Well, now we have the biggest title match to grace NXT UK, by pure size alone. WALTER and Dave Mastiff will finally throw down one on one in an NXT UK ring for the big belt Imperium’s leader has held dear. Alongside that, we saw Travis Banks challenge Alexander Wolfe and Aoife Valkyrie taking the fight to NXT UK’s white witch, Isla Dawn. It was going to be another manic episode so let’s quit the stalling and get into the action.

Alexander Wolfe defeated Travis Banks via Sit Out Powerbomb

Travis Banks hasn’t had the best of luck in recent weeks. He decided to call out one of Imperium’s soldiers to a match. The Hatchet Man, Alexander Wolfe would be Banks’ target and given both men’s style of fighting, would be his perfect opponent. Things started quickly as Banks caught Wolfe with a knee strike and suicide dive before Wolfe could even get his jacket off. He followed up with a Double Stomp for two. He mistakenly went for Slice of Heaven and Wolfe punished him for it, kicking him to the ground. Wolfe rained down some punches on a prone Banks then punished him in the corner and tried to rip his jaw off. He continued to grind down Banks, keeping him from picking up the pace with some holds and slams. However, Wolfe got too cocky and Banks was able to come back after a taunt. He threw a series of punches and knocked Wolfe dizzy with a rolling forearm. Wolfe crumpled into the corner, so Banks aimed some dropkicks at his head and caved his chest in with a kick on the outside. To close off his flurry, he hit another double stomp on Wolfe. He hit a series of back kicks but Wolfe caught a chest kick and hit Banks in the jaw with an uppercut. Banks took his legs out and kicked him in the back of the neck only for Wolfe to hit him with a spinning Suplex. Banks hit Slice of Heaven out of nowhere but Wolfe rolled to the apron. The pair traded on the apron with Banks hitting yet another double stomp. Back in-ring, Wolfe almost won with a combo of his own but only got two. Since that didn’t work, Wolfe smashed him in with a series of short-arm clotheslines and finished Banks with a Powerbomb. The Hatchet Man had secured a victory for Imperium and shut down a fired-up Banks. It was a strong match to start the show and a strong showing for both men. Travis Banks’ luck just continues to get worse.

Ridge Holland defeated Saxon Huxley via Alabama Slam Duo

Next up was an exhibition match between NXT UK’s new monster, Ridge Holland against North East favourite, Saxon Huxley. It was going to be a battle of the big men and the crowd was hyped for it. Huxley started with a bicycle kick and a series of slugs but was quickly caught and tossed with an overhead belly to belly. This just pissed off Holland, who dragged Huxley to his feet and quickly pounced him back down. The assault continued with a duo of Alabama Slams and a pinfall. It was short and sweet for Holland, who continues his unstoppable rampage through NXT UK.

Aoife Valkyrie defeated Isla Dawn via Top Rope Axe Kick

Isla Dawn and Aoife Valkyrie were to follow that. This looked to be a friendly challenge issued by Dawn, who had been impressed by Valkyrie’s debut. Since both women were riding victories, the pendulum of victory could swing either way. The pair started with a lock up and exchanged escape attempts. Both fought over wrist control and went for pinfalls. The pair continued to reverse each other until Dawn threw Valkyrie off by ducking a kick with splits. Valkyrie was finally able to strike, kicking Dawn in the gut and winding her with a standing Moonsault. She locked onto an arm forcing Dawn to power out of the Hammerlock. She drove Valkyrie into the corner and promptly kicked her off the top rope, causing her to smack her neck off the turnbuckle. Dawn went top rope and flattened Valkyrie with a Meteora for two. Dawn tried to go for the finish but Valkyrie escaped, hit two kicks to double her over and finished her with the top rope Axe Kick. Another win for Valkyrie and an end to Dawn’s winning ways. This again was rather short but it flowed nicely and Valkyrie got to show off more of her striking ability.

WALTER defeated Dave Mastiff via Powerbomb

Last but not least was the main event. This would be the next chapter in WWE’s series of Kaiju battles as WALTER would take on the Bomber, Dave Mastiff. In terms of size alone, this would be a massive fight. Not to mention the destructive ability of both men in the ring. The pair locked up instantly, trading locks, strikes and knockdown attempts. A slugfest broke out and Mastiff brought WALTER down with a crossbody. WALTER locked in a sleeper but Mastiff got to the ropes. The pair continued to outmanoeuvre each other with Mastiff dropping his weight on WALTER’s chest. The pair continued to fight without anyone gaining an advantage. Mastiff hit a German Suplex into the corner but WALTER shotgun dropkicked him out of an Into the Void attempt. The pair continued to slug each other until WALTER chopped Mastiff down. Mastiff avoided a splash and threw WALTER into the ropes for a rebound German. He hoisted WALTER up into a rolling senton but it only got two. Mastiff missed Into the Void but crushed WALTER with a running senton. WALTER rolled to the corner only to be hit by Into the Void. Mastiff was shocked to see WALTER kick out of the Cannonball and tried to go to the top rope, only to be chopped down at the legs. Mastiff crashed to the mat but rebounded and dropped WALTER with a clothesline. WALTER sneakily hit Mastiff in the throat and kicked him back down. He hit a chop to the back and planted Mastiff for three with a Powerbomb. He had been taken to his limits but WALTER was able to withstand and beat Dave Mastiff. It was a short but brutal bout of physicality and wits. Both men kept outdoing each other before WALTER resorted to a cheap shot to get his upper hand and win.

So, there you have it, another episode of NXT UK reviewed for your reading pleasure. It was a strong show to end out the York tapings and gave us two big Imperium matches and a nice continuation of new debuts. We’ll be moving on to another city next with new challenges and new rivalries as Jordan Devlin will be bringing his newfound gold home, Ligero is going after Noam Dar and Eddie Dennis is continuing to creep the hell out of everyone. Plus, this episode featured a highlight reel for the tag team division so who knows, maybe we’ll get new teams fighting it out for the NXT UK tag team titles. It’s anyone’s guess at this point.

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