Welcome back to MLW. This week we are in a new city to welcome the start of Fightland. For their first show of Philadelphia, MLW brought out the big guns. Konnan would continue his war against the Dynasty and Injustice by dropping truth bombs on Gino Medina and making Kotto Brazil and Jordan Oliver fight Laredo Kid and Zenshi. CONTRA Unit soldier Simon Gotch and CONTRA leader Josef Samael were set to do battle against the returning Los Parks. Plus, there would be appearances from The Dynasty, Mance Warner and more. Let’s get into it, shall we?

The Dynasty (Richard Holliday, Alexander Hammerstone & Gino Medina) defeated Savio Vega, Mance Warner & Logan Creed via Belt Shot

The Dynasty ruined the open of the show by interrupting an interview with Mance Warner. Holliday took to the mic to start lecturing the audience with a Rich Talk conference. He proudly wore the Caribbean Title he had stolen from Savio Vega and talked down to the audience. Hammerstone took the mic and ran down Konnan, causing the legend to storm the ring. Konnan shut up the Dynasty and educated Gino on his heritage. Hammerstone had a chair at the ready and Holliday threatened him, but Konnan had back up in the form of Mance Warner, Savio Vega, and Logan Creed. Three men with a grudge to settle with the Dynastic ones. Holliday and Medina bailed under the pressure but Mance got a rise out of Hammerstone and an impromptu six-man tag was made.

The match started with a brawl with Mance going for Hammerstone, Holliday getting smacked about by Creed and Vega teeing off on Medina. The different Dynasty members got their asses kicked until Holliday kicked out the knee on a taunting Creed. Hammerstone freed himself of Mance and went after Creed in-ring, punishing him with a bicycle kick. Hammerstone and Medina tried to work over Creed but he battered both men down. it became three on one against Creed as he found himself trapped in the Dynasty’s corner. Hammerstone and Creed got in a slugfest but quick tags and low shots prevented Creed from taking advantage. Creed fought through the numbers and crushed Hammerstone with a vicious lariat. He tagged in Vega who went to work on all three members of the Dynasty. Specifically going for Holliday who stole his title. He knocked Holliday down with a Spinning Heel Kick but his pin was broken up and the Dynasty swarmed him. This brought Creed in to help who destroyed Hammerstone and Medina with a Double Chokeslam. Everyone fought and the ring cleared out prompting Creed to dive out onto Medina and Hammerstone. However, in all the carnage the ref got distracted allowing Holliday to smash Vega in the face with his Caribbean Title. The Dynasty stole the win but Konnan got the last laugh, clubbing Medina in the back with a flapjack and sharing some light beers with his allies. What a chaotic slice of fun and fury to start the show.

Injustice (Kotto Brazil & Jordan Oliver) defeated Laredo Kid & Zenshi via Clout Cutter Crucifix

Hot on the heels of the last chaotic mess, came this secondary slice of hot mess. Konnan was still enjoying his light beer when Injustice’s music hit. The trio stormed to the ring to confront Konnan but was put in place by Brian Pillman Jr and a chair. Well, that and Konnan verbally bitch-slapping Jordan Oliver. Pillman came to commentary for the next match as Myron Reed watched over his boys.

The scheduled match took place and the fast-paced insanity began. As expected, team non-Injustice sent Oliver and Brazil flying and started laying into the pair. Laredo and Zenshi worked well together to throw themselves into the Injustice pair, usually in very risky ways. Injustice tried to double team Laredo and nearly failed but Brazil knocked down Zenshi and the pair crotched Laredo on the turnbuckle. Oliver used that action to take control and work over Laredo with slams, strikes and tagged in Brazil. The Injustice duo continued to throw out insane double team moves, keeping Laredo ground. Oliver took too much time taunting and had the taste slapped out of his mouth by Laredo, who tagged in Zenshi. He took out Brazil with a cartwheel kick and slammed the hell out of Oliver. Brazil saved the match and scored some strong hits on both Laredo and Zenshi, hitting the latter with a Code red. Laredo kicked his head off to save the match. The numbers proved too much again and Laredo was dealt with. They focused fire on Zenshi but he escaped and hit Oliver with a DDT, which Laredo followed up with another head dropping DDT. Reed distracted Laredo and Brazil sent him flying out of the ring. Zenshi tried to roll him up but Brazil escaped and dived to the outside, kicking Laredo in the head. Oliver and Brazil tried to rush Zenshi but Zenshi kicked them both down. He ran a train into the corners but was caught by Oliver with a Clout Cutter and pinned with a crucifix. They won the match and tried to jaw jack with Brian Pillman Jr but Laredo took them out and smashed Myron Reed with an air raid crash. He posed with the belt and made his intentions clear. This match was messy but also fast-paced and awesome to watch.

That was followed by an interview with Filthy Tom Lawlor who talked about the riot in Dallas being the best thing to happen therein forever. He went on to insult the state of Texas and justify his actions with the flag. He commented on Erick Stevens mercantile nature and his alliance with them through their hatred of the von Erichs. There was also a package from Injustice on Pillman Jr’s credibility as a challenger for the Middleweight title. They provided a Segway into a clip from Jimmy Havoc who has a match with Pillman Jr next week.

Lumberjack Match: Los Parks (LA Park & El Hijo de LA Park) defeated CONTRA Unit (Simon Gotch & Josef Samael) via Twisting Senton

The main event saw the long-awaited return of Los Parks. LA Park and his son hadn’t been seen since Saturday Night Super Fight when LA Park failed to beat Jacob Fatu. He was going to give CONTRA Unit a violent receipt for the abuse he suffered in that match. CONTRA attacked during Los Parks entrance and started the match off quickly. They attacked Park and el Hijo de La Park in the corner then battered them with their entrance chairs. They continued to batter LA Park as he struggled to get his jacket off. The pair continued to beat him down and even resorted to biting Park’s fingers when he flipped them both off. However, when they launched him at the ropes, both Gotch and Samael were taken down by dual dropkicks from Park and his son. CONTRA fell outside and the lumberjacks made them pay for it. They tossed the CONTRA lads back in and Los Parks worked them over in the corners. Samael and Park were knocked down so Gotch and Hijo locked horns. Hijo was able to get the best of both Gotch and Samael with a series of high impact strikes and moves in the corner. Samael gave Gotch an advantage by stabbing Hijo in the face with a spike. From there CONTRA brutalised Hijo until Hijo escaped with a backstabber on Gotch. Meanwhile, on the outside, the lumberjacks were nearly fighting amongst themselves. LA Park was tagged in and smacked the hell out of CONTRA, levelling Samael with a nasty spear in the corner. Hijo grabbed the spike and stabbed Samael in the head with it and threw himself into Gotch and the lumberjacks with a Moonsault. LA Park followed with a twisting senton onto Samael for the win. Los Parks had gotten a small amount of revenge on CONTRA and had a successful return to MLW TV. I would have liked to see the lumberjacks get more involved but it seemed the threat of them alone seemed to keep the match in check.

So, there you have it, MLW Fusion Episode 99 reviewed for your reading pleasure. As you can see this episode was a hectic mess of personal grudges spilling out into the ring. The Dynasty has a lot of enemies coming after them with Mance, Savio Vega and Konnan taking interest in their titles and members. Injustice has AAA and Brian Pillman Jr coming after them, and CONTRA have enemies on all sides. Now as episode 100 in on the horizon, we have to prepare for Fatu vs CIMA, Jimmy Havoc vs Brian Pillman Jr and whatever else MLW has to throw at us for the special edition episode. It’s going to get violent and I cannot wait to see it.

All images courtesy of MLW Twitter, Video courtesy of MLW YouTube

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