Welcome back to MLW Fusion. This week we’re focusing on time. The Time Collector from Hell, Killer Kross is in the building for a dream match against Filthy Tom Lawlor, Myron Reed has his time as MLW Middleweight Champ challenged by Laredo Kid and Mance Warner took time out from his busy schedule drinking light beers to smack about Gino Medina. Who would have their time as winner cut short this time? Let’s get into the action and find out.

Myron Reed (w/Injustice) defeated Laredo Kid (w/Konnan) via No Cap Splash.

Laredo Kid earned himself a shot at Myron Reed’s less than honourably gained Middleweight Title after fake pinning the champ two weeks ago. However, he would have an uphill battle here as he would not just be taking on Reed but his goons too. The pair started fast with a series of rapid exchanges until Laredo got the better of Reed. The champ was downed with a head kick and a Hurricanrana. He bailed to the outside and Laredo followed. He tried to chop Reed but Reed’s chest protector prevented the damage. Reed tried to taunt so Laredo slapped him in the face instead. Back in-ring, Laredo continued to smack about Reed until Kotto Brazil interfered, giving Reed an opening. He took full advantage with a Fireman’s carry spine buster and a superkick. Instead of following up, Reed took time to trash talk then bounced Laredo off the ropes and hit a springboard leg drop. Laredo kicked out and fought back from the corner with a series of brutal forearms and kicks, then dropped Reed on his head with a Michinoku Driver.

He hit two step-up Moonsaults for a two-count. The pair fought over a Suplex, which Reed reversed into a stundog millionaire and followed through with a springboard Ace Crusher. He held on for another Stunner but Laredo escaped and ran into another thrust kick. The pair fought on the top turnbuckle with Laredo winning the exchange with a Moonsault face crusher. At least, that’s what I’m calling it as it’s something I’ve never seen before. When Reed kicked out, Laredo tried to pick him up into a fireman’s carry but Reed went for his mask. The pair looked to slug it out but Laredo caught Reed and dropped him on his face again and went for a Muta Lock. Kotto Brazil rushed the ring again and got thrown away with a belly to back Suplex. Oliver also got up onto the apron and ate a face full of ring rope. Laredo dived onto both lurking members of Injustice and went back for Reed. Or at least he would have if Reed hadn’t planted him onto the ring apron with a flying cutter. He followed with the No Cap Splash and managed to retain. He didn’t get it done by himself, once again relying on his stablemates to get him through. He did, however, work with Laredo to put on an excellent opening bout.

Mance Warner defeated Gino Medina (w/ Richard Holliday) via Dirty Roll-Up

Before this match, we got another “exciting” episode of the Lifestyles of the Rich and Dynastic. Hammerstone, Holliday, and Medina were sat and a table discussing how Holliday’s lawyer/father was working to get rid of Mance Warner. They were talking about being champs and having their matches interrupted. The conversation pivoted and the trio started talking about marketing and branding. Now Gino will be known as Gino, the Untouchable instead of el Intocable. They ended it with a Dynasty Bro fist bump and prepared to send Warner packing.

When it came time to fight, Gino attacked Warner during his entrance. He slugged Mance in the back of the head and rammed him into the turnbuckle. A stomped mudhole later and Warner was chopping back, hard. Gino caught him in the corner and hit a spin kick to the head. The pair brawled on the outside with Mance continuing to smash down on Gino with chops and forearms as well as introducing him to the rails. Gino raked Mance’s eyes as he got back into the ring and hit the spinning Enzuigiri for a two-count. Gino went for some ground and pound and trapped Mance in a chin lock. Mance escaped a fireman’s carry and headbutted Gino. He dropped Gino with an Impaler DDT but only got two. Gino came back, hit Snake Eyes and a running knee in the corner. Gino went top rope but ended up getting headbutted out of the air. Mance went second gear with the running knee but also only got two. The pair rebounded off the ropes and traded roll-ups with Mance winning with tights grabbing roll-up. Mance gave the Dynasty a taste of their own medicine and headed straight for the pay winder (pay window for none Mance speakers) whilst Gino sulked in the ring. Medina slapped a ref on the way out just to add to his petulant attitude. He’s quickly becoming one of my top baddies in a company full of baddies.

After that match, Brian Pillman Jr was presented his second PWI Rookie of Year award. He gave a speech in front of the MLW crowd. Injustice were clearly pissed off about the fact they had been ignored in the award. Myron Reed called out Pillman Jr to come fight him. They also called out Konnan to keep sending guys after them so they keep knocking them down. That was followed up by Erick Stevens complaining about being fast counted against Davey Boy Smith Jr and Filthy Tom Lawlor gave Kross a warning. There was also footage of CIMA been sent away to Ikuro Kwon on the orders of Josef Samael.

Killer Kross defeated Filthy Tom Lawlor (w/ Team Filthy) via DQ

Talk about a dream match. It would be Killer Kross, a multi-skilled fighter taking on a similarly skilled former UFC fighter, versus Tom Lawlor in a battle to crown the ultimate fighter. Whilst Kross’s time in the company may be limited, it was going to be a quality over quantity affair. The pair made their entrances, one showered with love, the other with hate and the match began. The pair soaked in the atmosphere and stared each other down. Lawlor shunted Kross who returned fire with a vicious mid kick after dodging a rolling kick from Lawlor. Kross took him on a tour of the corners, pummelling him at each stop. Kross laid in a few more punches and sent Lawlor to the outside. He scared off Garrini and chopped down Lawlor against the apron. Lawlor struck back so Kross dropped him onto the apron with a Back Suplex. Kross barred an arm but Lawlor got to the ropes and twanged one back into the eyes of Kross. Lawlor used his newfound advantage to beat the hell out of Kross. Lawlor went for some chops and worked on the arm of Kross. He tried to catch a kick from Lawlor was put back down with a well-aimed back elbow. Lawlor kept on the assault with a back kick and went back to trying to break the arm. He locked up Kross’s arm, avoided getting slammed and kept on wrenching. Lawlor hit a vertical Suplex and locked in a Guillotine. Kross fought out and tossed Lawlor to the canvas with an Exploder Suplex. He mauled Lawlor in the corner with elbows, lariats, a head kick and ended it with another Exploder Suplex. Lawlor escaped Doomsday with a flurry of fast strikes and ended it with a European Uppercut that rocked Kross.

The pair looked to slug it out but Lawlor caught Kross with an Exploder Suplex of his own. Kross got straight back up but was dropped with a running knee. The pair continued to trade out with Kross giving the evillest of smiles as Lawlor struck him. Lawlor hit a series of Muay Thai knees but got the same reaction from Kross who proceeded to KO him with a series of ultra-stiff forearms.  Lawlor thumbed the eye and went for a discus forearm but Kross caught it into the Kross Jacket. Lawlor escaped by dumping both of them on the outside. Kross was surrounded by the members of Team Filthy and was rushed by Erick Stevens who ended the match in a DQ. The crowd erupted into a sea of negativity as Stevens, Garrini and Kit Osbourne rampaged on Kross. However, they were scared off by Davey Boy Smith Jr and the Von Erichs. Smith took to the mic and issued a challenge for an eight-man tag between Team Filthy and the makeshift team against them. Filthy obviously accepted.

So, there you have it, another episode of MLW Fusion reviewed for your reading pleasure. This was an exceptional episode. The three matches all delivered. I loved seeing Kross in action again against an opponent that so perfectly suits him. Mance got that pay window and Myron Reed continues to cling to the Middleweight title in really strong title defences. Reed has talent even though his attitude stinks. Next week Mance has the chance to go 2 up on the Dynasty as Richard Holliday takes on a mystery opponent of Mance’s choosing and we’ll see if this chaotic mess of 8-man action goes ahead. It looks like things are heating up in MLW.

Images courtesy of MLW Twitter, 2012Strange, Video courtesy of MLW YouTube

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