Love her or hate her, Stephanie McMahon has been a key figure on and off-screen in the WWE for a very long time indeed! Despite her controversy and divided opinion amongst fans Stephanie has played a vital role in the careers of several superstars and has become an important name in the WWE whether it be kayfabe or not. Often, when talking about or referencing Stephanie McMahon, we see a bunch of negative comments, but today we are going to be looking back at some of the best, most memorable, iconic Stephanie McMahon moments, the good, the bad and somewhere in between.

No one does Crazy Better than a McMahon

A rivalry many fans expected to see more of, develop and become a thing was between Stephanie McMahon and AJ Lee. The two powerful women in different aspects had natural chemistry on screen and a rivalry between the two really did write itself. In two thousand and thirteen, the pair took part in a personal, intense segment that left fans wondering if we were about to see more go down between the two but in the end, the WWE didn’t go ahead with anything else storyline related between the pair but the iconic “No one does Crazy better than a McMahon” and the staredown between them made for one of the most memorable Stephanie McMahon moments and segment that highlighted the potential role she could play in the women’s division and the hope of more to come from these two women were enough to make this such a highlight moment for McMahon.

Owning ECW (2001)

In two thousand and one, a huge announcement was made when it was revealed that Stephanie McMahon was the new owner of ECW. In a segment that saw Shane McMahon confront his father, Vince in an iconic moment of its own it came to light that not only was Shane the owner of WCW but Vince’s daughter Stephanie was the new owner of ECW in a huge twist that saw WCW and ECW merge together to go up against their fathers WWF at the time. The merge formed The Alliance and challenged the WWF and its control over the wrestling industry going down as an iconic moment for wrestling alone. Stephanie’s role here was huge and one of the first big angles she had worked establishing her even further as a vital player and huge key figure both on-screen and off-screen.

Smackdown General Manager (2002)

A year later and Stephanie McMahon was thrown into another strong authoritative figure role when she became the Smackdown General manager back in two thousand and two. The first-ever GM for the blue brand it was pretty special to see a woman given this huge role at the time, but keeping the McMahon name in a high position. With Vince making the announcement and revealing his daughter to be the general manager there was special touch here and regardless of what you may think of Stephanie’s role in power over the years, this was a huge moment for her and a massive career highlight! At this point in two thousand and two fans knew Stephanie had a ruthless edge to her persona and the promo she cut here was a strong piece of passionate mic work.

Assisting Triple H over her Father

The story of Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Vince McMahon is such a huge part of WWE history and is an angle fans we will be looking back on for so many years to come. Back in nineteen ninety-nine during the Armageddon PPV fans wondered whether Triple H was about to attack the daughter of Vince McMahon in the middle of the ring with a sledgehammer, but in a shocking turn of events, Stephanie stood up, turned her back on her father, embraced Triple H and stood side by side with the man her father loathed in what was not only one of the most iconic Stephanie McMahon moments but an iconic WWE moment. This was a lengthy angle and with the memorable “wedding” segment between Triple H and Stephanie, the rivalry between Vince and Hunter and Stephanie turning on her father this was a storyline that came together perfectly and made for such a standout WWE moment in all.

Taking out Ronda Rousey

While she may not have got the overall upper hand over the baddest women on the planet Ronda Rousey, Stephanie McMahon sure set out to prove she is the baddest women in WWE. Fans witnessed several segments involving McMahon and Rousey but one stands out in particular where Stephanie standing tall over the broken body of Rousey. After sending her through a table McMahon finally had some momentum over the very dominant badass that is Ronda Rousey and with a huge Wrestlemania mixed tag team match on the horizon, this was massively important during the build

Tearing into Shane McMahon

Say what you like about Stephanie McMahon there is no one who can truly deny just how good she is on the mic. One of the best female speakers in the company today this is a woman who knows how to grab the attention of fans, leave viewers feeling some kind of way and make an impact in taking an angle to a new level. McMahon knows how to bring passion and believably to her promos and general mic work and in two thousand and sixteen, she proved exactly that when she cut a huge promo on her brother Shane after his massive return to the company. The shots fired here were insane! McMahon went in and touch on so many personal angles. She was clear, ruthless, direct and in this promo alone she showed exactly what she is all about and made it crystal clear who the real boss is in the WWE.

And that is my little list! Despite mixed opinions, Stephanie McMahon is a huge part of the WWE and has had so many iconic moments throughout the year as we have seen today but what is your favourite Stephanie McMahon moment? And what could we be set to see from her in the near future?

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