IMPACT wrestling must certainly be praised for always being one step ahead of everyone else when it comes to managing its female talent. Over the years, historic matches, titles and opportunities have been far stronger and booked far earlier than most promotions on the scene, and during that time a handful of women have printed their names in the history books. The Knockouts we will be discussing today have all been a part of a historic moment in IMPACT wrestling history, and have become iconic figures in both the knockouts divisions and women’s wrestling as a whole. Can you guess who will be featuring?


Gail Kim

While she may not have had the run she deserved during her time in WWE, Gail Kim was a top star from the get-go in TNA/IMPACT Wrestling.

Debuting back in 2005 it was clear that this was where she belonged, and her career went from strength to strength. She would eventually work an iconic feud with Awesome Kong and over the years became the most important figure in the Knockouts division, working against some of the best in the industry and picking up gold along the way.

Kim worked against both male and female competitors and earned the respect from her peers and fans alike. In 2016, Kim became the first and to this day the only female inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame. From memorable rivalries to a combined 711 days as Knockouts champion, she has more than earned her place in the HOF, producing iconic matches which have played a role in building a women’s evolution in the world of pro wrestling.


Tessa Blanchard

Despite recent controversy, Tessa Blanchard is an incredibly important name in the world of professional wrestling today. She has broken down barriers and taken the evolution for female talent to a completely new level.

This year Blanchard made history when she defeated Sami Callihan to become the first-ever female to hold the IMPACT Wrestling world championship. Stepping out of the Knockouts division, Blanchard started working alongside the male talent on the roster in 2019, proving there is a place for intergender wrestling today and that it can be done in a believable and entertaining manner.

Her victory to capture this title was a major deal. This was a strong story, and the build was done very well indeed. No woman has come close to making the kind of impact Tessa has in many many years at this stage, and at a time where women are doing so amazingly well, she has raised the bar incredibly high and changed the expectations.


Angelina Love

Growing up Angelina Love was one of the key names I watched in the world of wrestling, particularly TNA/IMPACT. A big name over in the Knockouts division, her role within the Beautiful People and as a singles star made her one of the most talked-about women in the industry.

With six championship reigns to her name Angelina Love remains the woman with the most Knockout title reigns, and her rivalries, storylines and promos remain talked about and highly memorable.

Her work with the Beautiful People as well as her championship victories made her such an important name during a time that wasn’t easy for women in the industry. Love is a woman that truly does have it all, and has more than earned respect of everyone in the industry, as well as fans.

Taya Valkyrie

In my opinion, Taya Valkyrie is one of the best heels in the industry today particularly in the area of women’s wrestling. While her character may lack…originality (sorry, not sorry), she is one heck of an athlete and performer.

Her mic skills are solid, her in-ring work is impressive, and there can be no denying the star power she possesses. Of course, IMPACT Wrestling has been able to see all this in her also as she has now too made the history books as the longest-reigning Knockouts champion of all time.

For the best part of a year, Valkyrie dominated the Knockouts division, taking out any and everyone who stood in her path. And while she may not have always held onto her title due to her own hard work, Taya has been a very strong and dominant champion. Not to mention the brilliant matches she worked during her time as champ.

Madison Rayne

Another iconic figure in the Knockouts divisions history is Madison Rayne. The longest-serving Knockout on the roster right now and a multi-time champion, Madison has been a key name within the division for over a decade.

Another former member of the Beautiful People, Rayne has had incredible IMPACT Wrestling Career and journey that shows no signs of slowing down. Today she plays a big role in assisting and putting over new talent, playing the perfect role as Knockouts division veteran.

During her career, Madison has been a part of memorable matches against the best of the best. She has stood inside a steel cage, won gold, and made history by becoming the first-ever Knockouts double champion, holding both the Knockouts and Knockouts Tag Team Titles.


Over the years there have been so many incredible Knockouts moments. IMPACT Wrestling has done so well in being one step ahead of everyone else in how they book their female talent, and that continues to be clear in today’s product.


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