Dave Marquez had Tim Storm out for an interview. He asked Storm about his match against Latimer and the interference of “Mama Storm”. Latimer came out to tell Tim that he is done with Tim Storm putting a wedge between Aldis and Latimer.

The impersonator of Mama Storm came out. He told Storm he has a tag partner for him to get Storm back to his winning ways. Tim Storm just wanted to beat the hell out of Danny Deals (the Impersonator). So a deal was offered. If Tim Storm beats the mystery partner that Danny had, Storm can get Deals one on one in the future. Tim Storm found out he will face the man that he beat for the NWA Worlds Championship, Jax Dane.

Matt Cross was up next for an interview he spoke about what the NWA means to him. He got fired up and went to the ring for the triple threat match against Starks and Dice.

TRIPLE THREAT MATCH – Zicky Dice defeated Matt Cross and Ricky Starks

This match was okay, I have enjoyed not seeing a suicide dive in every other match in NWA. So I was rather displeased to see one in this match. I  hope it does not become something that’s a regular feature on every match like in many other promotions. Dice got the win with typical heel tactics and we have to endure another title match between Dice and Starks.

While the supporting cast of Sal, Royce and Camille on May Valentine’s Vlog are entertaining in spurts, May is absolutely brutal.

Trevor Murdoch squashed The Question Mark

The whole  Question Mark gimmick is starting to get old fast. I hope Stevens moves away from this as soon as possible. I liked how brutal Stevens was with the beat down of Murdoch after the match but I’m not too thrilled to see him feud with the boring Murdoch again.

The NWA Champion Nick Aldis came face to face with Scurll, it all ended with the two joined by Brody King and all of Strictly Business in a huge brawl that had to be split up by security. This was a cool visual however it would have been even better if all of Villain Enterprises had been there. With no Flip and PCO, it was a bit of an anti-climax that only Brody King was there to help Marty. Maybe they are saving PCO for the PPV.

There was yet another back and forth between Kingston and Pope. It finished with the reveal that The Pope had paid off The Bouncers. The duo preceded to beat down Kingston, Eddie was then reminded by The Pope not to cross him.

So the main event that they had been building for the last few weeks between Melina and Thunder Rosa never happened. Instead of the match that I was not that thrilled to see we witnessed Camille make a huge statement and put herself straight to the front of the line for a shot at the Women’s World Championship.

This was actually a very average show and not one that is a must-watch.


All pics and videos courtesy of NWA

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