After AEW Revolution, the following announcements were made:

  • Colt Cabana signed with the company to work behind the scenes, although he could wrestle and do commentary. Tony Kha, President of AEW, said: “Colt’s working here, Colt does a variety of things, he’s already started as an announcer and now he’s gonna be working as a wrestler. He’s debuted in a situation where you can kind of see—I could definitely see Colt wrestling for us on a regular basis. He can chip in as a commentator, and also as a coach. He’s a really valuable mind.” Cabana is free to work with other promotions, like NJPW, NWA or ROH.

  • Dustin Rhodes is moving to tag team division. “Think it may be time for me to uh, maybe reach out and take a partner for a little while,” Rhodes stated. “QT Marshall has been there with the Nightmare Family for quite some time, and I want to give him a chance. So, you’re going to be seeing a lot of us together. It’s going to help my body tremendously and QT is the right man. He’s tough, he’s been in the business a long time. And I think he deserves a shot.” His sister-in-law, Brandi Rhodes, will also have a part in the new tag team.

  • As announced during PPV, the Jersey City episode on March 25 will be a special episode of Dynamite called “Blood & Guts.” The show will feature two rings covered by a giant cage for a WarGames-like match. Tony Khan said he won’t use the WarGames name, owned by WWE. “I have not used that term and will never use that term,” Khan said. “You’ll never see me using that expression.” He added, “The expression we’re using for this match is Blood & Guts. It’s everything to us, it’s a heart and soul struggle, but it’s also a metaphor for our company in that it’s both a serious thing in that it’s wrestling-centric, but we’re also having fun with it.” “Blood & guts” is a play on a phrase Vince McMahon used when referring to AEW during an earnings call last year. When asked about WWE having more competition, McMahon said that he hopes that AEW doesn’t continue “the blood and guts and gory things that they have been doing.”


Courtesy of Nick Hausman for Wrestling Inc – All pics and videos courtesy of AEW

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