H2O Wrestling has announced deathmatch history through the creation of a new deathmatch division, The Super Deathmatch Division. This includes a new title, the Super Deathmatch Title and a new special type of deathmatch where the Super Deathmatch title can be defended. In a press release on Twitter the company revealed:

As stated above, the first champion will be crowned in a five-way “Supreme Sacrifice” match where any competitors would have to give up something to participate. This will take place at the four-year Deathiversary on June 20th. The five sacrificing stars will be determined through qualifying rounds on upcoming H2O shows. The show will take place at H2O Centre in Williamstown, New Jersey with tickets available to pre-order through H2O co-owner Matt Tremont. More information was provided in a tweet here.

All images courtesy of Matt Tremont and H2O Twitter

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