With all the chaos and confusion spreading like wildfire after the pandemic status of the Coronavirus, one company stood tall and uttered the show must go on. With the world watching alongside a swarm of loyal fans and performers, the world was literally on GCW. With a cascade of amazing matches and wrestlers on the card plus a newfound fire to say fuck you to the Coronavirus, we were in for something special. Let’s get into it, shall we?

Rickey Shane Page defeated Ruckus via Chokebreaker Duo

The actual show opened with a heartfelt address from Brett Lauderdale and almost all the stars on the card in the ring, addressing the state of wrestling right now. Chris Dickinson added to the hype and the fans cheered along to “fuck the Coronavirus.” Rickey Shane Page opened the action by continuing his run of bashing GCW favourites. This time it was Ruckus in non-title action. Ruckus was certainly going to bring the fight to RSP but would it all be in vain? The answer is yes. As the match began, RSP tried to attack from behind but Ruckus shook it off and hit him with a rebound wheel kick and a cartwheel back elbow in the corner. The pair brawled into the crowd but Ruckus was caught by 44OH as he got back into the ring and RSP attacked. He continued to punish Ruckus and taunt the crowd whilst doing so. He was slow, methodical and was sure to use his goons when he needed them. He tried to go to the top rope and missed so Ruckus hit him with a running knee and a cartwheel Moonsault. When that got two, he followed with a swinging neck breaker and hit another Moonsault. The pair traded forearms but RSP caught Ruckus and hit a Chokebreaker for a one-count. He hit another and Ruckus’s ring man broke up the pin but he was then pounced by all of 44OH. RSP finished the match with another duo of Chokebreakers and left the building with a message about bringing it all crashing down on the GCW figureheads then fucked off back to Ohio.

Tony Deppen vs Adrian Quest ends in No Contest

This was sad, what was an amazing wrestling match ended in injury. These two are excellent fighters with Deppen having that special ability to bring out the best in other wrestlers. Whilst there wasn’t much context or expectation for this fight, it was going to be excellent fun. Deppen started the match with a mic and ran down Adrian Quest as being another So Cal reject and attacked quickly. Quest avoided a follow-up but got snot rocketed by Deppen. Quest came back and dragged Deppen down then hit him with a Tornillo. Deppen launched Quest outside and went for a dive but clashed with the floor and bust his head. The ref threw up the X and Deppen was checked over by medical staff. He apologized for leaving early since he had a massive gash in his head.

Matthew Justice defeated Effy via Super Stage Dive

Matthew Justice is insane. Like seriously insane. He ignores CTE, takes chairs shots that would make the sturdiest man wince and takes risks no one should be taking. It’s also insanely fun to watch so, by all means, keep doing it. This time he used Effy to make some gif-worthy moments and put on an enjoyable match in the process. Effy has become a wrestling icon so any match featuring him is must-see. Or in cruder terms, everyone flocks to see Daddy. Effy threatened to get nasty with Justice, but I don’t think even he was prepared for how nasty things were going to get. We started with some spanks with the crowd enjoying the sight of Justice getting his ass smacked. Justice got to the ropes and tempted Effy with an open fly, so Effy found a chair and tempted Justice with a chair shot. He smashed Justice in the head with the chair to no effect, so dropped him with a trio of kisses instead. Effy offered up his spot for a chair shot, his ass. Justice obliged and Effy enjoyed it until it sent him onto the bar. They fought on the bar with Effy taking out Justice and the cameraman with a crotch rocker. He followed with a crossbody forcing Justice to bail to the outside. Justice caught him after a bannister slide missed and hit a stage dive to the floor. He lobbed chairs into the ring but got caught with one to the face going for the top rope. Effy hit a Superplex and the pair traded chops on the mat. When Effy felt he was losing the slugfest, he bit the nipples of Justice but Justice brought him crashing back down with a Spear. Effy retreated to a corner and brought Justice down with his leg hooked facebuster. Effy called for doors and put Justice through one with a rolling neck breaker. Justice shook it off and broke the door over Effy’s head. He set up the other door, set Effy up on it and climbed to the balcony. He hit a super stage dive and smashed Effy and the door. That won the match. What a chaotic and comedic mess. I loved it.

Scramblefuck: AJ Gray defeated Jimmy Lloyd, KTB, Pinkie Sanchez, Saieve Al Sabah & Steve Sanders via Emerald Flowsion

GCW wouldn’t be GCW without a scramblefuck. This one was even better as we got returning indie stars, outlaws and GCW regulars in the mix to cause some violence. Everyone knows the rules of the scramblefuck by now so I don’t need to explain any further. Once again, I’ll point out the highlights as going move for move would take my whole word count. We got Sabah hitting sick dive, Pinkie and Gray working together to batter KTB only for that to fall apart because Pinkie wouldn’t wash his hands, KTB using Sanchez as a weapon only to be bested by Sabah in the strength department, combo offence from Sanders and so much more. The match got madder and madder with dives and destructive power moves. Pinkie and KTB got plenty of time to show off with AJ Gray getting the win with Emerald Flowsion on Steve Sanders, whom he’d formerly destroyed with a diving Bomb. This was another great scramblefuck.

44OH (Atticus Cogar, Eddy Only & Gregory Iron) defeated Young Dumb N Broke (Ellis Taylor, Charlie Tiger & Griffin McCoy) via Nick Gage killing everyone

Following intermission, 44OH made their big debut as a unit in a six-man tag match against another unit nobody likes, Young Dumb N Broke, how apt really. The Ohio assholes were going to make their grand showcase as a tag team against the young up and comers rocking CZW and H2O alongside Jordan Oliver. Wouldn’t it have been funny to see them lose their big match? Unfortunately, they didn’t. Gregory Iron started the match as a punching bag but quickly tagged in Eddy who used McCoy as a crash test dummy. Charlie Tiger saved McCoy and smashed Eddy down in the corner. Cogar was next and he rid the ring of Tiger but got a kicking from Taylor. Iron got tagged in and worked over Taylor but ate two chairs to the face. YDNB rushed 44OH and took some time to beat up Iron. He escaped, hit a single leg codebreaker and 44OH rushed the ring, sending Tiger back first onto the bar. McCoy was targeted by combo offence and nearly lost the match to a rope trapped Moonsault from Cogar. They continued to work him over with Iron continuing the fight for 44OH. McCoy escaped the trio by using the ropes to send Cogar flying and stomped Only’s back. He tagged in Taylor and YDNB targeted Iron for a double team gutbuster followed by a vicious headbutt to the back of the neck. The match descended into chaos with 44OH taking out Tiger and McCoy with a faceplant and DDT then set Taylor up for the shield bomb, only for Nick Gage to take to the ring, armed with a chair. He killed everyone in the ring, giving Iron a special piledriver on the way out. The match technically ended in DQ to 44OH since they were attacked first. I’ll admit, the crowd hated this but it was pretty fun to watch. Gage ruining was the best choice as no one could have been a good winner here.

Nick Gage defeated Ophidian via Second Rope Piledriver through a door

What an odd match. On paper, these two couldn’t be any further apart. Ophidian is a technical genius whilst Nick Gage is vicious, violent and a brawler unless circumstances warrant some technical skill. This was going to be seriously fun to see fold out. Gage had just killed both 44OH and YDNB so he was fired up. He tried to attack Ophidian during introductions but Ophidian made him pay with a series of kicks to the face. Gage bailed so Ophidian dived on him and the pair fell into the street. The pair were seen fighting in the street through the venue’s windows then brawled in the crowd. Ophidian completely dominated Gage with chops and a stage diving double knees. He threw Gage into the ring, insulted him on the mic and stomped a mudhole. He went top rope, missed and Gage decapitated him with a lariat. Hit Ophidian with a One-Winged Angel and signalled for chairs. He set them down and called for a bar fight. Ophidian stood up to Gage but ended up eating a face full of chairs when he pissed Gage off. The pair hit a series of counters until Ophidian locked in a side Guillotine. Gage escaped and suplexed Ophidian onto a chair. Gage called for more plunder and got a broken door. He kicked that into Ophidian’s face, hit an Elbow Drop and smashed Ophidian’s back with a Spinebuster onto a chair. He used the time to set up a door and tried to go top rope Ophidian joined him and bounced Gage off the door with a Super Hurricanrana. Ophidian suplexed Gage through a door. He trash-talked Gage again and headed for the balcony. He hit a Swanton to the ring and took out Gage. He continued to attack in the corner and hit a double knee to the face but Gage kicked out. He set up the door but fired up Gage by starting a slugfest. He dropped Ophidian with a DDT and perched him on the top rope. He finished the match with a second rope piledriver through the door for the win. This was absolutely mad. Ophidian brought a fire I hadn’t seen from him before and it was damn well appreciated. He may have come up short but he nearly had Gage’s number for most of the match.

SHLAK defeated Jeff King via Top Rope Alabama Slam to Chairs

These two were once partners at Jimmy All the Way, now they were going to face off in a bout of ultraviolence. Jeff King is an odd one, he came out of nowhere and stole the GCW audience’s hearts and was brought back. Unfortunately, the throwback star was going to face the public animal SHLAK. King instantly went for a roll-up and caught SHLAK by surprise. He reversed a slam into another and nearly won the match. SHLAK battered back and went for the plunder. He hit King with a chair and started laying in headbutts. The two traded on the outside with SHLAK smacking King and King throwing chairs. SHLAK threw King back in the ring and pelted more chairs at him. King hit SHLAK on the way back into the ring, placed a chair on him and Moonsaulted onto it.  SHLAK returned fire by throwing King overhead onto a chair and dropping an elbow. SHLAK started throwing slaps at King then hit him with a chair. King retorted with a gusset plate but had it stabbed into his back. SHLAK tried to choke him out but King dropped him with a DVD onto barbed wire. He followed up by driving SHLAK through a door with a spear whilst leaking blood like a fountain. King failed a gorilla press so SHLAK hit a DVD onto some chairs. King tried to go top rope but SHLAK whaled on him with chairs then hit a super Alabama Slam onto some set-up chairs. I’m pretty sure Jeff King is now dead as guns don’t kill people but SHLAK kills people. The crowd shouted for King to come back and even shouted references to the Tournament of Survival at him. That is if his back isn’t completely destroyed.

Blake Christian defeated Joey Janela via Elia

Blake Christian is GCW’s number one prospect right now. He’s young, entertaining and most importantly on fire. He could take on anyone and give them an excellent match. Now he was getting the chance to take on GCW’s poster boy Joey Janela. It was clear things were going to get wild. The pair started by trading lock-ups with Joey barring an arm. They traded a second series but faster then went full-on rope run to piss off the traditionalists. Janela went for power and started chopping Blake but Christian answered back with his own. The pair continued to trade until Janela threw Blake straight into the turnbuckle. He then started grinding down Blake with a chin lock. Janela continued the offence but got too cocky and Blake powerbombed him out of the corner. Blake went for some grinding of his own with a series of neck cranks then a double stomp to the back of the neck. The two went for a series of roll-ups that Janela stopped with a DDT. Blake came back with an Enziguri leaving both men grounded. Joey upped the intensity and started really launching on Blake. A snap Suplex led into a search for plunder. Janela got a door and looked set to DVD Blake through it but Blake launched a series of strikes, a Saito Suplex and a stiff running knee to the face of Janela. Blake went for his own plunder and cleared the fans. He set a door up on the outside but took too long. Janela smashed him into the ring and set up another door. Janela punished Blake on the bar and dragged him towards the doors.  Janela dropped Blake with a bar buster and hit an elbow drop for two. Blake escaped further damage by hitting a double stomp off of the stairs. Janela woke up and started slapping the shit out of Blake and crumpled him with a half and half Suplex and a lariat. He brought Blake to the doors again but he avoided getting thrown off the stage and smashed Janela in the face with a chair before diving to the stage and putting Janela through the doors with a Spanish fly. He then hit the Hidden Blade in-ring for two. Blake missed Elia and Janela speared him through a door then hit the package piledriver for two. He placed a chair on Blake and stomped it into his chest but Blake managed to kick out. We got another slugfest and a superkick fest into a rolling senton. Blake Christian went top rope again and hit Elia to finish the match. Blake just went over one of the best from GCW and the crowd had loved it. The locker room emptied to the ring to end the show on a high note.

So, there you have it, GCW’s The Wrld on GCW reviewed for your reading pleasure. In a world full of uncertainty, it was nice to have a few hours where that was forgotten and wrestling ruled. GCW always knows how to put on a fucking show and to see Blake Christian get the main event spot was something special. Janela is back and he’s making stars again. Gage and Ophidian put on a barn burner, SHLAK proved he shouldn’t have a chiropractor clinic and we once again saw that Matthew Justice is mental. It’s great to see that GCW went all out for what will be their last show for a while as events are postponed. Good on the outlaws, may this ride never end.

Images courtesy of Blake Christian, GCW Twitter, Earl Gardner Photography, Kayden Twitter, HeyyImRob, Solo Darling 

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