The main event from tonight’s episode took place at Free Enterprise, and if you’ve not had the chance to watch the match, it is most certainly a contender for an early match of the year. A lot of people sleep on ROH, but there’s plenty of talent on the roster, and time and time again they perform at such a high level, showing that the company has so much to offer the world of professional wrestling.

Highlights of the Mexisquad’s win over Villain Enterprises started off the show, followed by Quinn McKay hyping the main event featuring The Briscoes taking on two thirds of the Mexisquad, Bandido and Flamita. First, though, we got another match from Free Enterprise, where Andrew Everett took on newcomer Alex Zayne.

Andrew Everett vs Alex Zayne

This was a great bout, with both men showcasing their athleticism with some fantastic aerial assaults. Right from the start, they broke out of hurricanrana attempts by each other, and continued to mirror every offence. Things really got going when Everett struck Zayne with a corkscrew outside the ring, only for Zayne to deliver one of his own onto Everett. Back in the ring, Everett made Zayne eat two springboard moonsaults, but he was quick to comeback, hitting a pendulum facebuster and somersault DDT.

These guys can be the future of ROH, and this match proved how talented they are at carrying the singles division. Andrew Everett is a star in the making. He’s not a typical high flyer as he’s not only good in the air but can land the heavy moves on the mat, and Alex Zayne is an all-rounder that’s always fun to watch. Anyone of these guys could have won, but to keep Zayne’s streak alive, he ended things in tremendous fashion by hitting a shooting star stomp and a pumphandle cobra driver for the three-count. The two celebrated together at the end, showing respect for each other’s efforts in the match.

Winner: Alex Zayne

A video package of PJ Black training Brian Johnson aired next. PJ Black has stood by his protege, regardless of Johnson being ungrateful, but it seemed as though there’s an element of respect forming between the two. Smith used tough love to give Johnson a lesson, whilst working on getting Johnson a new finisher.

Brian Zayne ran down five matches he’d love to see in ROH in 2020, and most of them were great shouts. The Bouncers vs Bandido & Flamita was his first choice, claiming that the big guys vs the high flyers would work well in a tag bout. Maria Manic vs Session Moth Martina, Dragon Lee vs Dak Draper, and Dan Maff vs Bully Ray also featured, but the most exciting prospect of the five was La Faccion vs Ring of Horror.

Two Guys One Tag were in the back, and Silas Young was annoyed that Josh Woods had thrown his pair of jeans in the trash. Woods said he did it because he wanted Young to wear the same ones as him, presenting him with his new jeans. Young was not happy at all, with Woods calling him ungrateful as Young walked off in disgust.

Before the main event, ROH Wrestling aired a flashback video to when Jay and Mark Briscoe went one-on-one to hype the Past vs Present PPV happening on March 14. Back in 2002, Mark was unable to wrestle in the first ROH PPV due to child labor laws, so at Honor Invades Boston, he made his debut against his brother. It’s easy to forget how good this match was, but watching it now was a great reminder of how incredible The Briscoes are, and even now they’re putting in constantly incredible performances.

Bandido & Flamita vs The Briscoes

Speaking of incredible performances, this match was stellar. Both teams fought their hearts out, and made every second count. Bandido and Flamita worked well together early on, connecting with a wheelbarrow hurricanrana and moonsault. Things got taken to the outside, with Jay grabbing a chair and throwing it into the ring. Mark set it up and launched himself over the top rope, landing on Bandido and Flamita. The fans started chanting “one more time”, so naturally, Mark did it all over again.

The two members of the Mexisquad recovered, gaining some momentum after Bandido launched Flamita into the air, hitting Mark outside the ring. Inside, Bandido hit Jay with the X-knee. The action was so quick, with move after move connecting. Mark dropped Bandido with the iconoclast, followed by Redneck Boogie on Flamita. The Briscoes continued their attack and hit a signature neckbreaker and elbow drop on Flamita, but only managed a two-count. After a brief comeback which saw Bandido and Flamita deliver a double Spanish fly on The Briscoes, it was all over when Flamita got caught with the Doomsday Device, followed by the three-count.

Winners: The Briscoes

Another solid episode, and another fantastic main event. ROH has started off strong in 2020, and with some great PPVs coming up, the company will hopefully have more eyes on them, reclaiming many of the fans they’ve lost over the last year.

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