AEW Dynamite seemed determined to give AEW Revolution a hard act to follow this week as Dynamite featured PAC vs Omega in an Ironman match that wouldn’t be out of place on a major PPV. Could PAC finally prove his dominance over Kenny Omega?

30-minute Ironman match: Kenny Omega vs PAC

While PAC came down to the ring alone, Omega had some company. However, rather than his AEW World Tag Team Championship partner Hangman Page, it was instead the Young Bucks. Another wrinkle in the breakdown of the Elite.

The pair had an instant intensity from the get-go only able to contain their aggression for a short while before going at each other with vigour. A One-Winged Angel attempt was nearly countered into a Brutalizer but Kenny broke it up by falling back into the turnbuckle, slamming PAC into it with him.

Action went to the outside where Omega seemingly caught PAC in an apron moonsault but PAC quickly modified the manoeuvre into DDT onto the outside. PAC didn’t take long to capitalise on his momentum as he demolished Omega with a beautiful avalanche brainbuster.

PAC toyed with his prey knowing he would need to wear Omega down even more to secure a fall but Omega managed to counter with a vicious thrust kick to PAC catapulting him into the turnbuckle.

Omega went for the One-Winged Angel again but PAC looked for a counter which Omega had scouted and converted his finisher into a catch German suplex for a close two count. PAC got frustrated and on the brink of taking a fall resorted to dirty tactics as he nailed Omega with a steel chair.

Score: Omega: 1 – PAC: 0

Despite the DQ giving Omega a fall, it was just what PAC needed to weaken Omega enough to land the Black Arrow and gain a fall for himself.

Score: Omega: 1 – PAC: 1

After the break, PAC had Omega on the backfoot and hurled him to the mat with a falcon arrow from the apron. It’s a good thing Omega wasn’t in the ring following the move because nobody kicks out of the falcon arrow.

A dropkick to Omega as he tried to enter back into the ring inadvertently took out the referee. PAC took full advantage by making use of a table which he placed Omega upon before hurtling down on him with a moonsault from the top rope. It seemed that Omega would be unable to make the ten count but an assist from Matt Jackson helped him back into the ring.

With 5 minutes on the clock, PAC’s Black Arrow was countered as Omega put his knees up. Omega came barrelling back with some vicious knee strikes and a devastating V-trigger but the One-Winged Angel was countered once again by a poisonrana from PAC.

Trying to finish his opponent off before the clock ended, PAC had Omega in the Brutalizer for an agonising amount of time totalling nearly 3 minutes but Omega held on till the clock hit zero. After the match, a frustrated PAC struck the referee.

However, a draw was not on the cards as Justin Roberts came to announce that the match would be restarted with sudden death rules and Aubrey Edwards as the replacement referee.

Omega wasted no time firing straight at PAC with a high knee, a ripcord V-Trigger before finally landing the One-Winged Angel for the win.

Final score: Omega: 2 – PAC: 1

A phenomenal showing from these two that deserves to be watched in its entirety, don’t miss out on this one.

As Tony Schiavone interviewed PAC after his loss, Orange Cassidy came out to confront him and took a swift beating for the trouble.

The Inner Circle vs Jurassic Express

Jungle Boy exploded out of the gate taking out all the Inner Circle with the aid of his prehistoric brethren.

The Inner Circle quickly fought back taking out both Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy and leaving Marko Stunt to fend for himself against the Inner Circle. It was going well until it wasn’t. Stunt was being brutalised as he was left isolated but managed to break through to the tag to Luchasaurus who began to clean house with a series of tail whip kicks.

Jurassic Express had a near fall but Inner Circle came back swinging nearly putting Jungle Boy away before Marko Stunt broke up the pin and Luchasaurus clattered onto Santana and Ortiz on the outside with a moonsault from the apron. Guevara looked to finish off Jungle Boy with the mad ball but Darby Allin appeared and stole it from Guevara. Jungle Boy took advantage and planted Guevara with a hurricanrana for the win.

This was a fun Trios match and sets up Allin vs Guevara for AEW Revolution.


Best Friends w/ Orange Cassidy vs The Butcher & the Blade w/ The Bunny

Butcher and Blade started out strong tossing Trent around the ring but a breakaway running knee gave Chuck Taylor the hot tag as Best Friends thought back with the sole food/half and half combination.

After the break, both teams were dazed on the outside as the Bunny and Orange Cassidy confronted each other in the ring. Cassidy attempted a swift hands-in-pockets manoeuvre but the Bunny blocked it and stole Cassidy’s shades. Bunny attempted a low blow but Cassidy blocked with lightning-fast reflexes and deftly stole Bunny’s ears, placing them on his head before plunging his hands deep into his pockets.

Cassidy launched into the Butcher on the outside giving Best Friends the chance to hit the Strong Zero on the Blade for the win. After the match, a huge announcement was made, Orange Cassidy will face PAC at AEW Revolution. I’m am so down for this, and if you’re not, you must just hate freshly squeezed fun.

Yuka Sakazaki vs Big Swole vs Shanna vs Hikaru Shida

Everyone but Sakazaki started striking each other as she stood on the side waiting for her moment to pounce. When it came, all three women knocked her down to the crowd’s dismay.

The three other women started a test of strength before Sakazaki interrupted the circle and took on all three girls and landed an impressive hurricanrana on Shida before Swole stopped her in her tracks.

All the women attempted a series of schoolboys to no avail with Shanna standing on top going into the break after a snappy superkick to Swole.

Shida took Sakazaki and used her as a weapon against Shanna before Swole took control of the match nearly getting a three count after a quick rebound cutter from the ropes.

Shida became incensed, hitting a backbreaker on Swole and stopping Sakazaki in her tracks as she tried to capitalise with a Magical Girl splash before hitting the running knee on Swole for the win.

This is a match worth watching to see the potential the women’s division has in AEW if it’s given room to develop. Each woman got a showcase here and some testing seems to be in play to set Sakazaki up as a plucky underdog, which is likely to be a real hit if given the chance to run. With the Nightmare Family dead and buried, this may be the time to see these women featured more prominently on the shows.


The Dark Order

The Dark Order had a package announcing Evil Uno and Stu Grayson would face SCU at AEW Revolution as Uno promised Christopher Daniels would realise, he would be obsolete. Interesting phrasing, I hope the Exalted One turns out to be a wonderful surprise.

Kenny Omega & Hangman Page vs The Young Bucks

Simmering tensions came out here as Page’s resentment reacted with the Young Bucks own feelings of inadequacy at not being able to obtain the AEW World Tag Team Championships. The civilities quickly devolved into bickering and resentment. This may not be the gentleman’s duel that the participants are trying to convince themselves it will be.

The Weigh-in for Chris Jericho vs Jon Moxley

Schiavone welcomed Gary Cappetta to the ring to call the weights before Moxley came down the ring solo.

Afterwards, Jericho came down with his self-proclaimed “Painkmaker Posse” in a march of solidarity with Le Champion. The two were weighed as Jericho belittled Cappetta, the legacy of WCW and the crowd’s hometown before the two squared off and Moxley headbutt Jericho seemingly causing a legitimate gash in his brow that started bleeding.

In the ensuing brawl, Dustin Rhodes came down to the ring and brawled into the arena hallways with Jake Hager, Allin tried to attack Guevara but he countered the and broke the skateboard over Allin’s head and Santana and Ortiz had managed to subdue Moxley enough for Jericho to hit the Judas effect and a Paradigm Shift of his own onto the weighing machine to close out the show.

This was a fun way to cap off the show and had lots of fun scuffles that will lead to matches for AEW Revolution on Saturday. AEW have done a great job of these two go home shows and continue to excel. Let’s hope they stick the landing with their first PPV of the year.

All pictures and videos courtesy of AEW

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