Despite at times fading into the background of the wrestling world today, IMPACT wrestling does in fact have an incredibly talented roster. Big time industry names such as Tessa Blanchard, RVD and Sami Callihan are leading the way for the brand and bringing in the ratings and the headlines but amongst the diverse roster, there are a select few of fantastic in-ring competitors who don’t quite receive the appreciation they deserve. These names have competed in brilliant matches over the recent years but continue to be overshadowed by some of the bigger names they share the ring with.

Madman Fulton

Despite struggling to find something that worked for him during his time with the WWE, Madman Fulton (previously known as Sawyer Fulton) has fitted into the IMPACT zone incredibly well joining Sami Callihan and co as part of OVE. As the monster of the faction, he is shown to be a dangerous, ruthless, aggressive powerhouse unhinged and kept under control by Callihan himself. While Fulton hasn’t been a part of major solo storylines his involvement in the Blanchard vs Callihan angle saw him highlighted as a true monster of the IMPACT zone unafraid of being controversial and taking out literally anyone who stands in his way or crosses paths with Sami. At the most recent PPV event he worked arguably he’s best singles match to date against Ken Shamrock in a bout that has gone massively underrated. Being apart of OVE does mean Fulton is often overshadowed by his more experienced and more popular allies however, he’s a big man with big talent that goes beyond his in-ring capabilities. There are potentially some huge angles coming up for Fulton in twenty-twenty where hopefully he shines even brighter for there is still the best to be seen in terms of his character and in-ring skills.

Kiera Hogan

The Knockouts division has some incredible talent on the roster today. Veteran Madison Rayne, longest reigning champion of all time Taya Valkyrie and powerhouse Jordynne Grace are amongst those leading the way and adding depth to the division but there is a little dark horse amongst the mix in the form of Kiera Hogan. Despite not being the most experienced of the Knockouts Hogan brings a sense of youth and standouts as the future of the division. During her time with Impact so far she has worked solid storylines with the likes of Allie and competed in fantastic one on one matchups against Jordynne Grace. With time Kiera could truly become a champion and a key figure within the Knockouts division but what is important with her is she is giving the time in the ring to showcase her capabilities. Kiera has a wide move set, speed and agility and her wrestling skills are genuinely strong. This is a woman who can work those memorable bouts and standout but so far she has been overshadowed, not had much character depth and has failed to walk out with big-time victories at times where she really could have benefited from a win. Timing is key here and I have a feeling she will be another star to have her big moment in twenty-twenty.

Josh Alexander

Tag team wrestling within the IMPACT zone isn’t at its best at the moment. There is a clear lack of depth within the division and that lacking of competition is effecting the brand massively! However, the current champions are underrated and underappreciated themselves but its Josh Alexander of the duo I believe needs more appreciation.  With fantastic pure wrestling talent, he is a man that truly does have it all. The look, the character, the strength, speed, and wrestling skills. He’s the man who can put you into a devastating submission hold one minute and out power you the next making him a uniquely skilled hybrid talent within the IMPACT zone destined for greatness and potentially a solo run and future world championship reign. The North are an extremely important factor within IMPACTs tag team scene but Alexander in particular really does tick boxes to be a big-time breakout solo star he just needs to be talked about more and given more opportunities in singles competition as the months go by and longer tag team bouts. Exposer is key for this talent and more character development.


Former Lucha Underground star Daga has begun to make waves within the IMPACT zone. Since signing with the company, he has been apart of epic ladder matches, tag team encounters and one on one bouts, however, he hasn’t quite been given that big time spotlight to show just how good he really is. In twenty-twenty we can hopefully expect to see him chase after the X Division championship again and possibly make his way to the main event seen also. Daga is an experienced talent with a very fun and exciting move set meaning he can work some incredible matches and performances against a variety of names. Lucha Libre stars often do well within the IMPACT zone and hopefully, he can go on to follow in the footsteps of the likes of Fenix and Pentagon; he just needs the lengthy ring time and the spotlight. What is also important for Daga is he begins to work bigger storylines that showcase his character more.


Impact Wrestling does have some great names. It is a pretty small roster in comparison to other promotions but there are both a select few standing out and some who are worthy of a bigger spotlight and more opportunities and with the right direction the names above could go onto achieve great things if given the chance and the extra appreciation from fans.

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