Virtual Basement, the studio behind the Ark series of games, Broomstick League, Citadel: Forged with Fire, Outlaws of the Old West and The Mean Greens, have recently announced that they are working on a wrestling game and some of the names to be featured have appeared online.

Although details are scarce at the moment, the suggestion is that the game would cover a huge swathe of the wrestling scene, including talent from Impact, NJPW, ROH and beyond.

Bull James, formerly Bull Dempsey in NXT, was amongst those to post a photo on Twitter featuring the Virtual Basement contract, with anywhere between thirty and sixty additional names hopefully to be included.

Other names to be seen with a contract are Brian Pillman Jr, Fallah BAHH, Bear Bronson, Matt Sydal, Jonathan Gresham, Wresle Pro’s Shawn Donovan, Kongo Kong, Shaheem Ali, Caprice Coleman, ROH’s “All Day” O’Shay Edwards and Leo St. Giovanni and EVOLVE’s Anthony Greene.

With this in mind, and as we approach a generational shift for video games with new consoles due from Sony® and Microsoft®, Virtual Basement will have a huge job on their hands to sate the appetite of wrestling and video game fans (and avoid the mess that other companies have made of attempts in the past).

You can follow Virtual Basement on Twitter here and on their website here.

Pic courtesy of Virtual basement 

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