100 episodes. That’s a big milestone to reach, is it not? This episode would be the 100-episode anniversary of MLW Fusion and since it was a celebration, we got a trio of big matches to fill out a glorious hour of wrestling. Erick Stevens would look to continue his winning ways against Davey Boy Smith Jr, Brian Pillman Jr would take on the UK’s most dangerous man Jimmy Havoc and there would be a massive title fight between Jacob Fatu of CONTRA Unit taking on the leader of OWE’s #StrongHearts, CIMA. Let’s get into this monumental episode, shall we?

Davey Boy Smith Jr defeated Erick Stevens via Diving Headbutt

Ever since he was first introduced to the company, Erick Stevens has been after one person, Davey Boy Smith Jr. He has claimed DBS is scared of him and since he now seems to have connected himself with Team Filthy, he might have finally had the power to make it happen. It may have also meant he had back up going into the bout. It also meant we got Filthy Tom Lawlor on commentary. DBS had the size and strength advantage at the start of the match, knocking Stevens on his arse twice. Stevens continued to back off as Smith continued to knock him down. The pair traded technical escapes so Smith smashed Stevens in the face. Smith continued smashing and nearly broke a turnbuckle throwing Stevens into it. It was a very one-sided fight as Stevens found himself slammed and had a leg dropped on him. That transitioned into a Stalling Suplex which made Stevens bail outside. Once outside, Stevens took advantage by stomping the shin and running Smith into the rails. Smith fought back and Suplexed Stevens onto the floor. He threw Stevens back into the ring but was caught with a Dragon Screw as he got back into the ring. He started attacking the leg and knee of Smith and using the weakened leg as a means to pummel Smith to the mat. Stevens continued to work the leg despite Smith’s efforts to fight back, finding himself locked in multiple submissions. The pair worked into a slugfest that Stevens won with a kick and another Dragon Screw. He locked Smith into another knee hold but was forearmed out of it and enzuigiried out of a third Dragon Screw. After a series of corner punches, Stevens tried to beg for mercy but Smith was having none of it and started kicking. Stevens avoided an uppercut and tried for a series of roll-ups only to eat a Powerslam from Smith. The pair traded and Stevens tried to go top rope but was knocked out into the Calgary Stampede. Smith went top rope and ended the match with the Diving Headbutt.  Stevens gave it a good effort but couldn’t quite cope with the strength and resiliency of Smith. A good match to watch and certainly tense at times. Lawlor was furious after the match and tried to start a fight with Davey Boy but Dominic Garrini pulled him away and signalled his want to fight Smith.

Brian Pillman Jr defeated Jimmy Havoc (w/Priscilla Kelly) via Air Pillman

This was probably the last fight Brian Pillman Jr wanted right now. He now had his sights on the Middleweight title so he could batter Myron Reed. Before he could get to that, he would have to go through the masters of violence, Jimmy Havoc, and Priscilla Kelly. For Havoc, this was nothing personal, just fun. The pair started technically with Havoc going for a Hammerlock and Pillman escaping with a Headlock Takeover. Havoc scarpered to the corner and set off another technical exchange, this time losing when Pillman kicked him in the nose. Havoc feigned sportsmanship then slugged Pillman in the face. He hit another forearm to the face but Pillman was ready and tossed Havoc around before putting him on his back with a Dropkick. He tried to roll Havoc up and fake him out but Havoc grabbed his hand and started biting. Havoc continued with a back elbow to the head and a double stomp out of the corner for two. Pillman was dragged outside and thrown into the rails as a separate camera showed Injustice trying and failing to get into the building. He was about to chop Pillman against the ring post but Pillman moved so Havoc chopped him in the back instead. Havoc hit a senton to the back and locked in a straight jacket on Pillman. He escaped and started unloading on Havoc, kicking the arm away on an Acid Rainmaker attempt. He Powerslammed Havoc for a two count, attacked in the corner and flattened Havoc with a flying crossbody. Havoc bit Pillman again but got caught with a Tilt-A-Whirl backbreaker. That was followed up by a straight jacket lungblower but Priscilla Kelly broke up the pin attempt. Havoc was handed a chain and hit himself in the face with it, trying to get Pillman DQ’ed. The ref wasn’t buying it and pushed Havoc into a roll-up. Havoc hit an Acid Rainmaker to the back but was accidentally taken out by Kelly and finished with Air Pillman. Havoc’s treachery had cost him his match and the Rogue Prince Pillman had another victory under his belt. Another excellent, even if messy for the show.

Keeping Up with the Dynasty

It’s time for another “exciting” edition of the Lifestyles of the Rich and Dynastic. This time it featured Holliday on a call with MJF talking about being in the Caribbean and then continuing the conversation with Hammerstone and Gino. They talked about making the Caribbean title the 1A of dynastic titles in MLW and about Gino’s upcoming match with Mance Warner. As that finished, the camera cut to Alicia Atout interviewing Mance Warner. He was talking about taking his shit-kicking boots on a trip to whoop Gino’s arse. He also brought Uncle Moon Man into the frame so that everyone could see he was okay if a little inebriated off of backyard hooch.

MLW World Heavyweight Title: Jacob Fatu (w/Josef Samael) defeated CIMA via Moonsault

CONTRA has massacred every faction that has ever come through MLW. When they set their sights on the Stronghearts, Josef Samael made their leader CIMA an offer that he couldn’t turn down. CONTRA craves domination so Fatu put up his title to bring CIMA to the fight. Should he win, CIMA would be the first Japanese champion since Satoshi Kojima back in 2003. When the pair were in-ring, CIMA seemed unphased by Fatu, circling the CONTRA champ. Fatu won a test of strength and backed CIMA into a corner, but the Stronghearts leader was still unphased and started kicking the crap out of Fatu. He tried to shoulder tackle Fatu but this had the expected result and didn’t work. He tried again and Fatu still wouldn’t budge so he challenged Fatu to tackle him instead. Fatu feigned a run but tried to attack instead, forcing CIMA to dodge. CIMA went to the outside and beckoned Fatu to follow. He instantly did but CIMA had legged it back into the ring, pissing Fatu off in the process. CIMA ran him around the ring again then kicked him in the head on re-entry. The assault continued with running double knees and a running senton but this only got a one-count. He locked in a grounded abdominal stretch but Fatu powered out, Superkicked CIMA and hit a running hip attack in the corner.

That was followed by a series of strikes to a grounded CIMA and some biting to the hand. The abuse continued with a rope choke and a series of stomps in the corner. CIMA tried to go for a sunset flip but Fatu was too heavy and aware for this manoeuvre. Fatu put CIMA in the tree of woe and continued stomping away, ending the sequence with a diving headbutt. CIMA tried to fight back but Fatu smacked him back down with a slap. He threw CIMA outside so Samael could have a cheap shot too when the ref’s back was turned. The brutality ramped up as Fatu smashed CIMA’s head of the timekeeper table. He threw CIMA back in the ring and applied a nerve hold but CIMA fought out, only to be smashed down again. Fatu went for a Vader Bomb and missed so CIMA sprung up and hit a springboard double knees to the back of Fatu. He followed up with a Guillotine DDT and locked in a unique submission hold, cutting the air off to Fatu’s head. Fatu got a foot on the rope so CIMA hit a knockout kick to the back of Fatu’s head and went up for a double stomp but Fatu moved. They ran the ropes but Fatu was able to catch CIMA into a Samoan Drop and finish CIMA with the Moonsault duo for the win. CONTRA racked up another victim, this time the veteran star CIMA. This was a surprisingly short and one-sided match but it was enjoyable enough. Fatu continues to look like an absolute monster, and to add insult to injury, CIMA was sent out in a body bag courtesy of the Sentai Death Squad.

So, there you have it, the big celebratory episode 100 of MLW Fusion. it was a wild show full of great matches and moments as well as some teases to future fights. One milestone has been reached, now MLW seems set to truck on to the next one. Next week we have Filthy Tom Lawlor taking on Killer Kross in Kross’ debut, Myron Reed vs Laredo Kid for the Middleweight Title and Gino Medina clashes with the Southern Psychopath Mance Warner. It’s going to be another mad night of wrestling with some more big stars coming to play.

All images courtesy of MLW Twitter, Video courtesy of MLW YouTube

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