mat. Medina started his own beatdown with chops, stomps to the hands and wear down submissions. Dragon tried to fight back but was put back down with a rebound Enzuigiri. Figuring he had Dragon out, Medina went and taunted Konnan but was caught from behind with a step up Asai Moonsault from Dragon. He kicked Medina in the face and threw him back into the ring. He avoided being thrown out of the ring and rebounded off the ropes into a Spanish Fly. That got two so the fight continued. Dragon avoided being caught in a fireman’s carry and re-entered the ring with a vicious Tornado DDT. Medina kicked out so Dragon went for a top rope double stomp. This missed and Medina was able to hit Snake Eyes and the pair traded roll-ups. Medina put his feet on the ropes and won. He stole a win from Konnan and put on a rather entertaining match with Septimo Dragon. It was a nice blend of Lucha and striking. Richard Holliday had been on commentary and joined Medina beat down Septimo Dragon after the match. Medina unmasked Dragon but Konnan chased the pair away before they could do any more damage.  Score: 1-0 Dynasty.

National Openweight Title: Alexander Hammerstone defeated Aerostar via roll-up

Following Gino’s victory, Hammerstone would have to defend his title against one of the brightest Luchadores in AAA. Aerostar had been given one hell of a challenge here but if he could win, then he would steal the thunder from the Dynasty. Konnan was on commentary talking about AAA crossing over with MLW and Aerostar’s big win over Monster Clown. The match started with Hammerstone trying to overpower Aerostar but failed to keep up with the speed of him. Aerostar dropped Hammerstone with a missile dropkick and a springboard plank attack. Aerostar avoided being thrown out and low bridged a charging Hammerstone to the floor. We got a commercial break where Hammerstone had hit a Powerbomb on the ring apron and taken control of the match. He followed that up with the Spinal Countdown, hoisting Aerostar in the air like he was weightless. Aerostar rebound by avoiding a corner attack and kicked Hammerstone in the face, stunning him. He followed up with a Tornillo but only got a two count. He tried to muscle Hammerstone back up but was cut off with a forearm. Hammerstone signalled for the end but Aerostar reversed the Nightmare Pendulum into an inside cradle. Hammerstone kicked out so Aerostar hit him with a rolling Ace Crusher. Hammerstone kicked out again so Aerostar went to the top rope. Hammerstone knocked the ropes and crotched Aerostar. Hammerstone laid in some punches then brought Aerostar down with a Superplex. He covered Aerostar with a lackadaisical pin only earning a two count. Aerostar tried to get to his feet but was put straight back down with a Bicycle Kick and German Suplex. Hammerstone went for a Powerbomb but it was reversed by Aerostar into an accidental destroyer for two. Aerostar limped to his feet but was unmasked by Hammerstone who quickly rolled him up for the win. The Dynasty stole a second win from Konnan and AAA. Konnan was furious and stormed to the ring. Hammerstone celebrated with his title and Aerostar’s mask. Again, another great match with a nice mix of styles. I love seeing Hammerstone in action and opponents like Aerostar bring the best out of him. Score 2-0 Dynasty.

Lawlor does Dallas came next with Tom Lawlor and Dominic Garrini taking the piss out of the Sportitorium. He sarcastically wished the Von Erichs luck purely because he wanted Team Filthy to dethrone them instead of the Dynasty. Alongside this, Jacob Fatu announced his international tour of destruction and challenged CIMA to a title match. That happens on MLW Fusion 100.

The Von Erichs (Ross & Marshall) defeated The Dynasty (MJF & Richard Holliday) via Clawplex

Last was the main event. The Dynasty made their tag title rematch as one-sided as possible to give the Von Erichs their toughest challenge yet. Grogan had been bribed with beer by Mance Warner so he was out of the picture but Medina and Hammerstone could have been waiting in the wings. They sneak attacked the Von Erichs as they made their entrance with MJF choking them out with his scarf. They kept attacking outside with Marshall going back first on the apron and MJF shouting at a fan. They threw Ross in the ring and started stomping away. The two-man beatdown continued as both MJF and Holliday took turns smacking about Ross. This continued as Marshall accidentally distracted the ref. Holliday kept Ross grounded and started to lock him up. He tagged in MJF who went slap happy on Ross. Ross clubbed MJF down but Holliday prevented the tag by pulling down Marshall. The Dynasty kept on the attack with the world’s most revolting double elbow drop for a two count. Ross tried to escape again but Holliday caught him and carried him back to the Dynasty’s corner. They continued beating down Ross with more double team attacks but were unable to keep him down. The pair mocked Suplex City with vertical suplexes but still couldn’t get a three count so MJF shouted at the ref. MJF locked in a chin lock and slammed Ross headfirst into the mat when he tried to escape. The pair went for a Dynastic Suplex on Ross but he reversed it into a Double Neck breaker and finally escaped the match. Marshall came in and started cleaning house. He took MJF out of the ring and started pummelling Holliday. He continued his assault with a cannonball in the corner, a scoop slam and standing Moonsault. The Von Erichs teamed up to deliver a duo of devastating strikes but only got two. MJF tried to re-enter the match but was taken out with double dropkicks and a diving cannonball to the outside. Holliday came to in the commotion and kicked Ross out of the match but Marshall kept slugging him. Marshall tried to set up Holliday for a Superplex but Holliday fought back and turned it into an avalanche 2008 Market Crash. MJF followed up with a splash but Ross broke up the inevitable three-count. Hammerstone appeared to try and interject so Mance Warner appeared and smashed him in the back of the head with a chair. He fought off Medina too, meaning the Dynasty would have no help. The Von Erichs kicked out Holliday and finished MJF off with the Clawplex. The Von Erichs caused an upset on a Dynasty produced show. The match was great as a showcase for Holliday too as he looked like a monster for a lot of it.

So there you have it, MLW Fusion 97 reviewed for your reading pleasure. The Dynasty may have acted like utter scum towards their opponents but they did produce one hell of a good episode. All three matches were fun to watch and the interjection of Ol’ Mancer was a fun way to stop a predictable run-in. the tensions between AAA and the Dynasty continue to rise and should produce some explosive results soon. Next week, we can look forward to the debut of Erick Stevens as he intends to annihilate anyone in his path. That’s going to be fun to watch. For now, though, let’s just enjoy the fact that the salt of the Earth got put flat on his back with another Iron Claw.

All images courtesy of MLW Twitter & Basil Mahmud.

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