Since WrestleMania is now going to be the world’s greatest show that no one can attend, The Collective has had to postpone it’s three day weekends’ worth of shows. The Coronavirus has truly wrecked everyone’s wrestling plans and now a lot of indie wrestlers will be out of pocket, and several of these promotions face trying times.

I will do my best to list the shows and the people involved should you wish to boost their social media accounts and if you are able to, financially help.

Shows/Company shows that have been postponed (not including podcasts):

Jimmy Lloyd’s D-Generation F

Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 3

No Peace Underground (Twitter)

Absolute Intense Wrestling – Thunder in Paradise (Twitter)

For the Culture

Pizza Party Wrestling – Birthday Bash (Twitter)

Joey Janela’s Spring Break 4 

Black Label Pro – Threat Level Midnight (Twitter)

Markus Crane’s Bondage a-go-go

Effy’s Big Gay Brunch

Glory Pro – (Twitter)

Pro Wrestling FREEDOMS (Twitter)

Warhausen’s Wrestlevania – Black Label, Action Wrestling (Twitter)

Suburban Fight (Twitter)

On their own, that is a lot of damage to contend with and reshuffling to do. The best way to support these companies is through Fite TV, Indiewrestling TV and any other video-on-demand services they may have, as well as by looking out for future events when this has all blown over and attending the rescheduled Collective shows. Also, Black Label Pro will be hosting Empty House on March 28th.

Now, here is a list of wrestlers who’ve been affected, and links to their social media for info on how to aid them should you wish to. This might not include everyone, but I’ll try my best to get as many as I can:

Effy, Danhausen, Warhorse, Tony Deppen, Jimmy Lloyd, Parrow, Odinson, Blake Christian, Allie Kat, AJ Gray, Shazza McKenzie, Chris Dickinson, Dan the Dad, Elayna Black, Marti Belle, Erick Stevens, Daniel Makabe, KTB, Oswald Project, Cole Radrick, Jason Cade, Jonathan Wolf, Matthew Justice, Mance Warner, Nick Gage,  Faye Jackson, AC Mack, Joey Ryan, SeXXXy Eddy, Tasha Steelz, Will Hobbs, Calvin Tankman, Chris Bey, Treehouse Lee, Anthony Bowens, Ashton Starr, Jamie Senegal, Still Life with Apricots and Pears, Ricky Starks, Kiera Hogan, Diamante, Jordan Oliver, Alex Ocean, Eddy Only, Markus Crane, Allysin Kay, Killer Kelly, Jody Fleisch, Myron Reed, Zenshi, Christian Casanova 

There are so many more. Look through the events to see the full scale of what is happening. The indie scene means a lot to me so I want to try and help as I can.

Some of these wrestlers have merch shops, Pro Wrestling Tees stores, Patreons and other ways you can support them. Others just need more of a spotlight.

Obviously, this message should be applied to any wrestler missing out because of the Coronavirus pandemic, but this seems like a good starting point. Please continue to add to the list on social media. Let’s spread some good in these dreadful times.

Images courtesy of The Collective, AJ Gray, Nick Gage, Effy, Black Label Pro

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