Former World Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana Ace and SEAdLINNNG stand out Sareee announced she has signed with WWE this past weekend at a Diana show and later confirmed her new job on her Twitter account.

The technical star debuted under the tutelage of AJW legend Kyokyo Inoue and former amature star Kyoyo Hamaguchi at the age of 15 in 2011, she rose through the ranks of the World Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana promotion. She would debut against Meiko Satomura, showing the faith Inoue had in her by putting her up against Joshi’s biggest draw.

She would stand with Joshi Royalty early in her career winning the Diana tag belts with Jaguar Yakota in 2015 and eventually challenging for the Diana World Champion against Manami Toyota in December of the same year.

After six years with World Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana, and a regular in other promotions, she moved to SEAdLINNNG where she had an uneventful seven months and returned to Diana, targeting her mentor and Diana World Champion Kyokyo Inoue.

After in unsuccessful challenge she demanded a rematch and finally won the title in Kawasaki in July of 2018. She would drop the title to Aja Kong in December before taking her first win over Joshi’s all time great monster heel and the title in May of 2019 Korukean Hall. She would be a regular in the inter-promotional circuit setting up challenges to Chihiro Hashimoto and her Sendai Girls World title also in 2019.

A fluid outstanding technician, Sareee represents a different style of Joshi than those favoured by the current Japanese one up in WWE. She should pose an interesting potential star for the company as it attempts to get a foothold in the Japanese market.

Feature image By Yuzunet – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

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